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24 Dec 2018 21:03:51
Cubs looking to dump payroll in order to make a run at Harper.

What do you think it'd cost the Cubs for a team to take on Heyward's contract?

I think they'd have to be willing to put J. Baez or even Bryant in a deal for a team to take on Heyward's 5 year / 100+ mil contract.


1.) 25 Dec 2018 23:34:05
They could take on an equally horrible contract.

Something like Cueto for Heyward + a mid-level prospect. (Heyward’s contract is still larger than Cueto’s remaining)

2.) 01 Jan 2019 15:56:07
But what is SF's motivation to do this? Are they going to take on enough money to make it worth the Cubs' while? And if they do take on enough money for the Cubs to make a move for Harper, wouldn't it take more than a mid-level prospect for the Giants to do so? If the Giants want to build up their farm the best they can for a couple years and then try for a quick turn around given their spending capabilities, is Heyward for 5 (! ) years @ $20M+ really what you want? I'd rather just pay Cueto and Samardzija for the next 2-3 years when you maybe aren't contending than have to pay Heyward $22M when you think your window could be back open.



11 Dec 2018 20:39:41
Trade Rosario for Realmuto.
Sign Inglesias as stopgap to Gimenez.
Sign 2 relievers (at least 1 needs to be from list of Ottovino, Robertson, Familia, Miller, Soria, Herrera)
Sign Pollack if his price isn't too high....injuries worry me a bit

1. 3b - McNeil
2. CF - Pollock
3. RF - Conforto
4. 2b - Cano
5. C - Realmuto
6. LF - Nimmo
7. 1b - Frazier / Alonso
8. SS - Inglesias
9. P

Bench: Lagares, d'Arnaud, TJ Rivera, Gecchini

Starters: deGrom, Thor, Matz, Wheeler, Vargas

Pen: Diaz, (2 FA relievers), Lugo, Gsellman, Zamora, D. Smith


1.) 11 Dec 2018 21:17:24
Wait, Rosario for Realmuto straight up? In the same division?

Mets fans are officially off their rocker.

2.) 11 Dec 2018 21:34:22
IKR statbook, getting out of hand. its the Dipoto curse.



01 Dec 2018 20:39:04
If Mets are in win-now mode, they shouldn't half step.
They should go all in.
Though I doubt they will, The all in approach I suggest is as follows:

1. Complete Cano / Diaz trade

2. Go after Mike Trout built around a package of Thor and Conforto

3. Sign Evoldi to replace Thor

4. Sign Harper to upgrade from Conforto

5. Sign defensive catcher Maldonado

6. Sign 2 relievers: example Robertson and Miller
1. SS - Rosario
2. 3b - McNeil
3. CF - Trout
4. RF - Harper
5. 2b - Cano
6. 1b -Frazier / Alonso
7. LF - Nimmo
8. C - Maldonado

Starters: DeGrom, Wheeler, Matz, Evoldi, Vargas

Pen: Diaz, Robertson, Miller, Lugo, Gsellman, comp for last 2 spots


1.) 02 Dec 2018 05:06:25
This is probably the most unrealistic post I’ve ever seen in this site and that’s saying something.

2.) 02 Dec 2018 05:40:32
someone is delusional.

3.) 05 Dec 2018 17:40:29
I agree with a lot of this. That trade for Trout, however, is WAY off. What I would try to do is package Syndergaard and a prospect or two for Bryant. I feel like Syndergaard and Bryant are on the same level talent-wise, and have the same amount of control, but Bryant is an everyday player and has had some injury history. If they bring in Bryant, I think the Mets would become favorites to bring in Harper. That would solidify your outfield with him, Conforto and Nimmo. Mcneil, Cano, Rosario and either Frazier or Alonzo is your infield. You still need to do something at the catcher position, and that probably leaves them out on Grandal, but if they want to go ALL in, they could try for him as well.

4.) 05 Dec 2018 17:41:03
Do I think it happens? Absolutely not. But it is a plan that could work if the Wilpons weren't the owners.



20 Nov 2018 16:49:43
Trade and free agent sequence that helps in 2019 and give them a very exciting team in 2020

1. Lock up deGrom and Wheeler
2. Sign Evoldi or Corbin
3. Trade Syndergaard for Tatis Jr, Francisco Mejia and 2 pitching prospects from SD.
4. Flip Mejia and 1 of those Pitching prospects for Realmuto.
5. Sign 3 relievers like: Familia and Robertson and a loogy

2019 team
SS Rosario
2b McNeil
C Realmuto
LF Conforto
3b Frazier
RF Bruce
1b Flores / Alonso
CF Nimmo

Starters: deGrom, Wheeler, Evoldi / Corbin, Matz, Vargas

Pen: Familia, Robertson, Lugo, Gsellman, Swarzak, Loogy, young guys comp

2020 team
SS Rosario
2b McNeil
LF Cespedes
RF Conforto
C Realmuto
1b Alonso
CF Nimmo
3b Tatis Jr.

Starters: deGrom, Wheeler, Evoldi / Corbin, Matz, Propsect from SD / Dunn / other

Pen: Familia, Robertson, Lugo, Gsellman, Loogy, etc....


1.) 20 Nov 2018 18:27:25
The Marlins have been rather forthright about not being willing to trade Realmuto (or any of their guys) within the division.

2.) 20 Nov 2018 21:48:09
I'm sorry but Met's fans are delusional if they think that they are going to get that package from SD for Thor. The Padres are interested, yes, but at what expense. They aren't giving up the #2 prospect and top catching prospect in all of baseball on top of 2 top pitching prospects for a front end starter. If they trade tatis and mejia, that's 2 starters for the next 5 years. It makes no sense. If the mets ask for that, the padres move on easily.

3.) 21 Nov 2018 00:44:21
If Padres think they can get a controllable starter, who is arguablyba top 20 pitcher in the game, for anytging less than that, they are also delusional.

4.) 21 Nov 2018 01:58:38
Even if you took Tatis out of the deal the padres would still pass, Mejia and two pitching prospects, please. Keep trying Mets fans. Who wants a pitcher that can’t stay on the mound? That’s the only reason they’re trying to get rid of him.

5.) 22 Nov 2018 08:36:01
@thestatbook the padres wouldn’t even trade tatis for degrom. Funny how people are valuing a controllable starter that much over a top prospect at an elite position who is more controllable and younger.

6.) 22 Nov 2018 15:32:04
Chris Sale cost Yoan Moncada AND Michael Kopech

Jose Quintana cost Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease

Marco Gonzales (yes, him) even cost a top 100 prospect in Tyler O’Neill.

Syndergaard is much closer to Sale than he is Gonzales in talent and team control. Tatis plus, say, Paddack would be MORE than fair.

7.) 24 Nov 2018 03:40:30
You’re talking about sale to the Red Sox who needed a front line starter to compete for a championship. The padres aren’t there. Therefore they are not trading the #2 prospect and #26 prospect plus 2 pitching prospects who are most likely top 100 for a front line starter. If the Mets don’t like that then oh well no deal. They keep tatis and Mejia and let their pitching prospects develop.

Hedges and Margot and a couple pitching prospects like morejon and Baez seem more likely at this point.

8.) 24 Nov 2018 05:35:41
The Padres’ 2019 needs and outlook doesn’t have anything to do with Syndergaard’s value.

If the Padres aren’t willing to move those guys, fine. But the value is there and the Mets (who intend to try and compete next year) are only going to move him for an elite package.

That package will start with Tatis and include other names that Padres fans don’t want to hear.

9.) 24 Nov 2018 05:37:18
Think of it another way: Brad Hand, who pitches 60-80 innings a season, just returned Francisco Mejia.

Padres fans would be ignorant and dumb to think they can get Syndergaard, who is much more valuable for a package that isn’t much, much better than Hand got.



25 Jul 2018 22:10:26
If Mets want to revamp team and farm system they should do trades as follow

Trade 1 -
San Diego Padres: Noah Syndergaard

New York Mets: 2 or 3 of the following (depending whose in deal) - Fernando Tatis jr., Francisco Mejia, Luis Urias, Michel Baez, Adrian Morejon or Logan Allen

Trade 2 -
NYY: degrom

NYM: torres, florial, Sheffield or Abreu

Trade 3 -
Highest bidder - Zack Wheeler

Other trades -
See if you can get decent value for Cabrera and Flores

Whatever you can get for Joey Bats and Mesoraco


1.) 26 Jul 2018 02:14:13
Move off of the Yankees acquiring deGrom, they are not trading Torres and Sheffield.

2.) 26 Jul 2018 16:45:01
The Padres are not trading Tatis or Urias. Mejia is unlikely since they just got him. Baex, Morejon, or Allen makes sense. They also have plenty of good prospects to include. I think they could include Margot in a deal with how much depth they have in the outfield. Jankowski or Cordero could take over. Buddy reed not far off either.

3.) 28 Jul 2018 14:57:29
If the Mets could pull most of this off, they need to try. They can push for Tatis and Urias, although I don't know if they'd get both. For argument's sake, let's say they get Tatis, Margot and Baez or Morejon.

I don't think the Yankees are considering moving Torres, so you can replace him with someone else from the farm. possibly even getting Sanchez. Sanchez, Sheffield, Florial?

I think Wheeler will get you a legitimate prospect or two at this point. The Brewers have been rumored to be interested. Maybe Dubon and Diplan?

Cabrera has already brought back Kilome, who slots in as their #5 prospect.

Flores is an interesting play. He's got defensive versatility like Brock Holt has defensive versatility. meaning he can play just about anywhere at a mediocre level, but nowhere at a great level. He would be a great plug and play kind of guy for just about any contender. possibly the Dodgers who are missing Turner right now, or the Mariners who could use an upgrade on the right side of the infield.




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31 Dec 2018 16:46:28
Houston is said to have interest in Mets P Seth Lugo as a starter.

Not sure why Mets would do this unless they feel they can replace Lugo via free agency.

But - What do you think is a fair trade with Houston, keeoing in mind the Mets needs of CF, RP, SP and 3b?


1.) 31 Dec 2018 21:25:36
Lugo is 29 and has 4 years of team control remaining. I'm sure something revolving around Tony Kemp and Rogelio Armenteros would be pretty good.

2.) 24 Jan 2019 14:31:44
Lugo is a very solid, under the radar pitcher. as Thestatbook said, Armenteros would be a nice fit in a deal, but with the Mets crowded infield, I think that Tyler White (who can play a little bit of the outfield) would be a better fit.



23 Nov 2016 17:05:03
NY Mets 2017
Vs Righties
1. SS Cabrera
2. 3b Rivera
3. LF Cespedes
4. 1b Duda
5. 2b Walker
6. CF Grandy
7. RF Conforto
8. C d'Arnaud

Vs lefties
1. 3b Reyes
2. SS Cabrera
3. LF Cespedes
4. RF Pearce
5. 2b Walker
6. 1b Flores
7. CF Lagaras
8. C d'Arnaud

Lagares OF (all)
Pearce 1b / 2b / LF / RF
Reyes 3b / SS / 2b / LF
Flores IF (all)
R Rivera C

1. Thor
2. Degrom
3. Harvey
4. Matz
5. Gsellman / Wheeler

Holland / Feliz
Robles / Salas
Edjin / Logan.


1.) 23 Nov 2016 18:32:08
your point?



15 Jun 2016 23:17:34
NY Mets:
There are a lot of position players ailing
Sign Gourriel to play 3b (wright is done)
If walker is out for a while bring up Herrera
Loney is ok while Duda is out
D'Arnaud has to hit when he gets back
Bring up Nimmo to play LF (conforto needs to rest his wrist and deAza is atrocious.


1.) 16 Jun 2016 03:45:43
Gourriel would likely need some time in the minors to polish some things up.

2.) 10 Jul 2016 15:32:03
Wright isn't "done"



30 Dec 2015 14:16:09
Some low risk / High reward, out-of-the-box bullpen ideas:

1. Cliff Lee
2. Tim Lincicum
3. Brandon Morrow.


1.) 30 Dec 2015 17:26:47
Didn't Morrow resign with the Padres on a minor league deal?



11 Dec 2015 03:46:46
NY Mets

A perfect platoon CF for the Mets would be Corey Dickerson from Colorado (who say they want to trade a lefty batting OF) .

What do you think it would take for the Mets to give for Dickerson?





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11 Dec 2018 19:13:12
Simpler trade would be:
(other pieces may be involved)

Wheeler to Yanks

Andujar to Miami

Realmuto to Mets.




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11 Dec 2018 18:59:01
Simpler trade would be:
(other pieces may be involved)

Wheeler to Yanks

Andujar to Miami

Realmuto to Mets.




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01 Dec 2018 20:40:35
Arenado is a 1 year rental which decreases his trade value.




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24 Jul 2018 19:41:17
If torress is not in that deal I think you'd have to put andujar and dare I say maybe sanchez?

Yanks: get deGrom, Cabrera, Mesoroco

Mets get: Adujar, Sanchez, Florial, Frazier, Sheffield and Abreu.




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04 Jul 2018 16:52:02
I’d do all those trade except Thor.
I’d keep him because of his age and team control.
I’d look to trade wheeler if you can snag an ok return (obviously won’t be like thor) .

In the next few years you can have a rotation of
Thor, Matz, Adams, Sheffield, .

And young position players:
Florial, Nimmo, Conforto
Andjuar, Rosario, McNeil, Alonzo

That could be an exciting young team that could turn around Mets quickly.





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