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04 Nov 2019 06:42:58
Padres Trade: SP Adrian morejon, 1b/Of/Dh Josh Naylor, and SS Gabriel Arias
Cleveland trade: SP Corey Kluber
Kluber missed the whole year and is a year older plus Cle wants to lower salary.

Padre Trade: C Austin Hedges, OF/1B Wil Myers + $10 mil, and SP Ryan Weathers
Pitt trade: OF Starling Marte
Pitt gets a elite defensive catcher that if he figures out how to hit could be a all star, and stud starting pitcher that's a couple years away, and Change of scenery type player in Myers plus $10 mil to offset some of his high salary.

Free agency: Sign SP Stephen Strasburg 5yr/$150 mil
No brainer here Stras comes back home to help win a title for SD.


1.) 04 Nov 2019 18:17:02
That's a really bad return for Marte.

1. You can find a defensive catcher at every corner in baseball, and for almost nothing in terms of salary.

2. Myers is still owed 68M. He's not worth 58M, and thus, it would take a significant chunk of change to move him (or prospect capital)

3. Ryan Weathers is the only desirable player going back to Pittsburgh.

The Padres have a lot of players in their farm system. They won't get away with low-balling folks this winter.



13 Sep 2019 06:10:30
As a pads fan we need to establish some sort of consistency in the middle of the lineup from the left side of the plate so here goes and tell me what you guys think:

Pads receive: SS Francisco Lindor

Indians receive: SS/2B Luis Urias, SS CJ Abrams, and SP Adrian Morejon.

I know pads already have tatis at short but I know they can figure out where to play who whether it be putting lindor or tatis at 2b. They got to figure it out and make some moves because they aren't looking too promising for a 2020 contention that was promised to the fans.


1.) 17 Sep 2019 16:34:54
I'm about 105% sure that the Indians would want Tatis if they are giving up Lindor.

2.) 19 Sep 2019 17:45:55
You’re ridiculous there’s no way in heck they’d have to give up tatis, they’d be lucky to get that package, I was honestly going above what the padres would give. Lindor will be traded because they don’t want to pay, and won’t pay. So to get 3 guys in the top 50 would be a complete overpay.

3.) 26 Sep 2019 03:23:39
Well, I tried to find the most ridiculous trade return it would take to get Lindor.

The Indians wouldn't trade him for anything short of verifiable superstars, all with 5+ years of control remaining, and probably 3 of them.

It's a ridiculous conversation I'm ashamed I'm even wasting my time on.

4.) 26 Sep 2019 23:22:19
Well i will def remind you of this convo when he gets traded at the winter meetings for lesser than what I’ve proposed.

5.) 30 Sep 2019 03:21:03
Okay, since you're doubling down with nonsense, let's answer this with some objectivity.

Lindor isn't even 26 yet. He's been worth 27 wins in his career. He's the cornerstone of the Indians' organization. He's 5th since 2016 in WAR. He also has two years of control remaining, and he'll be 27 when he walks into free agency. So he's still incredibly young.

It's already incredibly rare that a player of Lindor's status and talent is traded.

But's say he is, what would you think is a fair return for a guy like Lindor?

I'll tell you what is NOT a fair return: a post-prospect with over 300 career PAs and a wRC+ of 80. Urias isn't terrible, but the Indians likely want someone with significantly more upside than Urias for a guy who ranks as a top 10 hitter over the past 4 seasons.

So, who would it take?

Well, this was a tough one to gauge, because, again, we rarely see players like this traded. Chris Sale comes to mind, but he was a pitcher, so teams are far less willing to assume the risk.

However, with Sale, the #1 prospect, and a top pitching prospect.

With Lindor, his return would likely surpass that, as the risk is far less, and the deviance from his statistical norms is far less. So we have to consider a trade that is a grade above the Sale trade.

The Indians also wouldn't want to lose their window of competitiveness. Trading Lindor because they don't want to pay means they want someone who can contribute immediately. And someone who carries very little risk. That won't be Urias, who can't hit his way of a paper bag in the majors. It's not Trammell, and the Padres don't have anyone else at the top of their list that's MLB ready.

Tatis would certainly have to be the guy. And even then, it won't be Tatis on his own. I'd imagine something like Tatis, Hudson Potts, and Luis Patino.

That's absurd, but you're asking for a generational talent. It's going to cost something absolutely absurd.

6.) 01 Oct 2019 04:07:14
Ok. so Lindor has 2 years of control left. He made 10.8 mil this year and is expected to double to about 20 mil in 2020 and who knows what in 2021 (maybe 25mil) my point here is that ownership DOES NOT want to pay him that much and has said that they won’t . so he will be traded that’s almost a certainty.

So let’s move on to Chris Sale since you brought him up. When Sale was traded he had 3 YEARS LEFT of club options worth a TOTAL of 38 mil. Once again when Boston acquired him he had 3yr/ 38 mil. For a top flight ace at the time that’s absolutely a bargain. So yes, Boston would have to give an arm and a leg. Not for Lindor who’s owed roughly 45 mil for only 2 years for a team who doesn’t want to pay him that.

Just saying.

7.) 01 Oct 2019 13:40:01
2 years of Lindor, a top 10 hitter, is far less of a risk for a team than 3 of a pitcher.

You're talking something equivalent, if not more, just based on the premium position (SS), the fact that there's far less risk, and the age. Sale was 2 years older than Lindor when he was traded.

The Indians won't be giving away Lindor, and to use a refrain I commonly use on this site, if the cost for Lindor is what you're saying, I guarantee you, all other 29 teams would be interested and willing to pay that price.

Needless to say, the Padres aren't aquiring Lindor without including Tatis. Move along now.

8.) 01 Oct 2019 17:20:50
My question to you is why in the world would the padres give up tatis, a player that might already be better than Lindor for Lindor lol. makes no sense. My idea was hey if you can add to your already good infield why not.

So if the Yankees wanted Lindor which I bet you they’re going to be interested, you’re going to sit there and tell me they’d have to give Torres for him!? Yankees would laugh in their faces. Be realistic bro.

9.) 01 Oct 2019 18:01:55
The Padres obviously won't give up Tatis.

And no, in literally no world is Tatis currently better than Lindor. Don't even try to justify it, because I will destroy you in an argument. At this point, you're being a homer, and you're embarrassing yourself.

The last time a team traded away a guy who was top 10 in WAR over a 4 year span, again, was Chris Sale. And that trade included the #1 prospect in baseball, as well as a few other really good pieces (Kopech, for one) .

Neither the Padres nor the Yankees have a guy like Moncada in their farm right now. Those guys are both on their MLB rosters (Tatis and Torres) . The Indians aren't going to take a high-risk guy who has struggled in a pretty high amount of PA's (Urias) for Lindor.

So who would you think they'd realistically take? And again, Lindor is going to command MORE than Sale, due to position, risk factor, and age.

10.) 01 Oct 2019 18:12:09
Or, let me put it this way, let's say in a few years, Fernando Tatis is as good or better than Lindor. For the purposes of this thought experiment, let's say he's exactly the same: 27.0 WAR, similar hitting stats, all that jazz. He's also two years away from free agency, and roughly the same age (Tatis is a full year younger than Lindor) .

If a team came and offered a package led by the following stat line, would you say yes?

.221/ .318/ .331, 6 HR, 1 SB, 79 wRC+ with 302 plate appearances (about a half a season)?

Keep in mind, he's the BEST player you're getting in return for your verifiable super star player. Would you say yes?

Of course you don't. There's zero reason to, and if that's the best you were offered for Tatis, you'd decide you're better off holding on to him and paying him.

You don't think that if Lindor were made available, that the Dodgers wouldn't offer Gavin Lux + Dustin May for him? Most MLB teams would gladly trade young stars from their MLB roster for him.

All of this is to day: your proposal is among the silliest I've ever seen on here. It's not even remotely close to what the Indians would ask or get for him and you should probably be more worried about Tatis' regression next season than this fairytale proposal.

11.) 02 Oct 2019 00:49:13
I think your out of you’re mind if you’re going to say that the dodgers would give up May and lux for Lindor. It’s alright if you don’t like urias that’s all good but he doesn’t have 300 abs he has 215 this year and a handful last year. You’re acting as if he’s had a full year in the bigs. ( A full year is 630 at bats buddy) and saying that Cj abrams is nothing along with Morejon is quite foolish. Get off your high horse and stop acting like you know what you’re talking about. Like I said You’ll hear from me in couple months when he’s traded for less.

12.) 02 Oct 2019 16:13:20
Honest question: do you know how to read?

I said 300 plate appearances in his career. He has 302. I even said earlier that it equated to a half a season. Seriously, it's all right there.

And also, yes, the Dodgers would probably trade Lux and May for a guy who has literally been A TOP 5 PLAYER PER WAR! We're not talking about them trading for Will Myers here. This is a guy that, since 2016, the following players have been better than him: Trout, Betts, Rendon, Yelich. That's it. He'd be the most sought after trade candidate we've seen in years.

And you think he can be had for some scraps from your farm system? I promise you, the trade (it won't happen, but whatever) will be one of the biggest and involve some names that would make fans cringe to hear included.

13.) 02 Oct 2019 16:48:22
Also, if 630 at bats is a full season, then only 9 players in baseball played a full season. A full-season is closer to about 500-550 at this rate, especially with all the guys in baseball looking to get at-bats.

None of this actually matters, except when you try to condescend someone, you should probably make sure you have accurate information.

Urias has career 302 plate appearances. He has 263 career ABs. They literally sent him down to the minors because he wasn't performing all that well. He came back in the second half and played okay (90 wRC+), but certainly not to the level of wowing anyone.

He's a post-hype prospect who never lived up to his prospect ranking. He's a 55 FV player, which gets people excited until you see that his skills haven't manifested themselves in any form. That 50-grade speed has resulted in 1 stolen base. His 50-grade hit tool led him to a .223 BA. His BABIP in the majors is far more telling, especially when you compare it to that of his minors. Since you're a Padres fan, I'll explain using smaller words: he's the typical player who plays really well in the minor-leagues, but not very well in the majors.

There will still be a lot of reports about how good Urias is, so if you want to try and find those, by all means. But remember: those articles are tainted with the fact that the authors have something to prove. They spent 2-3 years talking up this guy, if they are wrong on him, people start to doubt things.

The numbers don't lie. His peripherals are not good. That doesn't mean he won't be. He's only 22. Some players figure it out, others don't. So who knows?

But if you're trading a top 5 hitter in baseball, I'd imagine you'd want a guy with a little more promise than what Urias has shown. I just don't know who the Indians would want from the Padres organization that a) is MLB-ready and b) could immediately fill Lindor's spot and give positive production immediately.

Now, I could see Urias being moved, but without Tatis (who they obviously won't trade)

MacKenzie Gore, Luis Urias, Hudson Potts, Luis Patino.

That's a ton, but it's probably worth it. Then again, giving up Tatis (who is going to regress hardcore next season) for Lindor is worth it, but you're a Padres fan and probably can't see the truth if it smacked you in the face.

14.) 02 Oct 2019 18:25:13
They sent him down after a week or so because they just signed kinsler and wanted to justify that. they figured give urias more time to develop. Only reason why he was sent down. Some guys take more time to grasp big league pitching than others. I’m not comparing urias to tatis because tatis is way better but my point is that’s the type of package they will get. A top 30 prospect, a top 40 and another top 100 . that’s plenty.

15.) 02 Oct 2019 20:21:45
Well, let's put it this way, if he were hitting 135 wRC+ and playing stellar defense, they wouldn't have sent him down.

His wRC+ in the first half was 19. That's 81 percent worse than the average hitter in batter.

And no, Lindor will probably command two 20 ten prospects, along with MLB ready, controllable talent.

But nice try. I'll send your game check in the mail.

16.) 02 Oct 2019 22:34:43
Was good going back with you and once again we shall see at the winter meetings.

17.) 03 Oct 2019 00:57:33
I wouldn't get your hopes up.



20 Mar 2019 00:23:49
Padres get: RHP Trevor Bauer

Indians get: RHP Michel Baez, LHP Logan Allen, and OF Hunter Renfroe.

As a Padres Fan I think this may be too much to give up for the Padres but I do think we have some excess pitchers and outfielders so i think just overpay since they won't be able to use all of these players anyway.




06 Feb 2019 06:44:06
Padres trade: C Mejia and LP Logan Allen
Marlins trade: C Realmuto

Padres sign Bryce Harper: 8 years $264 mil

Padres trade: LP Adrian Morejon, OF Hunter Renfroe, and LP Joey Luches
Indians trade: SP Corey Kluber

Padres compete in NL West just like that with plenty of minor league stars on their way up year. Please let me know what you think


1.) 06 Feb 2019 10:19:26
1. Its going to take more than 2 prospects to get Realmuto.
2. Harper its possible, but will they.
3. If Kluber was going to be traded, it would have happened already.
4. If the Padres are going to comepte they will need a lot more than they currently have and what you have suggested here.

2.) 06 Feb 2019 16:20:38
I think this makes the Padres a real dark-horse in the West, but I don’t think they pull of the Kluber trade or the Harper signing.

3.) 07 Feb 2019 01:59:57
I doubt the marlins will get more than 2 top 100 prospects period. Maybe they throw in some other fringe prospect but that’s about it. And Kluber, the Indians want to rid of that contract and add an outfielder and young pitching max I think it’s pretty realistic. Just a padre fan hoping they will get things done lol.

4.) 08 Feb 2019 16:25:03
It has been stated already that if they were to trade for Kluber, it would be to re use him as trade bait to another location. That notion has probably exhausted itself by now though. Harper is still possible. Obviously Realmuto is gone. They still need a 3B. If the Phillies get Machado, you could see the Padres try to get Franco.



13 Nov 2018 09:56:21
Padres get 3b nick senzel
Reds get sp Mackenzie gore

Both are un proven and top 15 prospects.
Reds keep Suarez and Scooter Gennett gets a multi year deal. Reds get their starter and senzel isn't blocked anymore.


1.) 13 Nov 2018 10:19:44
This is good. Very realistic. Both teams have a need for what they get - the Padres a 3rd baseman and the Reds good pitching. But I think a Jonathan India (instead of Senzel) for Adrian Morejon (instead of Gore) swap would be more realistic because it means both teams take a lower risk. I like your thinking though.

2.) 13 Nov 2018 15:05:13
Top prospect for top prospect swaps are so rare. I can't even recall very many, if any at all.

3.) 13 Nov 2018 16:29:05
They are incredibly rare, primarily because they know their own guys so well, and as with any prospect, there is a lot of uncertainty involved. So most teams just have more knowledge and confidence in their own prospects.




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17 Oct 2019 00:15:40
Garcia and Florial gets it done, maybe Another throw in.




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17 Oct 2019 00:11:53
Take out Patino and sure, not going to shell out that kinda guy for a rental. maybe you can add luchessi.




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15 Oct 2019 23:21:54
Everything looks good I just hope the pads don’t get Tingler!




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09 Oct 2019 23:51:47
I can’t see why Boyd gets so much attention. Is it that he has so many years of club control or his high SO rate? Honestly he didn’t do anything that tells me you need to give up any top prospects for him. I could see a major league piece and a mid level prospect and that’s about it.




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09 Oct 2019 23:48:19
Wouldn’t mind wash but I hear he isn’t into any of the analytics so I throw him out. I hope it’s one of Maddon, Girardi, or Showalter. We need experience and someone with his own style that won’t be a puppet.





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