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21 May 2019 19:44:54
red sox get zack wheeler

mets get bobby dalbec

padres get noah syndergaard

mets get mackenzie gore, xavier edwards, and austin allen.

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15 May 2019 02:23:37

CHC receives: Alex Gordon OF

KC receives: Mark Zagunis OF, Cole Roeder OF, Richard Gallardo RHP

Schwarber experiment should be over in Chicago. His defense has improved overall but his lack of offense and continued struggles leads to the Cubs striking a deal for a hot hitting gold glover. KC sheds that contract and at age 35 the price will never be higher on Gordon.

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13 May 2019 18:06:09
Yankees get: Matthew Boyd
Tigers get: Albert Abreu, Thairo Estrada, Delvi Garcia, Antonio Cabello

(If Andujar ends up having surgery because he has not looked good at all)
Yankees get: Anthony Rendon
Dodgers get: Adam Eaton, Sean Doolittle
Nationals get: Josh Stowers, Clarke Schmidt, Dennis Santana, Gavin Lux

Yankees get: Justin Smoak
Blue Jays get: Mike Ford, Matt Sauer, Anthony Garcia, Tanner Myatt

Release Tulo

Yankees 2nd half lineup
C- Gary Sanchez
1B- Justin Smoak
2B- Gleyber Torres
3B- Anthony Rendon
SS- Didi Gregorious
LF- Giancarlo Stanton
CF- Aaron Hicks
RF- Aaron Judge
DH- Luke Voit

IF Gio Urshela
C Austin Romine
OF Brett Gardner

1) Masahiro Tanaka (doubt Sevirino returns TBH)
2) Matthew Boyd
3) Domingo German
4) JA Happ
5) CC Sabathia

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13 May 2019 19:11:18
Forgot to add DJ Lamehieu to the bench.

14 May 2019 02:33:16
The Yankees get an elite 3B and don't give up a single good prospect. How convenient.

14 May 2019 13:18:47
I thought when I first saw this it was a bwright post, but this person has worse than him.

14 May 2019 19:57:38
Except Schmidt and Showers are good prospects. I didn't say any of these would be the final offers.

14 May 2019 20:39:26
Let's ask it this way, if the Nationals offered WIl Crowe and Tanner Rainey for Miguel Andujar, would you hope the Yankees accept?

Because those two are almost identical in prospect rating to Schmidt and Stowers.

14 May 2019 21:15:24
I'd add in Michael King to the Rendon deal.

10 May 2019 17:58:41
Detroit Tigers Trade:
Matthew Boyd

Philadelphia Phillies Trade:
Scott Kingery
Nick Williams
Connor Seabold

Been seeing a lot of trade talks with Boyd going to Philly don't want him to be traded as a Tigers fan. He has been a lone bright spot in our team. But if he is traded I think the Phillies would be a good spot because he doesn't have to be the ace.

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13 May 2019 03:18:05
Kingery might be a smidge of an overpay but this makes sense.

09 May 2019 21:10:16
Giants trade:
Jeff Samardzija

Yankees Trade:
Aaron Judge

Just putting some life back onto this website.

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02 Apr 2019 17:17:25
Padres trade Michel Baez, Franmil Reyes, and Jeisson Rosario

Blue Jays trade Marcus Stroman

Padres Sign Keuchel 4 years/ 65 mill

C- Hedges/ Mejia
1B- Hosmer/ Naylor
2B- Kinsler/ Urias
SS- Tatis
3B- Machado
LF- Myers/ Naylor
CF- Margot/ Cordero
RF- Renfroe/ Jankowski


Margevicious gets sent down, erlin gets DFA'd, Strahm goes to bullpen.

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02 Apr 2019 17:47:51
Preller ought to lose his job immediately if he made that trade for Marcus Stroman.

03 Apr 2019 23:20:48
I do believe Stroman will get traded this July, and I do think his trade value will be going up. I know it's early, but it looks like he's back on track and over a couple nagging injuries. Of course, he could very well get hurt again but who knows.

The 3 prospects in the proposal are 8th and 20th ranked in Padres farm system and the outfielder playing with the big club.

I think stroman is worth a couple prospects in the later top 100 range. And they wouldn't settle for anything else.

04 Apr 2019 16:32:14
TheStatbook i 100% agree.

04 Apr 2019 16:35:39
@minnow75 Yes i agree that his stock is increasing. However, both of those prospects are or would be ranked higher in toronto system. Baez is ranked 57 overall on mlb which would place him 3rd on toronto's system. Reyes is also under team control for awhile, 23 years old. Hit 280 with 16 homers in limited time in petco. i wouldn't say this is far off in a trade for a guy in a contract season.

04 Apr 2019 18:39:28
Stroman can become a free agent after 2020, not this year.

06 Apr 2019 21:08:41
It seems Stroman is one of those guys who's name recognition is better than his talent. And I don't think there's many teams, if any, who would give up top-shelf talent for him.

Go read the outlooks for him. The most optimistic outlook has him at "maybe a top 100 pitcher again". You don't trade really good, controllable talent for a "maybe top 100 pitcher".

21 May 2019 17:29:54
looking at this now, this would be an over pay by the padres. reyes would be their best hitter not named vlad right now.

21 Mar 2019 16:25:49
Yankees Trade Ideas

Trade #1

Giants get Clint Frazier, Jonathan Loaisiga, Tyler Wade, and Luis Medina

Yankees get Madison Bumgarner

Trade #2

White Sox get Luke Voit, Chance Adams, Jonathan Holder, and Tommy Kanhle

Yankees get Jose Abreu

Roster (Full Strength)


3B LeMahieu
RF Judge
1B Abreu
LF Stanton
C Sanchez
SS Gregorius
DH Andujar
CF Hicks
2B Torres


C Romine
1B Bird
IF Tulowitzki
OF Gardner




Sabathia (Swingman)
Gonzalez (Swingman)
Green (Middle Reliever)
Ottavino (Middle Reliever)
Betances (7th Inning Setup Man)
Britton (8th Inning Setup Man)
Chapman (Closer)

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22 Mar 2019 04:56:15
Do you ever give up? after 2 years this is not amusing at all. The Yankees don't need Bumgarner, and that is not enough for him. As for Abreu, they will be fine with Voit or Bird.

23 Mar 2019 04:35:00
You don’t think that’s enough for Bumgarner in a walk year?

23 Mar 2019 05:31:55
Batman, have you seen the injured list for New York? It's not starting out hot and they haven't even lost Paxton to an injury yet (don't worry, that time is near) .

Bumgarner (or really anyone who can pitch innings with a reasonable ERA) would be a god send right now in New York. That said, I don't the Yankees pay that price for him now.

23 Mar 2019 14:16:34
I've seen it, they will be ok. Have you seen their schedule for the first month? Only true challenge is the Red Sox and Astros. Yes anything can happen and they could walk out of the month under .500. Don't forget they signed Gio Gonzalez, while he is not Bumgarner, he is serviceable. They could trade for Bumgarner during the season, but I think they would maybe want to sign him to an extension, since that seems to be the new thing.

23 Mar 2019 21:25:54
Now's the time to trade for Bumgarner, not in July.

In July, the price will go up, as teams get more desperate.

24 Mar 2019 04:34:02
Do you see the Giants trading him though?

24 Mar 2019 22:10:48
In July? Absolutely.

28 May 2019 23:51:34
Voit is better than Abreu on his own let alone with more prospects.

20 Mar 2019 00:23:49
Padres get: RHP Trevor Bauer

Indians get: RHP Michel Baez, LHP Logan Allen, and OF Hunter Renfroe.

As a Padres Fan I think this may be too much to give up for the Padres but I do think we have some excess pitchers and outfielders so i think just overpay since they won't be able to use all of these players anyway.

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09 Mar 2019 20:35:07
Jays D-Backs trade

Jays get Greinke

D-Backs get Reid-foley, maile

Jays take on all of Greinkes salary which they can afford while their stars are developing, get an anchor for the rotation.

D-Backs free up a ton of cap space, get a good defensive catcher, which they need and want, and a good, young, if not outstanding prospect.

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10 Mar 2019 23:23:15
Jays are rebuilding. And they won't be competing with the Yankees, Sox and Rays for at least 3 years in all likelyhood. Why would they want Greinke? Reid-foley will be a #4 or 5 starter for the Jays probably next year.

Besides, the Jays rotation is not half bad this year anyway if they can stay healthy. Sanchez, Stroman, shoemaker, Buchholz and watch out for Borucki, I think he's going to be a good one.

11 Mar 2019 00:32:20
The D'Backs have a bunch of catchers already, including Carson Kelly, who they just got this offseason.

11 Mar 2019 14:06:47
Minnow, it’d be an okay rotation if they could strike batters out.

11 Mar 2019 23:33:24
Stroman and Sanchez can strike guys out but really they are ground ball pitchers. Shoemaker and Buchholz hopefully can be inning eaters. We are not expecting too much this year. Young guys, Guerrero, bichette, gurriel, Alford, Tellez, and Jansen are who we hope to be watching this year.

12 Mar 2019 03:23:03
This was a tongue in cheek comment, but I'll oblige:

Marcus Stroman has never had a K/ 9 over 7.65 for a whole season. Since 2014, he's 110th among SP for strikeout rates.

Sanchez is much of the same. Career 7.05 K/ 9.

Those are not rates you want out of your best pitchers, and it requires a lot of defense to bail him out. It'll also lead to a lot of variability season by season.

That rotation has some recognizable names, but they'll need a lot from younger pitchers if you want something to be excited about.

12 Mar 2019 21:39:05
Lets say Stroman and sanchez pitch 180+ innings each. What do you think their stats will be?

13 Mar 2019 03:00:48
For both, I took the median K/ 9 projection from the various Fangraphs projections.

For Stroman, that equals 139 strikeouts over 180 innings (6.93 K/ 9)

For Sanchez, I have 143 strikeouts over 180 IP (7.18 K/ 9)

That's not exactly elite, or really all that great.

08 Mar 2019 21:57:39
Toronto trades:
Kevin Pillar and Elvis Luciano

San Francisco trades:
Tony Watson and Sam Dyson

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09 Mar 2019 15:03:56
1. I can’t imagine the Giants want three rule 5 picks to have to deal with.

2. That’s not nearly enough for Watson AND Smith. Those guys had a nearly combined 4 WAR last year and won’t make more than 10M collectively.

3. They want a guy who can hit, not a right handed Steven Duggar.


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