26 Nov 2017 16:19:33
Yankees and Padres

Yankees get: Will Myers, Brad
Hand and Josh Naylor

Padres get: Greg Bird, Aaron Hicks, Brett Gardner,Bryan Mitchell, Estevan Florial and dylan tate and Jordan Montgomery

What these teams could look like:

padres: 1. Cf Brett Gardner
2. 3B Christian Villanueva
3. LF Aaron hicks
4. 2B Yangervis Solarte
5. RF Hunter Renfroe
6. 1B Greg bird
7. SS Cory Spangenberg
8. C Austin Hedges
9. P
1.Clayton Richard
2. Travis Wood
3. Jordan Montgomery
4. Luis Perdomo
5. Dylan Tate

Yankees lineup could look like:

1.CF Clint Frazier
2.SS Didi Gregorius
3.C Gary Sanchez
4.RF Aaron Judge
5 LF Will Myers
6.2B Starlin Castro
7 3B Gleyber Torres
8. 1B Josh Naylor
9. Dh Chase Headley

Yankees Rotation:
1. Luis severino
2. Sonny Gray
3. Masahiro Tanaka
4. Shohei Otani
5. Chance Adams

1.) 27 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017 02:14:36
It's cool I'm drunk too.

2.) 27 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017 03:08:48
Give it up Tundra! Myers can't play LF in Yankee Stadium. Bird has 20 HR's in 304 career ABs (perfect Yankee Stadium swing-.921 OPS in postseason) and higher OPS than Myers. Naylor wouldn't even make Yanks. Was suspended and traded by Marlins who gave up on him. So, you want Yanks to give away LH's Gardner, Bird and Hicks from Yankee Stadium for RH Myers, Naylor and good lefty reliever in Hand. Did you know that Montgomery (6th in ROY voting) had 18 starts last year with 2 or less earned runs? Only Kershaw as LHP had more (Keuchel also had 18.) You're also giving away 3 CF's in Gardy, Hicks and Florial and asking Frazier to bat leadoff (nowhere near ready to bat leadoff) and play center (also not a CF. ) So, they weaken defense in LF, CF and lose at least 30 HR's PLUS solid LH starter PLUS #78 OF prospect PLUS 2 live arms in Mitchell and Tate.
Why waste everyone's time with this nonsense.

3.) 27 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017 04:49:09
Wait, you think Greg Bird is better than Wil Myers? Because he hits home runs? Over the past three seasons, they have the same wOBA (.338), but Bird's OPS is only 4 points higher.

So that begs the question, which would you have, the guy with a .004 lead in OPS (over the past three seasons), or the guy with a marginally worse OPS but significantly better track record of health?

You just went on and on about Bumgarner's "questionable health" but here, Bird, who might have the most questionable health of any starting position player in baseball, is of better value than Myers? I'm not buying it, and the numbers certainly don't support your position.

Please, we already have Chi Sox who'll say anything so long as it sounds good and makes his team look good. We don't need another. Please at least try and sound rational.

4.) 27 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017 15:12:13
Not sure why the Padres would do this? Gardner would not start over Margot. The Padres have a ton of arms in the minors waiting to be called up, i doubt they would want to trade their all star 1b, 1b of the future, and all star closer for a bunch of guys who wouldn't be top 10 prospects in their own system.

5.) 30 Nov 2017
30 Nov 2017 01:45:30
Bird has "questionable health? " Bumgarner hurt his shoulder in a cycle accident. Bird fouled ball off his ankle. He came back healthy and had .891 OPS down stretch. Also has 1.183 OPS at home in post-season career. Myers has never made post-season. Even with Bird's .450 OPS while playing on ankle that needed surgery. Bird has higher OPS of .793 in career compared to Myers' .768. Without those injury numbers-Bird has .880 OPS. Myers last 3-his best years=.789. Comparing them is ridiculous. As for health, Bird played full seasons in '13, '14 and '15. In 2014 and 2015 Myers played in less than 100 games combined ( majors and minors) . How is that a better track record of health? Value- are you kidding me? Myers $4.5 mil/ yr (22 mil in 2020)-Bird half a million. Nuff said? Bumgarner came back with diminished "stuff. " Research the numbers! Pitcher coming off shoulder injury!

6.) 01 Dec 2017
01 Dec 2017 01:43:20
Wow. So many terrible arguments, I don't know where to begin.

1. Bird has played 94 games, in his career. That's it, over 3 seasons. Wil Myers played in 60 more games last year alone. Over the past three seasons, Myers has an OPS of—you ready for this—.789. That's .004 points lower than Birds. So I ask you, which would you have? A guy with a .793 OPS over 94 games or .789 over 372? Obviously, you want the guy who has stayed on the field.

2. If you can't understand the nuance of healthy, I'm not sure you're worth debating. Obviously, talking about a track record of health is something we want to reference with recency bias. It's irrelevant to mention that in 2014, Myers missed time for colliding with another OF. He's played in 4 times as many games since his injury than Bird has played his entire career. It's the same as citing Rich Hill's "injuries" from years ago. Bird hasn't been healthy recently, and Myers has. That's the scope, or nuance, of the argument. Please try to keep up.

3. As for Bumgarner, you mean to tell me a guy coming back from shoulder surgery will have diminished stuff? No shit, Sherlock. How does this pertain to Gregory Bird being better than Myers? If anything, it hurts your case.

4. I love that you've not once mentioned the whole of Bird's 2017 numbers. He was an 86 wRC+, .303 wOBA player over 48 games last year. He was atrocious. For comparison's sake, Mitch Moreland was better than him last year. You instead focused on 14 games of post-season play and a few games down the stretch? (He played 29 games in the second half, 19 in the first) Have you ever heard of sample sizes? You literally suggested he has more value than Myers because of 14 games? I could easily find a string of 14 games in which Wil Myers out-performed Bird over the course of his career (for example, last June and his 1.194 OPS) . Small sample sizes won't convince anyone.

5. Bird's injury history extends FAR beyond a foul ball off the ankle. A shoulder injury in 2015 (which was a recurring issue from a previous injury), a serious ankle issue last season, and the ankle injury. That is the definition of someone with questionable health. Myers collided with a player and has been just fine. Bumgarner got in an accident and experienced normal struggles since returning from surgery. Both of those are injuries players come back from all the time, and neither stem from a lingering issue with their body, but were complete accidents. Bird has had 3 major "non-accident" injuries in 4 seasons. How is that anything but questionable?

7.) 03 Dec 2017
02 Dec 2017 22:10:24
Stat-1. Why don't you include Myers' other 660 AB's? Because it lowers his career OPS to .763, which kind of sucks for a 1Bman. Bird played on an ankle that required surgery. Without that his career OPS is .880. Ask someone to explain it to you that it more than 100 points better than .763.
2.Since Myers was called up in 2013-he has played in over 100 games twice. Myers didn't just miss time while colliding with another OF-he had wrist surgery. Did you also conveniently forget that he also had wrist surgery on his other wrist in 2015? Keep up-2 wrist surgeries in back-to-back years. Bird had 3 consecutive years (2013-2015) where he played over 100 games.
3. When I questioned MadBum's health relating to a SP's shoulder-you brought up Bird's health-try to keep up. (your post-27november2017-04:49:09)
4. How could you mention Bird's whole 2017 numbers? He was playing on an ankle that required surgery. Healthy his OPS was .891. Love how you bring up Myers 1.194 in June-how about the fact that in Myers last 2 healthy years ('16 and '17) he has as many months below .700 OPS as he's has over .700. May, July August 2016 and 2017. That's 6 months out of 12 BELOW .700 OPS. Wait- I can't stop laughing! Enough sample size for you? Mitch Moreland-are you kidding me? Bird's healthy numbers would be 2nd in AL. While Myers was 11th of NL qualifiers. Out of 12! 11th out of 12!
5. Ankle injury is "accident" injury. How was shoulder injury "recurring? " Did he miss any time? When? So, he had ONE "non-accident" injury. When you have no viable argument-make up stuff?

8.) 07 Dec 2017
07 Dec 2017 04:13:30
1. You're considering a rate stat for a guy who's played less than 100 games and less than 400 PAs in his career? Speaking of making any argument you possibly can. OPS only matters if the player is on the damn field.

2. So, let's get this straight, Myers missed time several years ago, and is less valuable. Bird has missed time as of recent, and significant time (he hasn't played in more than 50 MLB games in a season, ever), and yet you'll ignore it? Don't tell me about conveniently ignoring something. Myers' injury was three years ago. Bird's was a few months ago. Is he even healthy? (The Yankees are rumored for multiple 1B, suggesting maybe they don't think he is) .

3. Yeah, you're trying to deny Bird's health issues. This is an actual argument you've continued to make. Please, don't insult our intelligence. Bird hasn't been healthy, at all. Drop the charade and accept it. You continually deny he's been unhealthy, but cite Bumgarner's one injury (by the way, not a significant one going forward, as Giants' team doctors have explicitly stated, multiple times) .

4. Sample size matters. If you think 98 PAs builds an honest picture of what a batter can do, you need to take a statistics class. That's a month's worth of baseball. You literally have tried to build a case for Gregory Bird on a month's worth of baseball. Either you're a con-man (a lousy one at that) or just inept at understanding how to evaluate players. I can't figure it out.

5. "Bird started the 2015 season with Double-A Trenton and was promoted to the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre RailRiders of the Class AAA International League during the season. In May, he experienced a shoulder injury"


"Bird suffered a recurrence of his right shoulder injury during the 2015-16 offseason, which was diagnosed as a torn labrum. Bird underwent successful surgery, and was ruled out for the entire 2016 MLB season"

So to answer your questions, how was it recurring? Because it was an injury that came up more than once in his career (less than months after he injured it the first time) . Did he miss time? Yes, the entire 2016 season.

Also, os trigonum is not an injury that stems from a fracture. It's an actual syndrome and can lead to significant injuries down the road. Bird had an accessory bone removed from his foot. This was something they found because of the hit-by-pitch, but not something that stemmed from it. It's a procedure that should help the guy, but it hasn't done him any favors. I stand by my "three non-accident injuries" or we can go with "two" and just count the recurring shoulder injury as one, it's up to you.

I think Greg Bird will be fine. But if you ask who has more value: a guy with 98 PAs and missed a ton of time RECENTLY due to injuries, or a guy who's been extremely healthy RECENTLY, everyone in baseball will pick the second guy.