17 Jan 2018 05:10:18
Reds get: Yellich
Marlins get: Winker, Amir Garret, Robert Stephenson. They could also put in schebler to sweeten the deal, I think he is going to fall off though.

Reds get an OBP machine to put ahead of Votto for the next 5 years at a contract that they can even afford. The marlins get an immediate replacement in Winker and two MLB ready pitchers with very high upside.

1.) 17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018 14:24:27
That's not terrible, but I think the Marlins are going to want to be blown away for Yelich. This seems like it would be the exact kind of package the Pirates are looking for in return for their players though. It might be too much, but they could probably knock one of those pitchers off the trade and make it work out.

2.) 17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018 14:56:47
I know there are no signs the Pirates would trade him but they might as well go full rebuild. What about Schebler, Stephenson, Garret for Marte?

3.) 17 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018 15:30:09
Not terrible, but I think that package would be topped by multiple teams. The Reds have a solid farm, but I don't think they are in the position to get in a bidding war with prospects.

4.) 18 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018 14:39:26
I don't know how many teams would be jumping to beat that deal right now. PED suspensions hang heavy, and I think I'd need to see another year of his normal production before I'm throwing too much to Pitt. If a team like the Reds really wants him, you're in the perfect buy low scenario.

5.) 18 Jan 2018
18 Jan 2018 20:18:43
The problem with the reds front office is that they overvalue some of these overhyped prospects. The time to cash in on some of them is now, I think they are one good hitter with a OBP over 360 and a decent starting pitcher away from contending in the central. I know the chances of them trading for one of those guys and signing a guy like Lynn or Cobb are not good but I think that's all they would need.