05 Nov 2018 16:40:53
Hey guys, i'm new on here. Huge baseball fan, and my buddy told me about this site and how it's pretty active. Figured i'd give it a stab.

Everyone saying Harper to the Yankees, but i think Harper ends up in Philly. They have a ton of payroll and a lot of good young talent. To me, Machado is more likely to end up in NY than Harper.

Im curious on what everyone else thinks.

1.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 17:38:06
I don't think NY lands either player. They have more needs in the rotation and should focus there.

As far as Philly, I think their odds are as good as anyone's. But I question if they want to hamstring themselves to some massive deals. They've seen how those work for them (and they weren't good) .

2.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 21:21:31
Years ago people were saying Harper to the Yankees, but that is not happening. I agree with thestatbook, the Yankees are going to after pitching, its their biggest need. Years ago when they were big free spenders they probably would have done pitching and Harper. I also have an odd feeling he is going to end up staying Washington, I believe Machado will be with Philly next season.

3.) 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 23:01:38
With the Nationals being over the luxury tax, I don’t see them being the highest bid for Harper.

4.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 13:28:19
I don't think the Nationals care about the luxury tax.

5.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 14:35:42
thestatbook, i think the tax issue applies to anyone, but Harper. If they bring him back they can make other moves to get below the threshold. I wouldn't rule them out, but it sure doesn't seem like they're serious about it at the moment.

6.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 15:58:54
Keep in mind, Harper isn't the only move the Nationals would need. They need a catcher, starter, infielder, and some relievers. Between new signings and arbitration, I think they spend close to 75M on salaries this winter without Harper.

Adding Harper puts them near the luxury tax threshold for a third straight time (with no reset in the foreseeable future) . That could end up resulting in a 62.5% tax. In other words, Harper on 30M a year suddenly costs the Nationals nearly 50M. It could also result in lost draft spots.

I'm not saying it's not going to happen. It very well could. The Lerners don't seem to care about the money. But it'd be foolish to talk about him back to the Nationals without considering the ramifications.

7.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 16:00:22
And Insider, I'm curious, what moves are possible for them? Aside from moving really good prospects, the Nationals aren't exactly that deep anywhere. It's why they lost so many games this year: no depth.