20 Mar 2015 14:35:23
Don't get why Toronto went out to trade for Saunders. Yes it's interdivision but an obvious choice should have been to acquire Daniel nava. Good average hitter to slot in the 7th spot, above average arm, and can play first to give Edwin a rest and let pillar develop a little in left. Red Sox also have a varitable plethora of outfielders so they would listen on an offer for Nava. Also would've been cheaper than happ.

To Tor: Daniel Nava, Stephen Wright/Zeke Spruill
To Bos: J.A Happ

Toronto would've gotten a Durable fielder(unlike Saunders) to take over for melky+ pitching depth

Boston gets a solid starting pitcher to go along with Porcello, Miley and Buchholz

1.) 20 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015 16:27:08
Happ is on Seattle

2.) 20 Mar 2015
I don't really get your criticism of the Toronto FO. How is it their fault tht Saunders(who is a much better player than Nava) was sideline by a completely unprecedented injury(his torn meniscus was caused be his stepping on a sprinkler head during outfield drills)?

3.) 21 Mar 2015
@highlybiasedbosoxfan Saunders only played 73 games last year cause of his legs, I'm not talking about the freak injury, he's been injury prone before that injury which doesn't bode well on the turf field. Yes Saunders is faster, and is a tad better defensively, but Nava brings the component of giving nectar action a needed break at first and therefore giving pillar/Viciedo playing time to develop

@mntwinsfan: this is hypothetical if TOR didn't trade him to seattle

4.) 21 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015 20:29:53
Even if Happ was available for Toronto to move (he's not, since he's with the Mariners). saying he's a a solid piece is comical.

Happ is average at best.

5.) 21 Mar 2015
Happ is not average. An average player is valuable. Happ is a below-average swingman type who most teams have 5 versions of.

6.) 21 Mar 2015
21 Mar 2015 02:46:02
Woods. hypothetical if the Blue Jays didn't already trade him. that makes no sense.