20 Jul 2021 14:57:35
Some Giants trades.

Giants get: RHP Kenta Maeda, OF Brent Rooker

Twins get: OF Austin Slater, 3B Luis Toribio (#9, 45 FV), SS Dilan Rosario (#26, 40 FV), RHP Camilo Doval (MLB-ready RHP, 40 FV).

Zaidi is familiar with Maeda, and Rooker seems like a lot of the Zaidi acquisitions. Twins would be more than familiar with the Giants' system.

Giants get: RHP Yimi Garcia

Marlins get: RHP Tyler Beede

Giants solidify their bullpen, while the Marlins get some controllable pitching. They get a fixer-upper in Tyler Beede. Zaidi gets Garcia, who he is more than familiar with.

Giants get: Kris Bryant

Cubs get: OF Alexander Canario (#13, 45 FV), UTIL Mauricio Dubon

Giants go get a guy Scott Harris is familiar with to bolster the lineup. Cubs get a super-utility guy and an intriguing OF prospect.

Lineup vs. RHP
1B- Wade
RF- Yastrzemski
C- Posey
3B- Bryant
SS- Crawford
LF- Dickerson
CF- Duggar
2B- Solano/Flores

vs. LHP
RF- Yastrzemski
3B- Bryant
C- Posey
1B- Ruf
LF- Rooker
SS- Crawford
2B- Flores/Solano
CF- Duggar

Gausman, DeSclafani, Maeda, Cueto, Wood

CP- Garcia (R)
SU- Rogers (R)
SU- McGee (L)
RP- Leone (R)
RP- Garcia (L)
RP- Littell (R)
RP- Alvarez (L)
RP- Jackson/Brebbia (R)

1.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 12:46:29
Maeda has multiple years of control left at only a 3mil a year price. Going to have to give up a higher touted prospect imo.

Beede / Garcia deal is fine.

Canario is a nice prospect, but if Joc Pederson brought a 40FV prospect, I imagine KB can land a 50 or multiple prospects.

Overall not bad offers just need to be adjusted based on the value of the players coming to the giants. I think the giants make out pretty nicely on all 3 and it’s favored towards them.

2.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 14:20:58
The $3.125M is the baseline. It's an incentive based contract.

In order to only be paid $3.125M, Maeda has to have less than 15 starts and less than 90 IP. If you're only paying Maeda $3M, then he had a bad year, and likely, didn't play much at all. At 180IP and 30 games started, Maeda is paid around $11M. That changes the value by quite a bit.

As far as the Bryant trade, if the Cubs can get a 50-grade prospect out of Kris Bryant, then they should, by all means, make that trade. Personally, I don't see any team giving up that return for a rental. And I strongly doubt it'll be the Giants, unless they can secure an extension out of him.

3.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:45:18
Then the Giants won’t be the trade partner for Bryant. Offer him a QO and receive a high comp pick. Better than settling. If anything, pair Bryant with a reliever (Kimbrel, Chafin, Tepera) and improve the return.

4.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 17:04:07
If you think that Alexander Canario and Mauricio Dubon is "settling", then I think you'll be sorely disappointed by any Kris Bryant trade. I don't think this is necessarily the "best" trade, but I do think it falls in line with what's fair.

Keep in mind, compensatory pick rules changed, and the Cubs would get a pick in between rounds 2 and 3 if they lost Bryant after offering a QO (due to their market size, they wouldn't get a 1st Round Comp Pick) . Do you truly believe that a 45-grade prospect would be available by then? If they are, it's likely because they are wanting a massive signing bonus.

Point is: Canario and Dubon would be significantly more valuable than anyone the Cubs are finding in the 3rd round of the draft.

If the Cubs are offered a return involving a couple of 40-FV guys, sure, take your chances in the division and with the Comp Pick. But I see them getting more.

5.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 18:50:34
“ If a team that loses a qualifying free agent is a revenue-sharing recipient, and the lost player signs for at least $50 million, the team is awarded a compensatory pick between the first round and Competitive Balance Round A. If the player signs for less than $50 million, the compensation pick for the team comes after Competitive Balance Round B. ”

I think Bryant will sign for over 50 million…lol

27 year old utility man Dubon?! No thanks. As stated before, Canario is a nice prospect, but he won’t lead a package for Bryant.

6.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 19:11:00
I've watched my fair share of Maeda start this year, he's looked brutal. Not sure he's any better than what SF currently has in the rotation.

Also, If you think that package is definitely suitable for Bryant and mine wasn't for Story (who is less valuable, having a worse season/ career, and has a smaller market), you need to rethink your valuations and comments.

7.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 01:32:55
If you think someone better than Canario is headlining a Bryant deal, I honestly don't know what to say.

You'll be thoroughly disappointed with the deal. Just going to say it.

And Chi Sox, no. I don't think Bryant and Story will receive that drastically different returns. Probably a 45 FV guy each, with Bryant likely fetching an intriguing MLB piece on top of it. (Slater or Dubon from the Giants would likely do the trick)

8.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 15:32:37
Ah ok. Maybe all my trade was lacking then was intriguing MLB piece Danny Mendick.

9.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 17:15:29
Buddy, your thought process is hilarious and precious.

1. State a wild claim. "Story can be had for a paltry return of 3 40 FV prospects. "

2. Beg the question. "Hey, since Story is only going to be had for 3 40 FV prospects, why is Kris Bryant's trade not much different than your Story trade ideas?

3. Condescend when you realize that begging the question isn't working.

It's an interesting strategy. I'm not sure it's working out for you all that well. But I admire the hustle.

10.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 17:25:45
What your trade for Trevor Story was missing was actual players who will convince the Colorado Rockies to hand over Trevor John Story, and names that will beat out the offers of other baseball teams.

Impressively, your trade idea matched neither of those criteria.

11.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 17:37:45
MrOctober, you should have kept reading. This is from MLB's Website:

"if the team that loses the free agent is a REVENUE-SHARING RECIPIENT, based on its revenues and market size, then the selection -- if and only if the lost player signs for at least $50 million -- will be awarded a pick between the first round and Competitive Balance Round A of the 2020 MLB Draft. "

Okay, so that paragraph doesn't pertain to the Chicago Cubs, who aren't a revenue-sharing recipient. So what rules pertain to them? Next paragraph:

"If the team that loses the player DOES NOT RECEIVE revenue sharing and did not exceed the luxury-tax salary threshold the previous season, its compensatory pick will come after Competitive Balance Round B. The value of the player's contract doesn't matter in this case. "

This is where the Cubs' pick would be. The size of the contract doesn't matter. Kris Bryant could feel charitable and go to the Rays on a $1M contract. The Cubs would still be stuck in this spot, providing they don't exceed the luxury tax, of which, they then get a pick after the fourth round.

12.) 23 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 23:24:58
Ramos + Sheets + Thompson > Canario.

I am truly sorry.

13.) 23 Jul 2021
23 Jul 2021 04:37:06
Might want to reevaluate your player values after that Nelson Cruz trade.

14.) 24 Jul 2021
24 Jul 2021 01:48:57
Why? Tampa Bay was in a serious roster crunch, and have about 3 billion prospects who are Rule 5 Eligible. Guys like Joe Ryan weren't making the roster in 2022.

Context matters in these deals. And trying to say, "Nelson Cruz got this, therefore, Kris Bryant will get this" is a fools errand and it has NEVER been a rule that ends up being consistent.

If you want, you could point to the Cubs giving up Gleyber Torres for Chapman. Why don't we see those deals? Because no one has the context the Cubs had in 2016. No one.

15.) 26 Jul 2021
26 Jul 2021 18:53:13
Chi Sox - Per Fangraphs own rankings, a 45M FV prospect is worth 6M, a 40 FV is worth 2M.

Canario (45M) = 6M
Ramos + Thompson + Sheets = 6M.

Add in Dubon, and the Giants offer is significantly better.

I'm truly sorry.

16.) 26 Jul 2021
26 Jul 2021 22:25:10
Nate, you wouldn't be referencing a FG article from 2018 now would you?

Remember, those values have no bearing on today's market. You said so yourself. So maybe the difference between Machado (or Bryant) and Story's values is in fact an addition of Dubon?

Wooooow, see how that works?

17.) 26 Jul 2021
26 Jul 2021 22:29:53
My trade for Story was way too light you say, but when you take the value amassed from Sheets, Thompson and Ramos and add a AAAA-guy like Dubon, then, according to you, they could get a player worth more than a win better than Story season.

Interesting string of logic there.

18.) 27 Jul 2021
27 Jul 2021 02:44:36
I'm literally referencing the BOARD and the numbers associated with the Farm Rankings Leaderboard, as they currently exist on the website, right now.

Seriously, this game you're playing is beyond petty, bro. You're literally trying to find ANYTHING to nitpick.

Go ask your mom to make you some Kool-Aid and play some Minecraft. You clearly need a break.

19.) 27 Jul 2021
27 Jul 2021 05:42:02
You literally posted Abreu's splits vs. .500+ teams and sub-.500 teams, and I'm nit-picking?


20.) 27 Jul 2021
27 Jul 2021 11:58:53
Umm, that's, I don't know, slightly relevant to the conversation.

Saying, "wow, you posted information from 2018 LULULLULULZ" and then being colossally wrong not only makes you look insanely dumb and petty, it also makes you look like an arrogant fill-in-the-blank.

Seriously. You're so incapable to accepting that you're wrong that you had to try and throw something super petty out there.

It makes it look worse when you were dead wrong LOLOLOLOLOL.