09 Jun 2018 16:07:10
Yankees Trade Deadline Ideas

Trade #1

Giants get Miguel Andujar, Estevan Florial, Jordan Montgomery, Tyler Wade, and Luis Medina

Yankees get Madison Bumgarner

Trade #2

Mets get Miguel Andujar, Estevan Florial, Jordan Montgomery, Tyler Wade, and Luis Medina

Yankees get Jacob deGrom

Trade #3

Rangers get Brandon Drury, Tyler Wade, and Luis Medina

Yankees get Cole Hamels

Which one is the most fair or makes the most sense for all parties involved?

1.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 14:47:11
The first two are highly unlikely. The Giants are to stubborn to trade Bumgarner. And the Mets would never make a big trade with the Yankees. Hamels is the most likely one here. But it may take one of their top prospect like Clint Frazier to get it done.

2.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 18:37:52
Hand over Luis Severino and Gleyber Torres and the Giants will gladly hand over Bumgarner.

3.) 27 Jun 2018
27 Jun 2018 02:00:04
I'm curious as to what you think the Giants would accept for Bumgarner, Mitch. Don't give me some Yankee-friendly deal, or your opinion.

I want to know: considering what Bumgarner has done for the Giants, his contract situation, his age, and how popular he is among the fans, if you were Bobby Evans, what would be the absolute lowest package you'd send him to New York for?

I'll start: Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield, Estevan Florial, Albert Abreu.

What would Evans accept for Bumgarner from New York?

4.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 04:04:10
First, Stat-give me 1 time a contending team traded away an everyday starter (borderline all-star) like Torres for great starter. They do not weaken line-ups. Can't think of 1 example. Not Verlander, Sabathia, etc. Maybe, Lackey for Cespades, A's were looking to dump him. Bum has 1 and a half years left on contract. NO WAY you get 21 yr old ROY! Bum's 2nd yr in a row missing at least 10 starts. Reasonable package-Frazier/ Florial, Abreu, German, Drury/ Austin. Won't happen cause Giants won't trade "face. " Again, by putting Torres in any package is ridiculous. NEVER has a ROY leader gotten traded at deadline. Never.

5.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 05:24:30
Mitch, you seem to think I actually think the trade will happen. It won't.

But I'm becoming more convinced you think the Giants will just hand over Bumgarner. They absolutely won't.

Heck, if you think the Giants are trading Bumgarner (who will no doubt extend his contract very soon), you're far crazier than I thought. He's going to be a Giant for life.

6.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 16:38:19
Never said they would hand him over. I said they probably won't trade him. My package includes options of 3 major league ready players plus Top 100 SP. OR, 2 ready plus 2 Top 100 prospects. My offer is more than fair. SP's are most fragile. Look at Kershaw, Mad Bum, Syndegaard, Yu, etc. All have missed significant time. If you think 25+ years of control for 3+ players who are/ were Top 100 prospects last 2 years for 1 and a half years of control of SP who has missed 10+ starts each of last 2 years isn't fair- you are crazy. Think of it this way-will Giants win series this year or next with Mad Bum? NO! Why not get 4 players with high end potential? They should, but they won't. Same situation with Mets.

7.) 30 Jun 2018
30 Jun 2018 19:46:51
I don't effing care what the Yankees think is "fair". Nor will Bobby Evans. He will demand Torres and won't budge. And actually, probably a lot more than Torres.

He hasn't seemed the slightest bit worried about the Giants' future, and I don't know why you think he will now.

He's not trading Bumgarner unless he gets back an absolutely silly, insane package he can't turn down. Such a package would cripple any team for a long, long time.

Yankee fans need to move on from the Bumgarner nonsense. It's not happening.

8.) 03 Jul 2018
03 Jul 2018 03:33:24
We all know Mad Bum is not getting traded. But, like I said-asking for Torres is ridiculous. Give me 1 example of the LEADING ROY candidate being traded at deadline. It doesn't happen. If you think he will be traded-you really don't get this at all.
Again-Mad Bum will not be traded. Gleyber will not be traded. Giants will not win Series with or without Mad Bum in '18 or '19.

9.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:14:34
Of course it's ridiculous to ask for Gleyber Torres. That's the entire damn point I'm making.

I seriously can't tell if you're being intentionally obtuse or if it's just natural. I really hope, for your sake, this is just an act you play online. But I'm not convinced.

10.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 23:49:24
If it's ridiculous asking for Torres-why even post it? It seems like you're either bored and looking for someone to argue with OR you just like being a contrarian. We all know 99% of proposed trades here won't happen. It's fun reading and discussing. I usually don't respond unless I see a ridiculous post, like yours. It's funny how you constantly disagree with me-yet have never shown me to be wrong on any of my posts. Just sayin'

11.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 15:32:52
I simply said the price the Giants will demand for Bumgarner. It was more tongue in cheek than anything else.

Mind you, it was YOU who couldn't see the point I was making and made it a goal to try and disagree with me. So don't sit in some ivory tower calling out others for disagreeing. I simply stated what the Giants would want, and it was obviously something the Yankees would never pay. I think anyone with two brain cells to rub together could infer that.

You keep calling it ridiculous: THAT WAS THE POINT! It's pathetic I have to reiterate this to you. The Giants will demand a ridiculous return for him, so I simply said what it would probably be and gave something ridiculous. This wasn't a difficult concept to grasp.