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04 Jan 2017 22:03:34
Dodgers want stability and ability at 2B. Would like a # ( 2 +) SP.

Dodgers get Danny Salazar and Jason Kipnis (both with four years of control) .

Indians get Julio Urias, Yasiel Puig and Cody Bellinger.

Hmmm? .


1.) 04 Jan 2017 22:14:52
Pretty bad my man.

2.) 04 Jan 2017 22:42:44
Not sure why the Indians would want this. Four years of Kipnis is more valuable than the entire package offered.

3.) 05 Jan 2017 00:13:05
Urias? Come on guys he made it to the Majors as a 19 year old and pitched well. I feel people are forgetting how elite this guy is.

4.) 05 Jan 2017 01:32:12
Geronimo, I don't think this is as bad as the first two comments indicate.

Is it good? Not really. The Dodgers have plenty of starting pitching already, with Kershaw-Hill-Maeda-Kazmir-Urias-McCarthy-DeLeon a kaleidoscope of talent, youth, experience and potential. Salazar is, of course, better than all but Kershaw, but LA's rotation and depth is better than most teams right now, and good enough to contend. Kipnis would be nice, but they won't give up Urias and Bellinger to get him.

Cleveland's best asset is its rotation. Salazar is a big part of that. They just signed EE and have Santana, so Bellinger would not be a great fit. Trading Kipnis would create a pretty big hole to fill.

Point is, I think this is relatively fair, but is not really a good fit for either team.

5.) 05 Jan 2017 02:36:52
Zimmer. thank you.

6.) 05 Jan 2017 03:03:14
Urias and two wild cards for two REALLY, REALLY good players.

Kipnis is an MVP caliber player and Salazar has tons of team control left. This is one-sided to LA.

7.) 05 Jan 2017 05:47:34
That package wouldn't land the Dodgers Salazar alone. And what makes you think the Indians would trade Kipnis?

8.) 05 Jan 2017 13:16:00
So Batman, your saying that Cleveland wouldn't trade Salazar for:

Puig- (if Brantley can't go, they could use him, could turn out to be an all-star) has the tools to anyway.

Bellanger-Top 1 or 2 first base prospects in baseball. Could be valuable next year if EE battles injuries and might have to shift to DH at some point. Regardless he would be EE's replacement in 3 years

Urias-a 20 year old who has already established himself as a ready now pitcher and started game 4 of the NLCS.

Salazar is really good, but he ain't smoking as good of stuff as you are!

9.) 05 Jan 2017 14:03:29
Not Puig no, I would say throw one or two more prospects in for Salazar and they would have a deal.

10.) 05 Jan 2017 14:09:32
Stirring this pot a wee bit more.

The Kipnis/ Puig salary exchange for the 2017 season favors the Dodgers by about $ 3MM. (Puig @ 8.6 MM - $ 6 MM = 2.6 MM) adding + .5 MM lux tax making this a net $ 3 MM saving or about half of Kipnis' contract. The 2018 contract would be a wash, no advantage to either side. Puig also fits as a corner OF'er in the event the surgery that Brantley had, the second surgery, will take more time to fully recover from. Brantley is currently dry swinging and experiencing no pain and progressing quite nicely. The issues is with his non-throwing shoulder. so defensively, he'll be okay. He's entering into the penultimate year of his contract.

Bellinger is currently playing OF in the Dodgers minor league system. and is said to be quite adept. even being able to cover CF, if needed. EE is a 1B / DH for three years, possibly a fourth. Santana's contract is over in ten months. Tito Francona LOVES versatility and w/ Bellinger being capable as a corner OF'er, some CF. and GG level defense at 1B. This is a perfect fit both on the field and fiscally.

Salazar and Urias are both elite level talent that would otherwise cancel. Both are enormously inexpensive. The fact that Urias is a lefty is a benefit to the Indians.

This isn't a bad deal. just one that neither side would want to make when emotions become part of the decision.


11.) 05 Jan 2017 15:55:29
Geronimo, you've always been a smart baseball guy on this site, so I can appreciate the thought.

But at this point, 4 years of Kipnis and 4 years of Salazar is SIGNIFICANTLY more valuable than Urias, Puig, and Bellinger.

In the past 4 seasons, Kipnis and Salazar have put up a combined 23.6 WAR, 8.7 from Salazar and 14.9 from Kipnis, that's almost 4 WAR between the two of them each year, and that's with Salazar not getting a ton of innings in that span. I doubt this package brings 4 WAR a season between the three of them.

The Indians have a brilliant front office. They aren't trading 4 WAR for a bunch of lottery tickets.

12.) 05 Jan 2017 20:39:10
The idea is predicated on the overall needs of both clubs.

it's easy to see that the Dodgers would be thrilled to get four years of Kipnis and his entire game. The addition of Salazar is the cherry on top and would be well received by the fans of the boys of summer.

By the same measure, the Indians are looking at the outfield that has Doctor Smooth (Michael Brantley) as an uncertain contributor in 2017. The Indians have three or four guys who can play either or both 2B and 3B. Jose Ramirez is the best second baseman that doesn't play the spot. Both Yandy Diaz and Giovanny Urshela are third basemen (Urshela will challenge even Arendao defensively at 3B) and can play 2B. Yandy also plays c-OF'er. IOW, plenty of guys who can cover both 2B and 3B. not many who can play the OF at the level of Yasiel or even Bellinger.

So the question becomes. are the Indians better in 2017 keeping Salazar/ Kipnis. or is the lure of 10 + years of control of Urias/ Bellinger plus a couple seasons of Yasiel better for the club now and into the future.

The emotional side of the equation is simple. the Indians never make that deal. the IQ side of the argument pauses and thinks about it. perhaps more than a little.

. and you're right. I am brilliant. or did you just say smart. that's one of those words that can have more than a single meaning. ya know? .

13.) 05 Jan 2017 21:00:23
"So the question becomes. are the Indians better in 2017 keeping Salazar/ Kipnis. or is the lure of 10 + years of control of Urias/ Bellinger plus a couple seasons of Yasiel better for the club now and into the future. "

Anyone with any baseball sense would tell you that 8 years of surety in Salazar + Kipnis is FAR better than a bunch of question marks in Urias, Bellinger, and Puig.

Will Urias actually be as dominant as they say? Will he get arm injuries, especially without a ton of development in the minors? They really rushed him to the bigs.

I doubt Urias is all that much of an improvement from a healthy Danny Salazar, who is really, really good.

Will Puig be 2013 Puig or will he be the awful player we've seen the past few seasons? Do you want to move a strong clubhouse guy in Kipnis for a cancer in Puig?

What are you getting from Bellinger? At this point, it's a complete lottery ticket.

Again, you're giving up 6 WAR (my math in the last post was wrong) by giving up Kipnis and Salazar, and that's with Salazar not healthy. Are you reasonably getting 6-8 WAR out of that group coming back? Very unlikely. Keep the guys you have and be content.

14.) 05 Jan 2017 21:56:24
It just wouldn't happen for Cleveland because they really are in win now mode although most of their contributing pieces are still young. But the EE signing was a little unusual.

Dodgers are always in win now mode and will always have the resources to do so.

Really is a fairly good trade though. Salazar's health may factor into the equation a bit.



24 Dec 2016 17:53:37
Three teams. two that don't make many deals together.

Pittsburgh gets Quintana
Indians get McCutchen and Pitt's Comp B pick
CWSox get Meadows, Aiken and Mejia

Quality over quantity. Thoughts?


1.) 24 Dec 2016 18:50:38
This would never happen Pirates aren't trading Meadows as he is McCucthens replacement AND they lose McCutchen? Makes no sense.

2.) 24 Dec 2016 19:08:44
I'm all for quality over quantity.

Unfortunately, there's not enough quantity of quality going back to Chicago. More, more, more.

3.) 25 Dec 2016 00:58:47
Hate to admit it but huskers is right.

4.) 25 Dec 2016 13:57:04
I don't see a reason for this to be 3 team trade.

5.) 26 Dec 2016 12:16:48
I disagree with the fact that PIT won't trade Meadows. CWS has the upper hand and I'm confident they'll refuse to discuss Quintana without Meadows being involved. Secondly, if PIT gets Quintana, I doubt Cutch gets traded because acquiring Quintana would mean they are in win mode, not rebuilding mode.

6.) 26 Dec 2016 18:23:45
The Pirates give up McCutchen, Meadows, and a Comp pick for Quintana? No way they do that.



29 Nov 2016 14:15:15
The DBax are now set in their infield. but could be more balanced RHH/ LHH, wise. Same with the Indians. The Indians and DBax both have young corner OF'ers that could be swapped to balance this tendency for both teams:

DBax get: Tyler Naquin
Indians get: Brandon Drury



1.) 29 Nov 2016 14:29:08
probably not since Davis is probably leaving the Indians and Brantley is far off from returning and Naquin was near the top in rookie of the year voting and should be the starting centerfielder next season for the tribe. So the short answer is no the Indians pass on this deal.

2.) 30 Nov 2016 02:54:56
Sull is right.



27 Nov 2016 18:25:00
The Indians and Dodgers match up well w/ r to depth and needs.

The Indians deal Andrew Miller (LHRP) and Jose Ramirez (2B/ 3B)

The Dodgers deal Cody Bellinger (1B/ OF MiLB), Grant Dayton (LHRP), Jose De Leon (RHP MiLB) and Yasiel Puig (OF)

The Dodgers succumbed to a series of injuries to their starting staff. Almost all will be back (assumes Rich Hill moves on) . That still leaves the Dodgers with nine bona fide starters (Kazmir, Kershaw, Urias, Maeda, Ryu, McCarthy, De Leon, Strippling, and Wood) The pending loss of Jansen and Justin Turner makes two big holes in the Dodgers line up and back of the pen. As of this writing, the big three closers (Jansen, Chapman and Melancon) appear to be moving toward the Giants, Yankees and Nationals, respectively. This leaves the Dodgers with a thin pen. The Dodgers fix their pen and their infield hole with this move.

The Indians replace the best LHRP in the game with a very good LHRP. The Indians complete their outfield with Puig and gain two players on the precipice of competing for a ML roster spots in places the Indians need ML ready players.

Win/ Win for both clubs. The dodgers might benefit earlier rather than later in this revenue neutral deal, otherwise.


1.) 27 Nov 2016 19:11:52
This has some merit, but leaves Cleveland with a huge hole at 3B.

2.) 27 Nov 2016 21:43:11
Not exactly.

The Indians have two guys in the minors, one with some ML experience and GG level defense (Giovanny Urshela) who is finally healthy (knee, wrist, fracture (s), concussed, etc) and RAKING in winter league. His LVBP Line: .364/ .378/ .554 with 25 RBI in 30 games) . He's on the 40 man, as well. The other is the "Yandy-Man" and, yes, he can! Yandy Diaz is also RAKING in winter league. His LVBP Line .360/ .442/ .547 wit 13 RBI in 25 game including a 21 game hitting streak and getting on base every game he's played. The bottom line is, the Indians are a better team with Bellinger, Dayton, De Leon and Puig (3 years of control) along with one or both Yandy and Urshela than if they retain Miller for two years and the four years of control left with Jose Ramirez. Ramirez can play 2B, 3B and SS. He doesn't embarrass himself in the outfield, as well.

3.) 28 Nov 2016 03:07:41
I could see that but I also can't see the Indians trading Miller.

4.) 28 Nov 2016 13:43:22
For a Miller trade the Tribe would have to be overwhelmed by the deal. Further, wouldn't expect to see Ramirez moved either.



06 Feb 2016 18:05:52
Colorado Rockies get: Carlos Santana and Rob Kaminsky

Cleveland Indians get: Carlos Gonzalez

Discussion: Two years of Cargo for two years of Carlos Santana and full control of the Indians # 3 prospect while filling the major needs of both clubs along with $ over $ 15 MM in salary savings by the Rockies makes this deal reasonable for both teams.


1.) 06 Feb 2016 18:25:56
Rockies are going to want prospects. Not Santana.

2.) 06 Feb 2016 19:24:56
Hmm. Not bad.

3.) 07 Feb 2016 02:46:43
Santana is a really good player. Better over the past 3 seasons than Gonzalez.

From 2013-2015: Santana 123 wRC+, Gonzalez 118.

Not to mention, outfield help is much easier to find than 1B.

Losing Santana and picking up Gonzalez doesn't really add many wins for the Indians.




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13 Dec 2017 12:34:14
The Jays/ Cards deal might be doable. it would come down to preferences and protections. The Cards don't have someone behind Kelly as the heir apparent for Yadi's spot. A different prospect/ suspect would be needed.

The other two trades are tripe/ garbage.




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24 Nov 2017 02:46:01
The Indians have Berto Perez and Yan Gomes, two excellent defensive backstops. They handle the Indians staff as well as anyone can imagine. perhaps more. The best pitching staff in baseball trusts these two guys. Both guys combine to be a top five "team" of backstops in baseball at blocking balls, calling games, throwing out runners, home runs and run production. The Indians' catcher's work is is a key factor in Cleveland's recent success. Both Berto and Yan are signed to team friendly contracts through the 2020/ 21 season. The Indians also have a pair of young back stops behind Mejia that are equally revered as defense first guys (Ice and Haase) . This is a position of depth for the Indians. If they can reduce payroll by moving Kip while adding a trio of hitters, 1B, OF and the lottery ticket that is Jahmai. it makes sense both fiscally as well as a baseball decision.




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23 Nov 2017 16:07:53
The Freeman proposed trade has little likelihood of happening. The Braves would need to see above and beyond for a team to get him.

The Kipnis for Cron/ Calhoun is an over pay for the Angels. but, not completely without merit. The acquisition of Kipnis would solve the 2B hole while bringing a veteran presence. The Indians would be incline to pay more. To make the deal more palatable, the Indians could go one of two directions. Addition to level the deal or addition to improve both teams take on the deal:

Addition to level the deal:

Indians get: Cron and Calhoun
Angels get: Kipnis and one of Erik Gonzalez/ Ryan Merritt

Both Gonzalez and Merritt have shown ability to perform on the big stage and are ML ready w/ 5 years of club control

Addition to expand the deal:

Indians get: Calhoun, Cron and Jahmai Jones
Angels get: Kipnis and Francisco Mejia

These additions show the value Mejia brings as the # 13 overall prospect in MLB at a premium defensive position. Surprisingly, Mejia's best tool is his throwing arm over his bat, which has been pretty spectacular. Jahmai is special athlete learning / honing his craft as an OF'er. He is about a year away from being ML ready. This timeframe dove tails nicely into a role as an athletic starting OF or fourth OF with the Indians.

For my $$$, I'd grab Mejia if I were the Angels.





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14 Nov 2017 14:57:52
The basis of this deal is to provide the Pirates with a 3B or SS that can remain for years to come. Solarte is a one year guy with two team friendly options. The Pirates have two guys in their minor league system that can provide what Solarte brings for almost no expense. Giving up a Middle of the Order SP and or a couple more guys for a .250 hitting, limited power journeyman infielder makes little sense. The Pirates can do just as well for about the same price in the free agent market by signing Alcides Escobar or, even The Todd Father.




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10 Nov 2017 14:06:24
Jahmai is a good prospect and the key to this deal. He should remain in this deal. The other two guys are throw away players, not likely to make any impact at the ML level now or into the future. They have a ceiling of very good AAAA players. The Indians are competing right now for a chance to win a championship. They'd be more interested in an RP piece currently on the Angels roster. I. O. W., No to Houchi and Barria, Yes to someone like Meyer or Tropeano. These two guys are already at the major leagues or are ready to pitch now. Meyer as an RP, Tropeano, most likely a reliever that will need to accept being a reliever.





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