14 Mar 2022 12:23:10
Giants remaining moves:

-Sign Richard Rodriguez, 1/5.5M
-Sign Danny Duffy 1/$6M (with an $8M 2023 option, $500K buyout)
-Acquire OF Brent Rooker from Minnesota for 1B/3B Luis Toribio

2B- La Stella
1B- Belt
SS- Crawford
LF- Wade/Rooker
DH- Ruf
3B- Longoria
RF- Yastrzemski/Slater
CF- Duggar/Slater
C- Bart/Casali

C- Bart/Casali
INF- Flores
OF- Slater
OF- Rooker


-Doval (R)
-Rodriguez (R)
-McGee (L)
-Rogers (R)
-Leone (R)
-Alvarez (L)
-Garcia (L)
-Littell (R)
-Carlos Martinez (R)

Note: Danny Duffy starts the season on the IL.

1.) 14 Mar 2022
14 Mar 2022 13:06:07
On a second look, there are 27 guys on this roster. Until we know for sure if there will be expanded rosters to start the year, I guess Zack Littell starts in the minors.

2.) 05 Apr 2022
05 Apr 2022 18:15:40
Kind of ironic you bringing up White Sox injuries when your 1, 4, and 6 hitters here are on the shelf, Nathan.

3.) 06 Apr 2022
06 Apr 2022 14:01:51
Well, if all else fails, I can pull the old "bUt ThE iNjUrIeS" excuse like White Sox fans did last year (and likely will this year) .

But hey, look at your team, they are going to have Vince Velasquez start games. Good thing you've got that deep bullpen and offense. 8-0 deficits after the 3rd inning may be tough to overcome.

Wade will be back in the lineup as early as next week, and La Stella as well (he may be okay for Opening Day, at least off the bench) . And in the meantime, the Giants run Estrada/ Flores in the infield and Joc Pederson as Slater's platoon partner? That's not a bad thing.

This is what you get when you build tremendous depth all around the field.

Meanwhile, the White Sox's depth includes Vince Velasquez and Dallas Keuchel in the starting rotation and Kyle Crick in the bullpen LOL.

But I look forward to the excuses when you're using Reese "Choking the Chicken" McGuire as the starting catcher by mid-May.

The Twins and Tigers got better. The White Sox have Vince Velasquez as a starting pitcher. Should be comical to watch.

4.) 06 Apr 2022
06 Apr 2022 14:23:58
While we're at it, if there's ever been a fit for the White Sox, Kyle Crick is it.

Losing your season because you broke your hand fighting a teammate? Between him and Tim Anderson's violence issues, Reese McGuire's perversion, and Tony La Russa's substance-abuse issues, the White Sox sure do know how to pick 'em.

5.) 06 Apr 2022
06 Apr 2022 16:55:51
The National League is terrified of the Giants infield of Flores, Crawford, Estrada and Belt.

6.) 06 Apr 2022
06 Apr 2022 21:36:07
LOL. That group hit a combined 135 wRC+ and .371 wOBA, along with 78 HR (19 per hitter) on an .874 OPS.

So yeah, they probably should be. Because that's really damn good.