11 Oct 2016 17:49:33
Rockies Offseason

NYM- Yency Almonte (19)
COL- Lucas Duda

Colorado needs a 1B. Duda will be available because the Mets are moving Michael Conforto to 1B. Almonte is a young project who could become a #4 starter or a relief pitcher.

PHI- Gerardo Parra
COL- Adam Morgan

With the emergence of Dahl, Parra and his contrat become expendable. PHI needs an OF and the Rockies could benefit from moving the contract. They get back a decent young pitcher to slot into their rotation. Morgan fits well in Coors because he is a strikeout pitcher who limits fly balls.

SP- Hisashi Iwakuma 1 year $10 million

C- Nick Hundley
1B- Lucas Duda
2B- DJ LeMahieu
3B- Nolan Arenado
SS- Trevor Story
LF- David Dahl
CF- Charlie Blackmon
RF- Carlos Gonzalez

SP- Jonathon Gray
SP- Hisashi Iwakuma
SP- Tyler Anderson
SP- Adam Morgan
SP- Jeff Hoffman.

1.) 11 Oct 2016
11 Oct 2016 18:31:46
Mets aren't moving duda for another lefty outfielder. They have grandson bruce conforto and nimmo.

2.) 11 Oct 2016
11 Oct 2016 19:29:28
Trade 1 is horrrible. If that happens for whatever reason, then the Rockies are trading that guy for someone who will be injured all year and they'll und up getting nothing while giving up a prospect and losing over $6M. Iwakuma won't go anywhere because he fails too many physicals. And nonody should be interested in Adam Morgan. Phillies don't need a near 30-year-old who is making $8M a year.

3.) 12 Oct 2016
12 Oct 2016 02:37:11
"Phillies don't need a near 30-year-old who is making $8M a year"

8M a year for a guy like Parra is actually cheap.

4.) 12 Oct 2016
12 Oct 2016 13:13:45
Iwakuma is staying in Seattle; he pitched a certain number of innings which automatically qualifies him for another year.

5.) 12 Oct 2016
12 Oct 2016 14:41:31
Jerk, they have Joseph at 1st, and an outfield of Altherr, Hererra, and Borjous. No room there. Who would pay $8M for a backup outfielder on a rebuilding team?

6.) 12 Oct 2016
12 Oct 2016 18:37:50
Good god, I never said he was a fit in Philadelphia. I said $8M for a guy like Gerardo Parra is a steal.

Also, Bourjos is a free agent, and even if he weren't, Parra would be an immediate improvement over him.