19 Jan 2019 15:40:59
Rest of Yankees Offseason


Trade #1

Reds get Sonny Gray

Yankees get Tyler Stephenson and Shed Long

Trade #2

Indians get Estevan Florial, Everson Pereira, Chance Adams, Jonathan Holder, and Domingo Acevedo

Yankees get Corey Kluber

Trade #3

Rockies get Miguel Andujar, Clint Frazier, Clarke Schmidt, Matt Sauer, and Luis Medina

Yankees get Nolan Arenado

Free Agency

Designate Jacoby Ellsbury for Assignment

Sign Bryce Harper for 10 years and $350 million (with an opt out after 5 years)



RF Judge
DH Stanton
LF Harper
3B Arenado
C Sanchez
SS Gregorius
CF Hicks
2B Torres
1B LaMahieu


C Romine
1B Voit
SS Tulowitzki
OF Gardner




Sabathia (Swingman/Spot Starter)

1.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 19:03:54
Here we go again.

All of this puts the Yankees at a payroll of 270M next season (per Cot's Baseball Contracts) .

Also, are you really suggesting the Yankees sell of every bit of their farm system for two trades?

2.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 01:46:19
The Reds would be absolutely mad if they gave both of those prospects for Gray. Take Shed Long. We got other infield talent.

3.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 03:22:16
Whether you think they will do them or not, do you think the trades are fair or would they at least get the other teams attention?

4.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 05:42:38
A) When he does these posts we should just ignore him.
B) No the trades are horrible.
C) You always do quantity over quality. Stop, Not one player will ever bring back 5 players, unless they are desperate like the Red Sox were with Sale.

5.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 19:31:34
DFAing Ellsbury still means you have to pay him which puts your payroll at $310 mil, slow down and think about it next time bud.

6.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 22:33:26
Florial, Frazier, Andujar, Pereira, and Holder aren’t quality? Andujar could have won rookie of the year. Florial is a top 100 prospect. Frazier was a top 100 prospect but had too many at bats to be considered a prospect but is still very young and talented with a lot of control. Pereira will be a top 100 prospect in a year and a lot of people project him to be better than Florial but he’s only 17 years old. Holder could be the Indians 8th inning guy in front of Hand but gets lost in the Yankees stacked bullpen.

7.) 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019 17:05:43
Then its to much of quality and quantity.

8.) 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019 20:59:40
So you actually think they’re giving up too much in these trades?