15 Jan 2019 19:44:26
Giants remaining offseason:
C-Caleb Joseph-1 yr
OF-Aristides Aquino-4yr(milb)
OF-Adam Jones-1 yr
2B-Josh Harrison-2 yr
P/3B-Matt Davidson(2nd 2-way player) 1yr
Joe Panik to Pittsburgh(Adam Frazier moves back to OF) for milb Domingo Robles and Ji-Hwan Bae
Belt to Rays for Lucius Fox

Pablo Sandoval also transitions to being a 2-way player

1B- Shaw
2B- Harrison
3B- Longoria



Aquino/Ferguson/Gerber milb/mlb

Feel free to give feedback, I have no idea what direction Farhan Zaidi is going with this team, so I am just experimenting and filling holes, mostly outfield, and making this team younger and more functional

1.) 15 Jan 2019
15 Jan 2019 20:03:17
Bryvic Valera and Abiatal Avelino are both up and down from big leagues as well.

2.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 11:16:57
As a Rays fan, I love Belt, but am also aware of concussion/ injury issues and his contract would be a little bit of an impediment, but I think they could afford him. Would be kind of funny to see Fox go back to the Giants. I wonder if the Rays would try and expand the deal to include Will Smith. They are still looking for a veteran arm in the back of the pen to accrue saves.

3.) 19 Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 19:10:10
Belt didn't have any concussion issues in 2018. I think the "issue" has been vastly overstated.

Belt's issue, playing wise, will be his streakiness. When he's hitting, he's one of the best players in the game. But when he's not hitting, he's one of the worst. His splits every year are comically across the map.

But I'm not sure there's a player in baseball more hurt by his own ballpark than Belt. Most scouts believe he has 30-40 home run capabilities, and it'd be interesting to see what would happen in a more hitting friendly environment.

That said, I believe they'll get more than Lucius Fox for him. Quite a bit more, in fact.

4.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 08:36:01
Well, Belt has had 4 concussions in 8 years, so some might consider that to be a potential "issue" as the longterm effects of concussions are still somewhat unknown.

While Belt did not have a concussion in 2018, he did have season ending knee surgery. That won't "kill" his value but it should have an effect.

Totally agree about the park, however, Belt has surprisingly posted a higher wOBA at home in his career, so it's not entirely a park issue. However, players do typically perform better at home sometimes for less quantifiable reasons.

Again, we agree, it would probably take more than Fox. I don't think it'll be "too" much more, maybe another 45 FV prospect?

5.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 13:33:18
Depends on how much the Giants cover. My guess is Zaidi will leverage their ability to spend to draw better talent from the acquiring team.

6.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 13:41:46
The knee surgery Belt had was not much different than the surgeries we see guys like Bregman have every offseason. Only difference is the timing. The Giants had him get the operation because his season was over. If they were still in the hunt, Belt would have waited like any of these players.

This is what I mean by his “issues” are overstated. Without any context, they look bad.

7.) 20 Jan 2019
20 Jan 2019 22:35:06
Belt is streaky and gets more freak in baseball related injuries then more people I’ve ever seen, and is hurt a lot by the shift, but brings elite defense and puts a 5 year block in the Rays first base him so they won’t have to worry about him. Rays need a 1st baseman pretty bad and him playing at the Trop could 100% turn his career around, a new stadium could boost his homer in total to maybe 28-35.

8.) 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019 02:33:20
Yeah, Belt's defense is a pretty big factor for his value. Since 2016, he leads all 1B in almost every defensive metric, by a pretty good margin.

As far as the shift goes, he's not hurt that much. Since 2017, he hits .309 against the shift. He's fine.