29 Jul 2023 05:19:48
Yankees / Padres

Juan Soto OF
Nick Martinez RP

Everson Pereira OF
Oswald Peraza INF
Drew Thorpe RHP
Chase Hampton RHP.

1.) 29 Jul 2023
29 Jul 2023 22:04:40
Good lord this is hilariously bad. I can't even express how quickly the Padres would say no to this.

2.) 30 Jul 2023
30 Jul 2023 03:19:43
Thorpe and Hampton are sky rocketing up rankings boards. Pereira is having an unbelievable year. Peraza was a top 50 prospect before the Yankees inept management.

With that being said, would make more sense for Padres to just resign him. But if they don’t/ can’t….

3.) 30 Jul 2023
30 Jul 2023 03:28:48
“I don’t think this offer from the Yankees would be enough to get Soto from the Padres. Yankees would have to include (names) and add (players) to make it closer”.

You see how this site can be used to have a constructive conversation and give actual valuable input. That’s the point of this site. You should try that and we may see some more people actually post.