14 Apr 2016 18:19:31
Red Sox trade:

MIL gets: Panda, Ellias, PTBNL+$$$$$

BOS gets: Chace Anderson, Garin Cecchini

MIL continues their rebuild but gets another veteran presence.

BOS gets rid of Panda and adds Cecchini who was a DFA casualty this past offseason he would take a spot on the bench and serve as a backup for 1st and 3rd and can be an emergency fill in at 2nd and SS if needed and can play corner outfield too (almost like having 2 Brock Holts) and he is a more cost friendly and in my opinion just an overall better option than Panda. And they also add starting pitching/ long relief depth with Anderson.

I know you guys will probably shot this down, but I think anyway we can ship panda out and get at least something for him is a good plan. I don't really care if you think Anderson is too much but the real 2 peices in this deal is Panda and Cecceini, and if Anderson isn't part of the deal I don't think they need to ship Elias out and maybe not a PTBNL either but as long as we ship out Panda and money for his contract this should work.

What do you guys think?

1.) 14 Apr 2016
14 Apr 2016 19:23:33
How does acquiring someone like Sandoval help a team continue to rebuild? Makes no sense sull.

2.) 14 Apr 2016
14 Apr 2016 23:09:32
It gives them a 2nd star behind Luccroy and I feel like a change of scenery will help him and getting him back to the NL where he thrived in past years will help to I think. And he would play everyday too. That's why it would help.

3.) 14 Apr 2016
14 Apr 2016 23:21:04
Sandoval has no value whatsoever right now. None. And his contact is an albatross the rightfully got Ben Cherington canned. The Sox would have to add a prospect or two, plus money, to get a case of Old Milwaukee from the Brewers.

4.) 15 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016 01:32:31
Sull, when teams rebuild they trade stars away not acquire one. Especially one that has weight issues and is now a high paid bench player. And a change of scenery could work, but again with your flawed reasoning a trade to a team rebuilding could make him lazier and possibly fatter.

5.) 15 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016 11:58:15
Panda doesn't have much value and he has an attitude about his weight.
I see him as having been paid, and being semi retired.

6.) 15 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016 14:33:09
I still think that this is a good deal.

7.) 15 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016 20:01:15
There is no way we are trading Sandoval unless we are either paying more than 75% of what is left on his salary or giving up a top prospect. He is to damaged now. With him going on the DL with an "injury", with his former trainer coming out and saying that he needs a babysitter and with him not being able to play the field with out having an error or getting on base.

The Red Sox really struck out her with this one and it's going to be real hard to overcome it.

And by no means do I see us getting something of value for him what so ever.

8.) 21 Apr 2016
17 Apr 2016 05:53:56
Sull, of course you still think it's a good idea.

And it's your never quit attitude that allows you to do whatever you want in life.