30 Jul 2018 17:08:52
White Sox and Astros

Houston Gets:

Jose Abreu 1B
Luis Avilan LHP

Chicago Gets:

Yordan Alvarez OF/1B (#3 & #42 Overall - MLB)
Brandon Bielak RHP (#20)
David Paulino RHP (#23)

Overall, I don't think Abreu is moved before the deadline. All signs are pointing to his retention, but he could still be traded in the offseason. I'll throw this out in the instance that there is some change of heart in the org. If Alvarez was on the table, for instance, I would welcome a deal like this.

Houston gets another RH reliable to bolster their lineup. He hasn't been great (only a 108 wRC+ and a .328 wOBA), but all the predictive metrics are pretty optimistic about a turnaround moving forward, and we have already seen this in the last couple of weeks after a horrible slump. This would allow them to either play Gonzalez in left as it looks as though Tucker isn't quite ready. Gattis is probably best suited as being a power hitting option off the bench in the playoffs as well.

They also get a good veteran bullpen option in Avilan who has been effective against lefties (.214 BAA).

The Sox get a good prospect in Alvarez who they maybe try to develop at 1B given their abundance of OF prospects. They also get RHP Bileak out of ND and Paulino who they move to the pen bc he has not shown the durability to last as a starter. His 98-99 mph fastball will play well there and he joins a group of intriguing future bullpen options for the Sox.

Overall we know how fast windows can close for teams and it would behoove the Stros to add a dependable veteran bat (who they would also have for next season) to try and repeat as champs. They have the starting staff and lineup to do it. A 1-6 of Springer, Bregman, Altuve, Correa, Abreu, and Gurriel would be hard to beat.

Again I don't think this is likely but I think it could work out for both clubs.

1.) 31 Jul 2018
31 Jul 2018 12:20:26
Abreu will be fine. He’s a solid player. I think Alvarez is a great get for him. I wonder if they can get more on the back end, though.

Good base, though.