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17 May 2017 14:27:50
What would it take for Minnesota to get Chris Archer? Would a Nick Gordon and either Fernando Romero or Stephen Gonzalves get it done?


1.) 17 May 2017 17:49:36
Not even close.

Start with Jose Berrios, add in Max Kepler, then the package you suggested.



05 Dec 2016 15:47:08
Rumor has is the Dodgers and Twins are talking about a Brian Dozier trade that has the Twins interested. How about this:

Dodgers get Brian Dozier.

Minnesota gets RHP Alex Wood, RHP Jose De Leon, and RHP Yadier Alvarez.


1.) 05 Dec 2016 20:59:48
That's underselling Dozier.

Wood isn't that good, and they can get more than De Leon.

2.) 05 Dec 2016 22:58:36
Because they got there last season and they are just as good if not a better team after these moves.

3.) 05 Dec 2016 23:53:50
Sull what the heck are you talking about.

4.) 06 Dec 2016 00:40:46
Dodgers would probably toss in Kazmir and cash.



11 Nov 2016 17:36:05
Brian Dozier to St Louis for Michael Wacha, Luke Weaver, and Carson Kelly.


1.) 12 Nov 2016 03:22:29
Really, this is okay, but the Cards have no place for Dozier, with Wong, Carpenter, Diaz, Peralta and Gyorko in the infield.

2.) 12 Nov 2016 13:05:25
I think Dozier is a big upgrade over Wong, not on defense, but definitely offense. And Dozier is no slouch on defense. Dozier would also give them a legit leadoff hitter.



06 Oct 2016 15:15:42
Since my trades for Brian Dozier and Ervin Santana have been shot down (and this coming from a Twins fan), what do you guys think are fair trades for them?


1.) 06 Oct 2016 15:48:44
Santana is probably worth a young number 4 starter or a middle aged number 3 starter. Dozier on the other hand could bring back 2 top 10 prospects and a young MLB ready player like a Gregory Polanco type player.

2.) 06 Oct 2016 15:53:50
IMO, a good fit for Dozier might be a team such as Atlanta, which is moving into a new stadium and could use another big name to draw fans and generate offense. Atlanta has young talent to send to Minnesota.

Another option might be the Dodgers, who have lots of young talent to spare and could use an upgrade at 2B.

As for Santana, some team that fancies itself a contender will overpay to get him. The free agent market is bereft of SPs, so teams will contact Minnesota inquiring about him. The Twins would be fools not to deal him.

3.) 06 Oct 2016 16:24:39
For Dozier, they'll get legitimate prospects, maybe even a really good young MLB guy.

If you're expecting a legitimate return on Ervin Santana, you're going to be very disappointed in what they likely get. He's not that much better than many of the options on free agency, and he's not much better than other guys who could be traded for. No one is going to give a major return for a 34-year-old pitcher.

4.) 06 Oct 2016 22:18:51

You might be right about Santana, but teams always get desperate. Look at what San Diego got for Andrew Cashner. When he was traded, Cashner hadn't been very productive. In my opinion, Santana has been more productive over the last few seasons. And while Santana is older, a team will get him for 2 full seasons (with an option for a 3rd) instead of a half a year like Cashner.

After all, it only takes one team.

5.) 06 Oct 2016 23:14:27
Cashner was traded mid-season. You can't compare a trade deadline price tag to an offseason price tag.

In the offseason, teams have more than just the trade market to peruse for filling their team. In July, they really only have trades. Thus, the price goes way down in the winter.

Those who would want Santana, who is realistically a #3 or #4 starter, could go grab Cashner or Hellickson for just money, and not give up players. Santana costs lots of money AND players. Not worth it for most teams when they can just sign someone.

6.) 07 Oct 2016 13:59:13

We both can be right. We just don't know right now.

But I will say one final thing. I think the number of teams who need a good starter is greater than the number of good starters available.

7.) 07 Oct 2016 14:04:57
Put yourself in the shoes of the other 29 GMs, would you prefer to give up 2/ $27M and at least a few of your better prospects (which Minnesota will want, but likely not get)


Would you rather sign someone like Cashner or Hellickson, who are both at least 3 years younger than Santana, at a cost of 3/ $45M give or take a few million?

Most teams would choose the second option. It might be more money, but it's significantly cheaper in the long run seeing that I can use those trade pieces to help with different needs.

Santana's not an ace, and he's really not much more than a #3 or #4 pitcher on most teams. Teams won't give up huge returns for him.

8.) 07 Oct 2016 14:22:46
But Cashner and Hellickson are 2 guys. Ivan Nova is another. There are a couple of older guys who are FA and will get interest. And a handful of others who are below Santana (in my opinion) . And there are also rebuilding teams who could have starters available by trade.

But my guess is there are at least 20 teams that could use at least one good starter (not counting the Twins, who need 4).

So, I think if the Twins are impatient, they will not get a good deal. If they wait until after the FA frenzy or even into the season (and Santana gets off to a good start), they will get a much better deal.

9.) 07 Oct 2016 16:18:40
"We both can be right. We just don't know right now. "

Nice dismissive statement to thoughtful responses. Consider it a privilege and a testament to your knowledge that you get thoughtful responses on this site. Most get dumb comments because they post dumb crap.

That said, I understand your point. And there might be some team that gives a lot for Santana, my point is, I don't think it's a wise idea, at least not early on.

I'm reading a lot of folks who suggest the Twins should demand nothing less than a couple top 100 guys for him. If teams are giving up top 100 guys, there are better, younger, and cheaper candidates out there to trade for.

The more potential trade targets we find, the less value Santana has. You're probably right that it would benefit Minnesota to wait til the best SPs are signed, but if they wait too long, they also have no leverage. Point is: the return will probably be very disappointing to Twins fans. The market for a 34-year-old pitcher in the offseason that costs both a good chunk of change AND young talent isn't going to be very big.

10.) 07 Oct 2016 17:52:59
I also want to apologize if this seems hostile. It's not. I appreciate a good, light-hearted discussion on Santana's trade value. It's an oasis in the midst of all of Crazysull's posts and those like it.

I just don't want to have thoughtful dialogue dismissed with the likes of "well, we can both be right. " That doesn't further our conversation in any fashion.

I'll add this re: Santana: Santana is one of those guys whose value to the Twins is probably higher on the team than it is if they traded him. I don't think the return the Twins get will be all that valuable, and I think Santana offers good value to the Twins. It's a tough conundrum.



05 Oct 2016 17:34:37
Twins have a new man in charge and I think they need to trade their 2 best players, SP Ervin Santana and 2B Brian Dozier.

It was rumored both Toronto and Texas were interested in Santana. I think Toronto can offer a better package if they include RHP Sean Reid-Foley (no 2 prospect and no 76 overall) along with C Reese McGuire (no 4 prospect) . If Reid Foley is not included, I think a deal could be done with McGuire, RHP TJ Zeuch (no 8) and LHP Ryan Borucki (no 17).

I think St Louis is a team that could use Brian Dozier (along with the Mets, Cubs, and Dodgers) . I don't know if St Louis would trade RHP Alex Reyes (no 1 prospect and no 7 overall), but a combination of RHP Luke Weaver (no 2 and 81 overall), RHP Jack Flaherty (no 4), C Carson Kelly (no 11), and RHP Jack Woodford (no 13) could get it done.

In 2 trades, 2 teams gets players who help them contend, while Minnesota gets pitching and catching depth for their system. Combined with a new front office, no 1 overall pick next summer, and improvement from their own young players, Minnesota might be only a couple of years away from contending for a playoff spot.


1.) 05 Oct 2016 20:50:26
Jays have no real reason to do it, they already have 5 capable starters signed for next year.

2.) 05 Oct 2016 21:26:04
Well, they did try to trade for Santana at the deadline. Rumor out of Minnesota was they didn't like what the Jays were offering.

3.) 05 Oct 2016 21:49:26
And the Cubs have no need for Dozier. they have Zobrist Beaz Lastella Russell and Kowasaki and Happ (their top prospect) that can all play second and they have no other place to put him either unless they turn him into a reliever.

4.) 05 Oct 2016 21:55:24

My thinking was the Cubs moving Zobrist to a corner OF spot, were he has played in the past and is a need for the Cubs (in my opinion) . I think Dozier would be a good fit for Chicago until Happ is ready.

5.) 05 Oct 2016 22:38:27
For what it's worth, that Blue Jays trade wouldn't get Toronto much of anything.

Didn't McGuire go to Toronto in that weird Drew Hutchison trade? I don't think he's valued too much that the Pirates just tossed him in. And here you have him headlining a deal for Dozier?

The Blue Jays don't have anywhere near the talent to land someone like Dozier (who would bring back a legitimately strong return for the Twins) unless they trade from their MLB roster.

I think the Cardinals package is decent, but I doubt St. Louis does it. The Mets or even Kansas City (doubt they'd trade in the division, but who knows) would also be candidates.

6.) 06 Oct 2016 04:01:13
I'm not sure the original post suggests trading Dozier to the Jays. Not only that, the Jays wouldn't trade prospects when they have Devin Travis at 2nd.

7.) 06 Oct 2016 14:09:44
Good catch Minnow. It was a lengthy post, I overlooked it.

To be fair, that return doesn't bring back Santana, either.




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29 Sep 2016 15:47:32
Two trades I think the Twins should make.

1. Brian Dozier to St Louis for RHP Alex Reyes and C Carson Kelly. Luke Weaver and another top 7 St Louis prospect instead of Reyes would be OK.

2. Ervin Santana to Toronto for a combo of either RHP Sean Reid-Foley and C Max Pentecost or RHP TJ Zeuch and C Reese McGuire.


1.) 29 Sep 2016 20:11:58
Jays will already have;


No need to give up potential future players for a middling 33 yr old pitcher.

2.) 29 Sep 2016 21:16:30
Thats a huge over sell on Santana.



29 Sep 2016 05:09:54
So, the Twins have secured the no 1 pick in next years draft. And they have will have a new man in charge. I think the Twins should look to trade both Brian Dozier and Ervin Santana. I can't see the Twins competing over the next 2 years, so I think they should try to get as much for them as possible.

I think they both have high trade value, as Dozier has had a great year and is on a cheap contract. Santana good is SP in a week SP market.

Teams like Toronto, Baltimore, Texas, Houston, St Louis, and San Francisco could all use Santana. And teams like the Mets, Cubs, Dodgers, St Louis, and San Francisco could all use Dozier.

What do you think is a fair trade for them?


1.) 29 Sep 2016 13:14:18
Where exactly could the Cubs use Dozier? They have Russell, Zobrist, Baez, Bryant, Schwarber, Heyward, Contreras, Almora. No room there. I think the same can be said for San Francisco and the Dodgers.

2.) 29 Sep 2016 14:42:41
Unless Dozier is interested and/ or capable in playing in the outfield, San Francisco has no use for him.

Plus, I'd imagine the Twins would want a hefty premium for him, and rightly so. I don't see the Giants giving up the prospects when there are more pressing needs.

I agree that Minnesota would be wise to move Dozier, but the Giants and Cubs don't fit.

3.) 29 Sep 2016 16:14:58
Dodgers would definitely fit unless they have a nice young guy coming up to play 2nd base. Utley isn't getting any younger.




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10 Jun 2019 23:53:45
Why would Minnesota want Sandoval?




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26 Dec 2017 18:41:41
Twins trade 3 of their top 10 prospects for a catcher they don't really need? Not going to happen.




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27 Dec 2016 15:55:51
Replace Rosenthal with Weaver and I think the Twins would do that.




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27 Dec 2016 11:22:22
No way Minnesota does that deal.




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07 Dec 2016 17:44:44
Since when does a 33 years old, .264 career hitter have so much trade value?





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