25 Oct 2020 03:36:11
White Sox/Mets/Pirates

Last shot.

White Sox Get:

Brandon Nimmo OF

Mets Get:

Joe Musgrove RHP, Adam Engel OF, Zack Burdi RHP

Pirates Get:

Jonathan Stiever RHP, Micker Adolfo OF, Matthew Allan RHP, Shervyen Newton SS

1.) 25 Oct 2020
25 Oct 2020 12:14:53
In this trade, I don’t think the Sox even need to give up another significant prospect. They could add a couple guys like Matt Foster and Yermin Mercedes and the Pirates walk away with six young players to develop.

I still think the Pirates could get a much better trade for Musgrove elsewhere, but it’s obvious the White Sox need to add.

The Pirates have no use for Micker Adolfo (who is out of options) and the Sox are freeloading on this one.

2.) 25 Oct 2020
25 Oct 2020 17:51:07
Eh, I'd say Adolfo could get some some ABs in one of the corner OF spots against LHP at the very least. We're talking about displacing Jose Osuna and Anthony Alford and the Pirates after all. Both of those guys haven't been good in substantial sample sizes. If there's a DH, they there would definitely be a use for Pittsburgh, but in that case, maybe Mercedes is the more secure bat.

I think the key now would be to get BVW to part with Allan. After this deal they could go after Springer, or Realmuto and use Engel as a CF platoon (JBJ would be a good partner), plus another FA starter. That would give the Mets a legit shot at the postseason in 2021 imo.

To me, Pittsburgh should take this. With only 2 years of control and an 8-start sample kind of sweeting our impression of Musgrove, one really good pitching prospect and a solid one plus 2 upside, high risk PP prospects is not a bad haul.

I think each team improves, and I'm not sure the Sox would trade 6 for one, especially when all 6 are 40-man guys. If the Sox included Foster instead of Burdi, maybe they could get NY to include a better last piece than Newton.

3.) 03 Nov 2020
03 Nov 2020 16:57:48
I think the Giants will acquire Luis Robert for Chris Shaw, Luis Basabe, and Andrew Suarez.

Sounds ridiculous?

Now re-read the return the White Sox are giving up for Brandon Nimmo. Mine MIGHT be better.