26 Jul 2017 14:27:47
NYM- Alex Verdugo
LAD- Addison Reed

1.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 15:08:38
The Dodgers aren't going to trade a top prospect for a rental.

2.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 15:52:55
The Cubs gave up Torres, McKinney and others for a rental. This is along the lines of what it will take for a top reliever now.

3.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 16:29:46
I am well aware of that, are you comparing Reed to Chapman? I don't see the Dodgers giving up Verdugo for a rental. Unless that rental is Yu Darvish.

4.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 16:44:44
No, but Chapman isn't available right now. He is the best Reliever available this year and his value goes way up for that reason.

5.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 16:48:44
A trade for Addison Reed will more like the Anthony Swarzak trade than it will the Chapman trade.

Swarzak has been twice as good as Reed this year and got a mediocre return.

6.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 17:12:30
Reed is a closer which holds much more value. And over the past two years, he has been very consistent. Reed is better than Swarzak and will definitely bring back more.

7.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 20:03:33
The role Addison Reed holds on the Mets holds literally zero bearing in his trade value to another team. In 2017, Swarzak has double the WAR of Reed, and both are rentals.

Every peripheral stat suggests Swarzak has been better this year, whether you want to use BABIP, GB%, HR%, xFIP, FIP, or anything. Swarzak has been light years better and got a super lousy return. I don't think the Mets are going to get a top 100 prospect for a worse RP.

8.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 22:11:42
Reed is the best reliever on the market?

Zach Britton, Justin Wilson, Hunter Strickland and now rumblings of Filipe Rivero then factor in the fact that he's a rental. No shot.

9.) 26 Jul 2017
26 Jul 2017 23:22:17
Forget stats, Addison Reed is the most valuable reliever because Mets fans say so.

10.) 27 Jul 2017
27 Jul 2017 05:29:07
Oh i forgot about that because the most important thing is what Met fans say. Stats and logic don't matter.