20 May 2017 05:34:49
A good trade for 2 teams and both are struggling and both play at the opposing teams area of most need and both can benefit from a change of scenery


Tigers get:
OF Curtis Granderson
('17: $15.00 M)

Mets get:
SP Anibal Sanchez
('17: $16.80 M)
('18: $16.00 M club/$5.00 M buyout)

The Tigers have depth at SP right not while the Mets dont...the Mets have OF depth when the Tigers dont

This trade gives the Tigers a much needed OF despite his struggles ans he would return to DET where he was a fan favorite before the Scherzer/Jackson trade. He may not play much CF but he can platoon there with Romine/Collins and send Mahtook down to work on his swing. This would save the Tigers $1.8 million this year and $5.0 million/$16.0 million next year.

The Mets currently are without Syndagaard, Matz and Lugo plus with Harvey struggling...adding Sanchez (change of scenery can help) would give the Mets an extra arm in the rotation till one of their injured starters come back. Plus having a lot of OF means Granderson is the odd man out.

This trade doesn't make either team worse...it gives each of them depth at their worst position (DET: CF...NYM: SP)

1.) 21 May 2017
20 May 2017 23:30:52
It makes the Mets worse. Animal Sanchez is not an upgrade on any pitching staff.

Granderson is a significant upgrade on the Tigers.

2.) 23 May 2017
23 May 2017 15:44:55
I think it's a great trade but both teams will be wimps to do it. Two players who are both a big part of their teams make it hard to part with them.

3.) 23 May 2017
23 May 2017 18:22:55
Anibal Sanchez just got optioned down to the minors because he's terrible.
Granderson is actually good.

How is this a great trade?

4.) 24 May 2017
24 May 2017 00:14:37
How is Anibal Sanchez a vital part of the Tigers, he didn't make the rotation, did horrible in the bullpen, and is now in the minors. Granderson is just a slow starter, he will pick it up eventually.

5.) 24 May 2017
24 May 2017 23:09:32
Cookie, that's only good for the Tigers.