10 Jan 2017 20:48:32
Pitt/ CHW and Pitt/ LAD

Sot the Chi Sox want Meadows for Q and that is understandable. Pitt doesn't want to trade him, also understandable. Here's somewhat of a solution:

Sox Get:
Austin Meadows OF
Mitch Keller RHP
Elias Diaz C
Alen Hansen 2B/ OF

Pitt Gets:
Jose Quintana SP
Melky Cabrera OF (Sox pay all of contract)


Pitt Gets:
Yadier Alvarez RHP
Alex Verdugo OF
Brendon Davis SS/ 3B

LAD Gets:
Andrew McCutchen OF

The Pirates get Q and also Melky to play left for a year. Yeah Melky comes off as a bum (he kinda is), but he can still hit for avg. and a little pop (.296 w/ 14HRs and 86 RBIs in 2016) - plus he's a switch hitter. Not a lot of foot speed in the OF, but he still has an above average arm and he's accurate.
The Bucs also replenish their farm with huge upside in Alvarez and Verdugo who can slide in to LF in 2018, essentially replacing Meadows. Finally they get rid of the potential headache that McCutchen could be and LAD gets an OF that they need who could prove that 2016 was just a fluke.

1.) 10 Jan 2017
10 Jan 2017 21:38:03
I think the chi sox deal is pretty fair. Is Cutch worth that though?

2.) 11 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017 00:33:55
Values are not bad I just find it extremely hard to think that the pirates would trade McCutchen and the replacement Austin Meadows.

3.) 11 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017 21:28:26
The Pirates aren't trading Meadows get that through your heads

4.) 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 03:28:14
paying all the contract lmfao never happeneing - maybe parts of the contraact -

5.) 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 23:18:17
BuccoFan21, then the Pirates won't get anyone of any significance, especially not Quintana.

I hope they keep Meadows. That way in 2-3 years, they can be passed by the Brewers in the NL Central and be forever in 4th place in that division.

6.) 13 Jan 2017
13 Jan 2017 00:41:47
huskers you aren't right, they have a lot of depth and I doubt that they will but they aren't trading meadows