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13 Feb 2017 03:57:50
Pirates trade: McCutchen

Jay's trade: Alford and Stroman

Jay's top outfield prospect until Guerrero Jr. Is ready and Stroman.

I realize the Pirates are asking a lot for McCutchen but nobody is biting. This is a realistic offer for him.

Jay's get the piece they need to make one last run at it.

Move Bautista to first for durability/ defensive reasons.

They are stretching out Biagini in the Spring to potentially start. If that doesn't work, he can go back to the Pen and the Jay's can grab a guy like fister.

Pierce/ Carrera/ Upton


Better lineup than last year with addition of McCutchen. Will still not have enough to get first in the east but good enough for wildcard.



1.) 13 Feb 2017 12:59:34
Since the Blue Jays are getting Bautista back and Mccutchen going to right, I don't see it happening.
The Blue Jays would not be willing to trade Stroman in my opinion.
And I see Mccutchen staying with Pittsburgh this year and then trading him at the deadline if they are out of it.

2.) 13 Feb 2017 19:11:18
McCutchen isn't going to bring back Stroman. The Blue Jays wouldn't even give him up for Blackmon.

3.) 13 Feb 2017 21:10:18
Cubbies I think he would bring back Stroman but the pirate's did say that they are getting back Vlad Jr. in any trade or it's a no go.

4.) 14 Feb 2017 04:03:43
Yep its a no go, Vlad Jr is going no where. The trade isn't bad i feel the Jays should stick with what they have now. Pompey is a real interesting guy and i feel he can factor into the LF equation. The only thing i could see is a 6th starter/ swing man or a AAAA spot starter continued to be added.

5.) 14 Feb 2017 04:06:40
Oh and sign Joe Blanton. How is this guys still on the market. Easy 7th/ 8th inning guy with Grilli.

6.) 15 Feb 2017 02:05:11
Wants to stay west coast on multi year but the dodgers won't give.



08 Nov 2016 18:36:04
Jays trade:


Cubs trade:


Jays get lefty first baseman

Cubs get Jays top outfield prospect and Good young pitcher.


1.) 08 Nov 2016 18:49:18
I could see it.

Although I would not consider Schwarber to be an outfielder. He needs to play DH and nothing else.

2.) 08 Nov 2016 18:58:25
Considering Schwarber has put in time at catcher, he could probably transition to first base. I like this proposal, but I doubt it ever happens.

3.) 08 Nov 2016 20:05:11
Yeah I was thinking DH/ First baseman maybe.

Your right though, He will go somewhere else before the Jays. Yankees more likely.

4.) 10 Nov 2016 01:29:43
Schwarber isn't going anywhere. They'll move him defensively to each hitters weakest hitting field if they have to.



31 Jul 2016 23:06:24
T. B trades:


To Jays for:

T. J Zeuch

I read an article on Sportsnet that T. B was scouting Hutchinson and Pompey so maybe a chance Jays get final 2 pieces they need to make a run.


1.) 01 Aug 2016 00:56:10
I would think Tampa would want some offense. Not much there.

2.) 01 Aug 2016 01:45:52
I heard the jays want odorizzi not moore injured to often. I agree with red Sox guy I would think rays would want tellez in the trade.

3.) 01 Aug 2016 02:12:00
good points. Moore would be cheaper though and that's the guy everyone is saying that would be traded.

Not sure Jays would want to trade Teller. Maybe through Alford in and take out Zeuch.

4.) 01 Aug 2016 05:00:40
This proposal is brutal.

5.) 01 Aug 2016 07:29:40
Far too light from Toronto's end.



23 Jul 2016 23:33:44
White Sox trade:


To Dodgers for:

De Leon


1.) 24 Jul 2016 00:59:27
Pretty decent, Minnow.

2.) 24 Jul 2016 02:46:46
I think sale is going to Texas.

3.) 24 Jul 2016 03:50:54
Its going to take at least
Plus other prospects from the dodgers.

4.) 24 Jul 2016 13:26:36
I just want him our of the AL and especially not on the BoSox who probably have the right pieces for him.
If Tex won't give up Mazara, They won't get it done. Profar will be good. Gallo not so sure, HR strike out kings are risky.



23 Jul 2016 15:08:47
Jays and O's Discussing trade for Cashier/ Upton

Not sure who has the advantage but I think the Jays could Offer

Hutchinson ( Some still believes he has a future)
Carrera ( cheap replacement for Upton, decent)
Prospects Reid-Foley, DJ Davis and Justin Maese.


1.) 23 Jul 2016 15:46:53
Not Reid foley.

2.) 23 Jul 2016 16:06:18
I'm hearing Harris and Greene are the pitching prospects that they want to hold onto now.

3.) 23 Jul 2016 16:32:12
NOT Reid Foley. He could probably come up and do better than Cashner.

4.) 23 Jul 2016 16:56:32
I'm not a huge fan of Cashner myself and he might get eaten up in the AL East but he does have quality stuff, just lacks consistency. It would be tough playing on a awful team for awhile. Maybe a change in scenery might help.

In no way is Reid-Foley ready for the bigs yet.
Not sure what Upton's trade value is. Couple prospects I'm assuming.

5.) 23 Jul 2016 17:12:59
San Diego would probably take on the majority of Upton's contract to get a better prospect in return.

I strongly doubt Hutchison has much, if any value at this point.

Of your options, Reid-Foley, and others, seems more realistic.

6.) 23 Jul 2016 18:46:12
Jays don't care about the money Jerk. They have a ton of it.

7.) 23 Jul 2016 21:52:12
It's not so much what Toronto can do as much as what would maximize San Diego's return if they took on most of Upton's contract.

Think about it, if the Blue Jays were to move a high contract player, and they had the option of freeing up salary and getting lesser prospects or taking on salary and getting better prospects, which would you want them to do?

Obviously the second option is better. San Diego knows that as well.

8.) 24 Jul 2016 00:40:05
I think that's what I'm saying. Jays don't have the enough quality prospects to give up but have lots of money. SD could eat as much salary as they want but that won't intice the Jays to give better prospects because they don't have them. Cash they do. That's probably the only way they get a quality guy or two at the deadline.

I understand what SD's objective is as a rebuilding team.

I'm suprised Kemp's name is not popping up as much I'd SD would eat some of his contract. He's putting up good numbers and is not as bad as what you guys think.

9.) 24 Jul 2016 02:42:26
It seems we're saying the same thing. So we're in agreement.

I don't see the Blue Jays landing an outfielder unless they can get one that is moved for salary relief.

10.) 24 Jul 2016 03:49:44
yes, I agree.

11.) 24 Jul 2016 06:51:12
But we'll continue to disagree on Kemp.

There is not an advanced statistic that suggests he is a good player anymore. And if we start talking defensively, he's almost useless. That any team would even want him at this point baffles me.

12.) 24 Jul 2016 12:53:28
He has value and a good bat. A few teams right now could use him if SD would eat some of his contract which they would.
22 HR 68 RBI .265 .500 slugging in less than 100 games playing in SD is pretty decent. That's a bad lineup.

Also he has been very healthy and consistent over his career. Some value there. I'm not saying he's Mike Trout, just not sure why his name hasn't popped up a little more.

13.) 24 Jul 2016 13:42:46
He's barely above average in wRC+ (102), he doesn't get on base outside of getting hits. His wOBA is atrocious.

His plate discipline is at the worst it's probably ever been. He swings at 55% of all pitches, and 41% of pitches outside the zone, but is also low on outside contact. His plate discipline is among the worst in baseball.

His standard numbers (HR, RBI, AVG) don't tell us very much. His peripherals and his sabermetrics suggest what I've been saying: he's awful.

14.) 24 Jul 2016 14:01:10
OK OK let's not get on the Kemp thing again. I know what your saying. But he is a proven run producer and will be a 30/ 100 guy again on a bad team. Maybe DH on an AL team with SD eating half his contract.

15.) 24 Jul 2016 21:18:36
You know what I'm saying, and then you conveniently ignore it.

He has a 102 wRC+, in other words, he's league average in run production.

You want us to drop it, quit calling him a good player.




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20 Nov 2016 01:03:03
with the news the White Sox are cleaning house. Do you think the Jays should go after Melky Cabrera?

He is still very productive, switch hitter and not to worried about his defence with Pillar in center.

He shouldn't cost too much with only one year left on his contract.

Any opinions?


1.) 20 Nov 2016 21:48:58
Personally I think they should go after his teammate Adam Eaton.

2.) 20 Nov 2016 22:41:03
I agree like most others. Eaton will cost some prospects that I don't think the Jays want to give up though. So I'm trying to be realistic on what will help them next year that won't cost alot.
If Jays want Eaton, the Sox want Stroman +.

3.) 21 Nov 2016 02:12:00
LOL Eaton is not worth Stro plus.

4.) 21 Nov 2016 06:37:54
Sox don't need to trade Eaton. They would have all the leverage in that trade. Jays would add a prospect with Stroman.

5.) 21 Nov 2016 08:43:16
No they wouldn't. If the Sox want Stroman for Eaton then the Jays can just look to another team for an outfielder and not be stupid and trade away their ace.

6.) 21 Nov 2016 11:03:17
Stroman is not the Jays Ace. lol.

Sanchez is the Ace then Happ and Estrada.

I'm telling you if the Jays want a young controllable outfielder that especially bats left and will lead off- Stroman will be part of the deal.

7.) 21 Nov 2016 13:41:25
a controllable outfielder worth 9.7 war over past 2 seasons is worth more than stroman. considerably more.

8.) 21 Nov 2016 18:46:01
baseballfanatic-are you Jerk?

Haven't heard from him in awhile.

9.) 21 Nov 2016 20:30:55
Well, he is probably worth Stroman+ but I don't the Jays would part ways with Stroman for Eaton.

10.) 21 Nov 2016 23:04:37
im not the jerk. don't know him. i saw one post of his when i first joined, not a very nice guy.



05 Nov 2016 19:28:09
If the Jays were going to start to get younger, as many people are suggesting. Shapiro and Atkins starting their own blueprint sort of speak.

Would it make sense to trade Donaldson now?

He is 30, and is value has never been and will probably will never be higher. He will make 17mil next year and Arb4 in 2018.

I thought maybe they could swing a trade with the Dodgers.

How many elite prospects would the Dodgers have to give up to get him?

Jays would like Bellinger-Urias and maybe Puig.

Would this be close to the asking price. I know a lot of Jays fans on this site might rip me apart for even suggesting trading Donaldson, but it kind of makes sense to me.

Let me know what you think?


1.) 05 Nov 2016 21:12:57
Donaldson is the face of the franchise. They won't trade him. He is to me the Jaromir Jagr of baseball. He keeps getting older but he keeps playing and means a lot to his team.

2.) 05 Nov 2016 21:29:42
A few problems with trading Donaldson now:

1. It's all dependent on Justin Turner. No one is going to trade for him until Turner signs. It's also dependent on who the Blue Jays sign.

2. There aren't a ton of teams in need of 3B, and even still, not many who would pay a premium for Donaldson.

3. Why trade away your only legitimate power guy on the lineup now? The window is so small for Toronto, and to trade Donaldson, you may as well rebuild.

Keep in mind, age is not on Donaldson's side. Teams will be hesitant to extend a guy who'll enter his non-control years at 33.

3.) 05 Nov 2016 23:59:07
That comparison to Jagr is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Jagr is 15 years older, plays a different sport, and was good as soon as he came into the league.

4.) 06 Nov 2016 00:48:07
All good points.

As far as your third point, I guess that's what I'm kind of suggesting. Not a complete tear down rebuild but trade for some ready now players.

That's why I suggested the Dodgers and those players. (not saying LA would even go for that) but they were one of the teams that could use him and he could be the guy to help them get past the Cubs etc.

Jays do have a small window but it will probably be even harder to make the post season next year. Jays Vets are still good but fragile and a good chance their older starting pitchers take a small step back.

Jays young core of Sanchez-Stroman-Osuna and Travis is a good foundation.

Trading Donaldson now, could add a couple more ready now young guys and with a few guys in the minors like Alford-Guerrero Jr-Urena etc. The future looks bright.

I know I flip flopped from my previous post, but I think I'm being a little more realistic now with my expectations for next year.

If the Jays don't spend money this off season- you might as well call it the start of a rebuild.

5.) 06 Nov 2016 00:53:32
Bradley I think you understood his point.

And yes he is the face of the franchise for now. Maybe Sanchez already but EE could have continued to be and possible the next Retired number for the Jays if The Jays were willing to break the bank for him.

6.) 06 Nov 2016 03:03:03
Id personally try to lock up Donaldson this offseason. I feel that because he was a late bloomer and at how hard he works he could be productive late in his career.

I feel that if we can't lock him up the time to trade him is during next offseason or the 2018 trade deadline (this is only of the Jays are out of it and don't see a future with him) because that is when teams are gunna pay the premium for him to get them over the top.

I don't think the Jays have a small window to win because of their young rotation core. This offseason will make or break them.

7.) 06 Nov 2016 03:03:35
Partial rebuilds almost never work.

Toronto doesn't have the depth to pull off a partial rebuild. If you trade Donaldson, there's zero reason to bring back Encarnacion or Bautista, so who do you have left? Tulo? Even if you bring back one of those guys, it's not enough.

If you are going to trade away your only legitimate power guy, you might as well finish the task.

8.) 06 Nov 2016 05:46:46
Zammer, teams aren't going to pay premiums for aging infielders. There's zero precedence for suggesting they would.

And their window is small. They have 2 controllable starters (Stroman and Sanchez), and who knows how well their health will fare. The Mets are proof of why building your core around pitching will fail.

Their offense as it is now is Donaldson, Tulo, and a punchless lineup. Both of those guys have primes well behind them and play positions that have steep aging curves.

I'd say they have one, maybe two years to compete with what they have.

9.) 06 Nov 2016 13:05:19
I don't think the time is right for them to trade Donaldson right now. If they are still trying to contend they will need his power bat to help them keep pace with the other teams, but if this next season isn't a good one for the Blue Jays, then next offseason trade him.



04 Nov 2016 19:29:58
I'm going to propose a trade but I really don't know if I'm close to having it balanced or not.

First off, I only think the Jays will go the trade route because their will be a lot of competition for areas that they are in need of. Guys like Fowler, Reddick, Morales etc. And the bullpen people they need.

Jays send Reid-Foley and Alford (#2 and #3 prospect to

KC for Jarrod Dyson and Eric Hosmer. Both of these guys are FA's after 2017 and I don't think KC has enough to compete next year so they might try and start a bit of a rebuild.

Both would really fill a couple of the holes that the Jays have. two lefties, Hosmer being a decent first baseman and Dyson playing right or left field and the Jays new leadoff guy.

If the Jays could resign them, that would be a bonus.

The Jays window to win is really small now but do still believe they have the pieces and starting pitching to compete for the next couple years.

Let me know if I'm anywhere close on this or if it's just a bad idea?


1.) 04 Nov 2016 19:58:11
Either you think very low of Eric Hosmer, or much too highly of Reid-Foley and Alford.

There's not a snowball's chance in hell Kansas City even considers such a deal.

2.) 04 Nov 2016 20:12:47
Hosmer is a very good player and I did think it might take a little more but KC will probably lose him at the end of the year so I do say it gets traded either before the year starts or more likely at the trade deadline.

What do you think it would take then Jerk?

3.) 04 Nov 2016 20:23:20
Hosmer is one of the hearts and souls of that team. It would very hard for the Royals to give him up, but I like the thought.

4.) 04 Nov 2016 22:00:06
I would imagine the Royals would demand someone like Aaron Sanchez for him.

5.) 04 Nov 2016 22:21:30
they wouldn't dare!



18 Oct 2016 04:57:02
well my Jays need a miracle. Great managing by Franconia tonight. Jays bats disappearing and Clevelands pitchers stepping up.


1.) 18 Oct 2016 17:19:40
They should really stop trying to hit a home run every plate appearance, that is there problem.

2.) 18 Oct 2016 20:11:26
agreed. that's what they do though.

I think you'll see a different philosophy next year with more contact/ less power guys. Seems to work.

3.) 19 Oct 2016 00:04:04
Minnow, curious what you think personally i think they should QO Bautista and EE and Sign Mike Napoli, and sign a guy like Reddick.
Napoli hits really well in Toronto and is a cheap alternative to EE, Reddick adds a younger replacement for Bautista plus it adds a lefty bat to a righty heavy lineup.

4.) 19 Oct 2016 18:45:17
They will absolutely make qualifying offers and both will reject and test the open market as they should.

I believe the Jays and most fans hope JB moves on and EE sticks around for a few more years as a DH/ First baseman.

A few more contact guys and less power hitters would be nice. Let's face it, If it wasn't for the Jays pitching this year, they wouldn't have even made the playoffs.

I think you might see a couple trades in the off season with the focus being on lefty bats.

I would like them to make a push for Votto and one good outfielder that hits for average and some power.

Napoli would not be the right fit for the Jays. He is just another power bat that hits for low average. And he hits right.

Reddick might be a good addition though.

5.) 19 Oct 2016 20:54:58
They did have a problem having so many righty power hitters this year, and if they could get napoli on a short term deal itd be a good replacement. Not to mention the jays are too cheap to trade for votto.

6.) 19 Oct 2016 22:18:37
what do you mean to cheap?

7.) 19 Oct 2016 23:12:01
I mean Vottos contract is absolutely insanely huge for a guy who isn't really a power hitter. I doubt any team would do a deal unless the Reds take on some money which would mean more prospects.

8.) 20 Oct 2016 01:02:21
No Sabermetric focused team cares about what position gives them power. This idea that a first baseman has to have huge power is so false.

The guy has a career .410 wOBA and 157 wRC+, that's among the best in all of baseball.

If Votto agrees to waive his NTC, teams will go crazy for a guy like Votto.

9.) 20 Oct 2016 04:10:56
I don't think the Jays would be too worried about Votto's contract. Reds would have to take on Salary with almost every team interested but they wouldn't be dumb enough to give him away without getting a valuable piece or two for the future.

I do think you will see him on a different team next year. Maybe before the season or at trade deadline.

10.) 20 Oct 2016 06:38:26
I think they'll insist on taking on a portion of his contract just to get better prospects.

11.) 20 Oct 2016 15:53:26
Maybe 5 mil a year I'm thinking.

12.) 20 Oct 2016 16:32:27
I would guess closer to 8–10 range, and maybe drop to 5M after a few years. He's signed through 2024, which is his age 40 season.

There's a big part of me that doubts he'll ever waive his NTC. He supposedly loves Cincinnati and doesn't want to leave.



05 Oct 2016 05:27:12
I wanted to reserve my predictions until I knew the Jays were through Wildcard game. I'm a Little superstitious. Awesome game against the O's! Couldn't get two more evenly matched teams.

On to my predictions. for the record, I don't usually have to much success predicting mlb playoffs but I'll give it a shot.

I think SF will Win WC game Tomorrow on the road. Bumgarner out pitches Synderquard. Close game.

Cubs will be too much for the Giants. 3-1
Dodgers over Nats 3-2

Cubs over Dodgers 4-1

I'm going to pick my Jays over Texas in 5. I'm hoping they can ride the wave after that big win over O's.
They Could win because of their starters but will have to get creative in the bullpen, especially with the potential loss of Osuna.
Tex- very tough team. Good all around with no glaring weakness. Should be a great series.

Boston over Cleveland 3-1. Might be different if the Tribe were healthy but their Starting pitching has taken a hit.

Going to predict Boston to win in 7 over Jays.
A little too much fire power. Jays might be in trouble in the pen, And Gibbons really worries me. A good manager could be the difference, although Farrel ain't any good himself.

Cubs beat Sox in the WS. Starting pitching is the difference and Bosox Bullpen is suspect. I say they win 7 to break the curse.


1.) 05 Oct 2016 13:00:59
Everything is good except one thing I don't think the Blue Jays could beat the Rangers but you may be right about the Red Sox going for the American League.

2.) 05 Oct 2016 20:26:25
Tough call. Texas is very balanced. They did play in a much easier division than the AL East. So I'm hoping this helps the Jays who might be a bit more battle tested. Either way, should be a great series I hope.

3.) 05 Oct 2016 23:21:53
I know Synderguard should be Syndergaard but Synderquard doesn't sound too bad.

4.) 06 Oct 2016 00:28:57
Yeah my bad. lazy.




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07 Jun 2017 02:26:08
If any jays starter gets traded from the Jays, it won't be Stroman or Sanchez. Estrada and Happ might be up for grabs though if Jays fall farther back.




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07 Jun 2017 02:21:16
Jays need all the pitching helpvthey can right now with their injuries. They have a little more flexibility in the outfield. We will see what direction the Jays go from now until the all star break.




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26 May 2017 02:29:21
I like!




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23 Apr 2017 13:08:36
Nobody wants Tulo's contract. Still one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball and a true team leader but the Jays would have to eat much of his salary to unload him.




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23 Apr 2017 13:05:58
Why would jays do this?

Cain is a good player but he's a free agent after this year. Tellez will be the Jays future first baseman in almost everybody's eyes.

It looks like the Jays run is over so expect some trades for younger pieces this year not free agents.





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