09 Dec 2017 14:45:50
Yankees Acquire
OF Gincarlos Stanton
Marlins Acquire
2B Starlin Castro
1B/OF Tyler Austin
SP Albert Abreu

1.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 17:14:20
to be clear I hit unbelievable because that is not the return, it is still unknown, but its pretty much from prospects from class A and below.

2.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 17:14:55
Fully expect, the deal to be veto’d By commish, it was done before with A-Rod to Sox and feel MLB has learned from the NBA and super teams, add in the fact the Marlins are sending roughly 30-35 million for Castro and basically nothing, without Stanton the Marlins already low attendance will be much much lower not in the best interest of baseball. PLUS the new ownership group knew of Stanton’s deal and if they had a problem with it shouldn’t have bought the team.

3.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 18:21:36
You are only saying this because it the Yankees, if it were the Cardinals or Giants you would have said nothing. The only reason the A-Rod to the Red Sox got vetoed was because the Red Sox tried to rework A-rod's contract to make it smaller. Know facts before you say something. And finally its called rebuilding.