05 Dec 2018 01:05:38
Yankees-Indians Trade

Indians get Estevan Florial, Clint Frazier, Jonathon Loaisiga, Luis Medina, and Everson Peireira

Yankees get Corey Kluber

1.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 04:22:49
This is weird that I'm saying this to a bwright post, but this is a little too much for Kluber.

2.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 05:11:02
I agree, I was thinking that it was to much but wasn't going to say anything.

3.) 05 Dec 2018
05 Dec 2018 14:29:26
I agree that it was too much but you guys always tell me not enough so I went overboard think you would think it’s about right. What would be a good change? I was thinking take out Frazier because of all of the concussion issues and add someone like Jonathan Holder. He was great for the Yankees out of the bullpen this year. He’s cheap, young, and controllable and the Indians are going to need bullpen help with Miller and Allen likely leaving. And Cleveland is looking to shed payroll so he would be very cost effective.