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25 Jan 2020 15:59:31
Rangers send Odor, Calhoun, Burke, Hernandez, Florentino, Henriquez and Apostel to the Rockies for Nolan Arenado and Garrett Hampson.

Arenado waives opt out after 2021 and he and Rangers agree to add opt out provision following 2023 season

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21 Jan 2020 19:18:10
Ok here a blockbuster I know will probably get that for, but would make a lot of sense, with Braves try go to World Series and white Sox try make the play off , the Rockies now need trade Arenado , and need to build. here is trade would make a lot of sense .

White Sox would get
Of Charlie Blackmon
Rp Bryan Shaw
Rp Mark Melancon
Rp Mike Foltzy
C prospect Jonathan morales

White Sox would get
Of Adam Duvall
3b Austin Riley
Rp Micheal Kopech
Rp Danny Dunning
Rp Bryce Wilson
Rp Huscar Ynoa
C zack Collins
1b Braxton Davidson
Of micheal Harris
Of Blake Rutherford

Braves would get
3b Nolan Arenado
Rp Kelvin Escobar
Rp Carson Fulmet
Rp zack Burdi

Thai trade would make a lot of Sense for all 3 teams

White Sox would get the of , Sp and rp plus Prospect catcher .they need to compete with the twins and Indians. For central

Rockies get piece help the The build around story they get 3 start pitcher to help the rotation , in Wilson , Bunning , and Kopech , they get two fast outfield help and future 1b a young 3b , young bull pen arm in Ynoa and in Duvall a replacement for Blackmon for the year .

And Braves get the 3b to replace Donaldson and they have a good young 3b in the farm in c.J Alexander who is couple years away just cast Arenado leave but if if brave are showing they can compete for a World Series I don't believe Arenado will opt out . Plus they get vet rp to replace melancon in Escobar plus two very gray prospect relievers in Bundy and fulmer who is also one of Swanson. Ex team mates in Vandy who good friends with Swanson

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21 Jan 2020 21:34:04
This is laughable. It’s not even written correctly. Says White Sox get. twice instead of Rockies get.
Names are not correct.
No way.

22 Jan 2020 12:53:37
Blockbuster? More like lackluster. NO trade ever involves that many players.

20 Jan 2020 17:03:48
Yankees Extension Candidates

The Yankees have a lot of players that could be extension candidates before Spring Training rolls around. Not saying all or any of these happen but here is what I think some extensions might look like if they were to happen.

James Paxton- 4 years $80 million

Masahiro Tanaka- 3 years $45 million

D.J. LeMahieu- 3 years $60 million

Aaron Judge- 8 years $240 million

Gary Sanchez- 5 years $100 million

Gleyber Torres- 10 years $250 million

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20 Jan 2020 21:30:18
So after this season with all that combined with Cole, Britton, Chapman, Happ, and Hicks they payroll will be 226 million, actually with Stanton 248 million and that is not including Gardner and others. They could be pushing 300 million.

21 Jan 2020 04:16:59
I doubt the Yankees make any extensions when they are already 25+ million over the luxury tax.

16 Jan 2020 14:42:48

I know this won't happen, BUT if I were the GM of Houston I'd be looking for way to keep the success long-term. I think this team still wins 100 games and the West while also restocking the farm and preparing for the loss of their next two 1st and 2nd round picks.

HOU- Nick Senzel, Tyler Stephenson, Lyon Richardson
CIN- Carlos Correa

Correa seems to be one of the young players HOU is considering moving. With Diaz playing well behind him I could see him being shipped out now. Cincy needs a SS and now has Senzel left without a position. He can always be a UT, but they also seem interested in acquiring a top tier SS.

HOU- Steven Matz, Andres Giminez, Franklyn Kilome
NYM- George Springer

The Mets have not been quiet about wanting to add a true CF. Springer is coming off a career year and plays solid defense. The Astros have Senzel (see above trade) who can replace Springer in the lineup and Matz will add a solid LH pitcher to the bottom of the rotation. The Mets have a deep set of pitchers to deal from.

HOU- Danny Diaz
BOS- Josh Reddick

If Boston trades Mookie, Reddick becomes a solid 1 year option to replace him. Diaz is an upside prospect to take a shot on.

C- Martin Maldanado
1B- Yuli Gurriel
2B- Jose Altuve
3B- Alex Bregman
SS- Aledyms Diaz
LF- Kyle Tucker
CF- Nick Senzel
RF- Yordan Alverez
DH- Michael Brantley

SP- Justin Verlander
SP- Zach Greinke
SP- Lance McCullers Jr
SP- Steven Matz
SP- Brad Peacock

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16 Jan 2020 15:08:07
I doubt many will go running to bail the Astros or Red Sox out at this point. The Astros won't get anywhere near market price for any of their guys.

16 Jan 2020 16:44:49
I would disagree. They have All-Star players they are moving. They're not trying to dump a Pujols contract. There is still a market for these guy, and even if they lose a slight bit of leverage, they will still get a solid return.

16 Jan 2020 17:44:17
I repeat: no one is going to bail out the Astros. Yes, they have players that teams would (and should) want. But no one is going to pay premiums for those players. Not now.

Teams are livid regarding the cheating scandal, and I'd imagine a lot of front office execs feel Houston got off easy. They won't get anything close to the returns you're giving them. The deals above are far too rich.

16 Jan 2020 17:45:22
Why would LA do this? With no guarantee that Betts will sign an extension, they aren't giving up Adell for a rental.

17 Jan 2020 13:11:40
I repeat: These players have a ton of value and do not carry bad contracts. They are not "bailing" Houston out. If a team feel they're making their roster better by making a trade they would do it. They would not stop because they "think" they might be helping the Astros.

17 Jan 2020 14:54:37
Bailing them out would be paying market value for the players. Again, none of the teams wouldn't go out and trade for, say, Carlos Correa, but the Astros won't have any of the leverage in trade discussions. They would be massively underselling their players.

In other words, they likely won't get someone like Nick Senzel for Correa. Giving them Senzel (and Stephenson FWIW) would be bailing them out. They *might* get Tyler Stephenson for Correa straight up. But even that might be too rich at this point.

Teams are obviously upset. Why would ANY of them pay full price (or higher) to give Houston anything of value at this point?

17 Jan 2020 14:58:17
To put it more simply (since that's what you need at this point) : if the Giants asked for Carlos Correa, for example, and the price in 2019 was Joey Bart and Heliot Ramos, the new price is probably closer to Heliot Ramos and Luis Matos.

It's still a decent return, but it's nowhere close to what they could get had they not cheated.

Giving them Bart + Ramos would be bailing them out.

18 Jan 2020 16:51:42
thestatbook, I see your point, and also register that it's just an example.

I do think that the Astros would get a really good return on Correa, but I also agree, the price dropped quite a bit since this scandal.

20 Jan 2020 20:23:13
thestatbook. I think you really overestimate your knowledge on this situation. If you for one second think Stephenson would be "too rich" for Correa you should quit talking baseball. We use this site to throw out ideas we think would be interesting. Sure, it may not be perfect and no one will ever guess the correct deals, but to think a top 5 SS (regardless of the perception of the team) wouldn't net a top 50 prospect is ludicrous. I'd bet money if Correa got traded it would be a lot closer to my proposal than yours.

21 Jan 2020 04:22:35
I think you underestimate how teams feel about the Astros. No one is going to run out there and give them anything of value for their players.

If they trade Carlos Correa, we would basically all agree they gave him away. I don't know if the Reds, or any team, would even consider a top 100 prospect at this point for any player. They are that angry at how easy the Astros got off for this scandal.

The Astros would be baseball's Dollar General if they started moving players.

16 Jan 2020 13:55:37
BOS- Jo Adell, Jeremiah Jackson and Jose Soriano
LAA- Mookie Betts

Mookie is as good as gone with the recent issues in BOS. They will need to restock the farm and he is the obvious choice to bring back talent. LA is going all-in not to waste Trout's prime years. With a 2-3-4-5 of Betts/Trout/Rendon/Upton, this team would be very tough to beat.

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15 Jan 2020 05:06:02
Boston receives:
OF Taylor Trammell
OF Manuel Margot
SP Adrian Morejon

San Diego receives:
OF Mookie Betts

I think that would be as high a return as the Red Sox would get for Betts. I'm sure they will be docked a few draft picks pretty soon just as the Astros did. So trying to stockpile some talent while they can would be smart.

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15 Jan 2020 14:30:24
Yeah, I think the price for Mookie Betts just skyrocketed.

And the chances of them attaching young talent to Price/ Eovaldi just plummeted.

16 Jan 2020 06:42:20
Highly disagree, the chances of Red Sox trading him just sky rocketed, not the price buddy.

16 Jan 2020 17:49:46
The Red Sox scandal puts Boston in a unique spot regarding Betts.

On one hand, they could trade him and get what they can. If he walks, they don't get the opportunity to draft talent in his leaving.

On the other, without the draft picks, they'd need to ensure that the talent coming back is better than the lost picks. Teams will know this, and like thestatbook said in an above post: no one is going to bail out Houston or Boston.

Personally, I think Boston will stand pat. Let it boil over a bit, trade Betts at the trade deadline, unless they are in contention, and take the chance.

No one is giving them top prospects now. It won't happen. And Boston won't take nothing for Betts, either.

13 Jan 2020 17:12:33

COL- Dustin May, Kiebert Ruiz, Josiah Gray
LAD- Nolan Arenado, Ian Desmond

Colorado makes LA take on Desmond along with Arenado for salary relief. The Dodgers keep Lux and trade Ruiz who is now blocked by Smith. May and Gray are both high upside pitchers.

CF- David Dahl
RF- Charlie Blackmon
SS- Trevor Story
1B- Daniel Murphy
3B- Ryan McMahon
LF- Sam Hilliard
2B- Brendon Rodgers
C- Kiebert Ruiz

C- Tony Wolters
IF- Josh Fuentes
IF/OF- Garrett Hampson
OF- Yonathan Daza
OF- Raimel Tapia

SP- German Marquez
SP- Jon Gray
SP- Dustin May
SP- Kyle Freeland
SP- Chi Chi Gonzalez (Josiah Gray)

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13 Jan 2020 19:36:21
No way does LA make a trade like that within the division.

13 Jan 2020 14:40:31

LAA- Yu Darvish and Wilson Contreres
CHC- David Fletcher, Brandon Marsh and Jose Soriano

The Cubs shed $24 million in payroll while picking up a very solid player in Fletcher. The Angels get a much needed C and a top of rotation pitcher in Darvish.

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13 Jan 2020 15:14:05
The Cubs, who already have a week staff, aren't trading their best pitcher.


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