13 Dec 2017 17:46:38
The Mets need a CF to put between Conforto and Cespedes. If I'm them, I'm calling the Yankees about the availability of Gardener. They're looking to shed payroll in the Bronx, and they have an excess of OF with Gardener, Hicks, Jacoby, Judge, Frazier and now Stanton. They can rotate some players through the DH spot as well, but that's still a glut on the active roster. I'd offer them either Gsellman or Lugo, a younger depth infielder of their choice like Cechhini or TJ Rivera, and Harvey.

If Harvey comes back to form, this would be a steal for the Yankees, but even if he is just mediocre, they probably aren't getting much better out there. They won't get anything back for Jacoby, and they would likely have to pay a bunch of his contract. Gardener would be the perfect veteran winner to come over from the Bronx and provide that CF/Leadoff guy that they've been lacking, similar to when they signed Granderson. After that, they can look to sign some IF help on the free agent market.

1.) 14 Dec 2017
14 Dec 2017 01:22:04
So Gardener is Top Tier is what your saying?

2.) 14 Dec 2017
14 Dec 2017 15:21:27
You think that package of players from the Mets would get anyone in the top tier? Harvey has little trade value at this point, those two are back of the rotation pitchers, and any of those IF are purely depth guys. The Mets aren't getting any top tier players without giving up something that they shouldn't be willing to.

Gardener brings something that the Mets are lacking, and he's able to be had because of the situation the Yankees find themselves in. They have the stars they're building around, and want to cut some payroll. This gives them three pieces that they can fit into the back end of their roster with some upside, and helps get them under that luxury threshold.

Adding Gardener as their CF would give the Mets a complete outfield with Cespedes, Gardener and Conforto with Nimmo as a good 4th option. Gardener also brings you a good leadoff guy. He's also not too crazy expensive, so you could throw whatever money you were thinking about throwing at Bruce, and divert it towards an IF bat.

Right now their set pieces are Rosario and Smith, so they should be looking at upgrades at 3B and 2B, as well as a part time 1B. If I'm them, I throw money at a 3B since the market actually seems to be pretty flush right now with guys like Moustakas and Frazier, while there's plenty of part time types at 1B with guys like Adams and Reynolds (who would be my choice. ) They could also look at a guy like Howie Kendrick for 2B.

There's a lot of different directions they could go, while not spending tons of money on the premier guys out there. Most WS winning teams aren't superteams. They have their top couple of guys, and then everyone else produces. You need to have balance throughout, not just "top tier" guys.