30 Dec 2020 18:01:47
Here fair trade

Braves get
3B Kris Bryant
RP Craig Kimbrel

Cubs get

3B/Ss Johan Camargo
CF Ender Inciate
RP Freddy Tarnok top 20
LP Phil pfister braves 22
Of Greyson jenista braves 23

The braves get Bryant who play 3b and they can play Riley who can play Lf for now , and insurance just in case lose Bryant next year , and and give Kimbrel back home where he belongs and give chance be place where he and family feel Comfortable . And the Cubs get young 3b to replace for Bryant , they get Enders who could use fresh start and off set some of the money and they get 3 young prospect for the their rebuild , that fare trade

1.) 04 Jan 2021
04 Jan 2021 14:26:10
Ahhh yes, a totally fair trade that give you a legitimately talented 3B for literally every player the Braves don't want/ need.

Totally fair. Wink.