17 Nov 2016 21:28:20
Arizona ships Brandon Drury to Milwaukee
Milwaukee sends Jonathan Villar to Seattle
Seattle sends Taijuan Walker and Dan Altavilla to Arizona

Arizona trades a good hitting player with power potential, with no set position in 2017 for a solid SP and a promising RP (AA AllStar closer, 12.1 IP, 10K, 0.73 ERA in the big leagues)

Milwaukee trades a player being moved to 2b to make room for a promising rookie SS. They can keep Scooter Gennett at 2b, who has been a good hitter despite a poor 2016. They fill a huge void at 3b with Drury, for years to come.

Seattle acquires the leadoff hitter they've been missing. A quality tablesetter was the biggest factor keeping them out of the postseason. It comes at the expense of Walker, who they've refused to trade in the past and who would need to be replaced with a FA in a thin market.

1.) 18 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016 00:25:13
brewers get screwed.

2.) 18 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016 01:32:46
I don't see this as balanced.

3.) 19 Nov 2016
19 Nov 2016 15:23:23
Brewers get screwed and they add to a position of strench .