19 Jul 2017 20:41:39
Red Sox Get:

Nicholas Castellanos
Justin Wilson

Tigers Get:

Rafael Devers
Bryan Mata

I know Boston absolutely does not want to trade Devers but hear me out on this one. Boston not only lost out on acquiring Frazier and Robertson but they lost them to the Yankees, putting them in an extremely tough spot in the AL East postseason picture. Not only are they desperate for help at the hot corner and have shown interest in adding another stud in the bullpen but both have an extra year of control beyond this season, making them more than rentals. DD also drafted and brought Castellanos to the big leagues with the Tigers.

For this reason the Sox can afford to take a risk and move Devers and Mata (a lottery ticket pitching prospect who is years away) in order to bolster their team this year and next year with younger more controllable top talent and keep up with the moves in NY.

1.) 19 Jul 2017
19 Jul 2017 22:17:16
Out of your mind.

2.) 20 Jul 2017
20 Jul 2017 10:52:12
If we are giving up Devers then we better be getting Fullmer back end of story. I am guessing you are a Cubs fan because of your name but something also tells me that you are a Tigers fan as well because of your profile picture.

3.) 20 Jul 2017
20 Jul 2017 13:29:50
Dombrowski would not be so drunk as to offer that.

4.) 20 Jul 2017
20 Jul 2017 15:21:40
Do I think the Red Sox would do it? No.
Is it as bad as you all are suggesting? Also no.

Castellanos still has 3 more years of team control and isn't a slouch at the plate. Rafael Devers has 21 PAs above the AA level. Dombrowski would be just as foolish to build his entire future around a kid who hasn't any more than 5 games above AA and refuse to make moves.

Don't be surprised if the Red Sox make a move at 3B that holds Devers back for a while.