22 Jan 2017 19:14:02
White Sox and Yankees

Yankees get:
Todd Fraizer 3B/ 1B

White Sox get:
Miguel Andujar 3B
Jordan Montgomery LHP
Chase Headley 3B

Yankees get Todd who can play 3B regularly and maybe play some 1st if G. Bird struggles against lefties. Also tremendous clubhouse guy w/ good power for Yankee Stadium.

Sox take back Headley for money purposes but he can also play 3B for a couple years while Andujar develops.

1.) 22 Jan 2017
22 Jan 2017 20:22:27
As a yankee I would do it, but as a whitesox I wouldn't. Frazier is worth much more than that even if its only for a year

2.) 22 Jan 2017
22 Jan 2017 21:23:43
I'm not sure that the Giants would want to deal with Cabrera again after his 50 game PED suspension while he was there the first time.

3.) 22 Jan 2017
22 Jan 2017 21:25:36
Oops, wrong post.