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07 Dec 2015 13:59:19
Now that I have a little bit of time on my hands.
NYY-Michael Pineda
LAD-Jose Peraza, Alex Wood OR Walker Buehler.


1.) 07 Dec 2015 14:31:55
Wood and Peraza are worth more than Pineda.

2.) 07 Dec 2015 14:54:30
I figured so, just thought I'd give it a shot.

3.) 07 Dec 2015 17:46:28
It's the kind of return I could see for someone like Carlos Carrasco.

4.) 07 Dec 2015 23:10:07
To much for Pineda.



16 Dec 2014 14:52:33
How about this. PHI-MIA
Miami Gets Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard
Philly gets Garret Jones, Nate Eovaldi, Second base prospect Avery Romero, P Domingo Germano, A competitive balance draft pick (which can be traded) and salary relief.


1.) I failed to mention Howard would platoon or just back up Morse at first base.

2.) 16 Dec 2014 17:14:21
I don't know if that package is worth Hamels + Salary Relief.

Take out the salary relief, it's actually not a bad trade. Howard's contract is so bad it's is almost a player in and of itself.

But it's not too shabby of an idea otherwise.

3.) 16 Dec 2014 17:26:51
^^^Wait, I read that all wrong.

I like the trade as is.

4.) When I first read this I thought "no way." But I did a little research and it's actually a well thought out offer. The competitive balance pick would be the first sandwich pick, since MIA won the lottery. The only caveat would be whether or not the Marlins would (or could) take on all that salary.

5.) 17 Dec 2014 01:25:15
Hamels would be a stand alone trade and to a rival they would need a top pitching or OF prospect plus an upper middle prospect of the one you didn't get and one or two mid level prospects for Hamels

6.) Also meant salary relief going to Miami not Philly.

7.) Philly can do better than that package for Hamels.

8.) They could, but they are getting an established starter in Eovaldi, a top second base prospect to eventually replace Utley, Germano is a rising prospect in the Marlins system, and how many other teams could offer a draft pick. Not that many. You don't think Philly would jump at the chance to an extra pick.

9.) Why would the phillies want garrett jones?

10.) 18 Dec 2014 04:34:44
If they got rid of Howard, they'd likely need a 1B. Jones could fit the bill. I'm not sure if they'd want Ruf starting there.

11.) Obvious to replace Howard, which shouldn't be to hard.



11 Dec 2014 15:22:58
Tigers get Cespedes, 1 or 2 minor Leaguers from Red Sox who get Porcello. It also appears the Tigers a close to landing one of the starters from the Reds. Marlins also close to acquiring a starter and are in pursuit of Morneau.


1.) 11 Dec 2014 20:44:42
So much for all those Tigers fans who said we'd NEVER get Porcello for Cespedes.

2.) To be fair they were talking about straight up, which didn't happen they got more in return.

3.) 12 Dec 2014 04:21:23
No one said they'd never do it. many folks, like me, said they shouldn't do it. and still, I think it was dumb of Detroit.

Hopefully they can extend him. they get absolutely nothing if he decides to test the open market. since he can't be offered a QO.

The Tigers are on pace to become the Phillies of the American League.

4.) 12 Dec 2014 04:40:21
They got a AAA middle reliever and a really low level pitching prospect with low projectability. It was practically a straight-up trade.

5.) 12 Dec 2014 08:22:12
Again, just because it happened doesn't mean it was ever a good deal.

Detroit will be regretting this hardcore when Porcello signs his extension (he has property in Vermont. and he won't be a popular FA next winter) and they are left with a year's worth of stats to ogle at when Cespedes walks and they get no comp pick for him.

I seriously hope Porcello becomes a future Cy Young winner now. Not because I like the Sox, but because I want this trade to go down as the worst ever.

6.) ^^ Wait . I thought Twins sere the Phillies of the AL.

7.) 12 Dec 2014 17:20:37
How would the Twins be the Phillies of the AL? They have Mauer and a bunch of young players.

The Tigers are likely to have a lot of aging players on their roster. none of whose values are getting better. Most of them have big contracts and most of them are going to be very tough to move as their values decline.

8.) ^^Twins never spent relentlessly and gave up tons of prospects with a clueless GM running the show. However Dombrowski is not clueless and knows what he's doing.



05 Dec 2014 15:38:32
trade that just happen. 3 teams
Arizona gets Robbie Ray from Detroit
Detroit gets Shane Greene from New York
New York Yankees get Didi Gregorious.
someone else could go to Detroit to.


1.) Actually another player going to Arizona.

2.) 05 Dec 2014 16:41:22
Domingo Leyba to the D'backs as well. not that it matters.

3.) Ive been a tigers fan my whole life and moved to Arizona 4 years ago and became a dback fan and I like this trade

as a tigers fan, giving up ray (who was the main piece for fister) and leyba (who is yet another top 2b/ss prospect the tigers have that was traded with travis being the other) this may be too much but greene was the Yankees most consistant pitcher in the rotation outside of kuroda and McCarthy so I like this

as a dback fan, I love it cause I still keep leyba and ray on a favorite team and only give up gregarious

the Yankees also did good

grade for this trade:

tigers: B- (could be an A if greene still pitches good)

Yankees: C+ (greene for gregarious may be a bad trade off but could increase if gregarious works on fielding and the Yankees should hire jeter as an assistant to SS in the club system)

dbacks: A- (they get the best grade cause they get a good LH starter in ray and a good young 2B/SS in leyba who is better then gregarious all for just gregarious)



29 Nov 2014 03:07:38
A's trade Donaldson to the Blue Jays for Lawrie, Nolin, SS prospect Barreto, and prospect pitcher Graveman.


1.) Unbelievables bet you feel silly now!

2.) Not really, considering I posted this after hearing of the trade. just posting a little factual information. I bet you feel silly now.

3.) Batman, I'm on you're side, I was referring to the guys who hit the unbelievable button after a trade has happened, CHILL!

4.) Oh. my bad, thought you were one of those unbelievable people.

5.) I think this was a great trade for the jays, what do you guys think?

6.) As an A's fan I think Toronto got the better deal as it stands now but that's the case when you trade for prospects.
We got Josh in a similar Trade in 2008 so time will tell!




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21 Jan 2019 22:50:40
So, thestatbook, now that Sonny Gray was traded to the Reds for Shed Long and a Draft pick, with Long then being traded to the Mariners for Josh Stowers, wouldn't you say this was better than people thought. I recall you said they wouldn't get a teams top 30 prospect and chastising me for saying it. However, Long was number 6 on the Reds list, and Stowers is 10 on the Mariners. While he may not pan out, they still got a top 10 prospect and a draft pick.


1.) 22 Jan 2019 14:45:23
The context was different. The Reds did this after they were given a window to try and extend Gray before the trade.

Every indication suggests they wouldn’t have made that trade without being able to extend Gray. So, yes, it’s better than people thought, but it’s also an entirely different scenario.

2.) 22 Jan 2019 15:33:17
And for what it's worth, it's almost unanimous that the Reds significantly overpaid for Gray, even with the extension.

The value "price" for Gray (at a rental cost) was a lot lower. Check out what "reclamation" SPs got who were 1-year rentals in recent offseasons:

-Tanner Roark cost the Reds Tanner Rainey, a 26-year-old run-of-the-mill reliever.
-Ivan Nova cost the White Sox Yordi Rosario, a low-ceiling, low floor future middle reliever.
-Matt Moore, just last season, cost the Rangers Sam Wolff, who wasn't even protected by the Giants.

So, based on history, you can see why people would virtually agree that the price tag for Gray should have been along those lines. It's also why many teams rightly pulled out after they heard what the Yankees wanted for him. The Reds, apparently, are stupid enough to play Gray in their tiny ballpark and overpay for him to play there.

Again, the value changed once he signed an extension.

3.) 24 Jan 2019 17:12:14
way to spin so it looks like you were right. There is no way to determine what they what have gotten without the Reds desire for an extension. The same prospect was rumored to be in the trade well before there was word of a possible extension. There were also agreements with other teams in place had an extension not happened.

4.) 24 Jan 2019 21:40:11
I'm not spinning anything. I'm simply stating that the context of the trade that occurred and the context of the trade we were projecting are different.

If anything, I did my due diligence in showing WHY I made the prediction I made. A trade for one year of Gray probably would have been in line with the trades I showed above. I don't think any of that was unreasonable.

Please, BATMAN!, if you feel the need to make an entire post in an attack on someone, at least make some attempt to see the context of what actually occurred. You didn't do this, and now your post seems even pettier than it was to begin with.

5.) 25 Jan 2019 13:36:26
So this really wasn't to attack you, just to see what you thought after you basically told me they wouldn't get a decent return, despite what insiders were saying. Trust me I could have been more egotistical about this and really gloated, but that's not what I wanted to do.

6.) 25 Jan 2019 13:43:04
And to be clear, it was mainly to get your opinion, which I respect, but I only felt the post was somewhat necessary after our discussion when Gray trade discussion started.

7.) 25 Jan 2019 18:06:03
All of the discussion that was had about Sonny Gray centered around Gray being a 1-year rental for whatever team acquired him.

If we knew that the acquiring team was going to extend him on a really friendly contract, of course the discussion was going to change. That was a crucial detail that no one knew back in November/ December when we had these conversations.



17 Dec 2018 14:38:07
So I know how we talked about how this years free agent class was one of the greatest of all time, but next years looks just as good.
Jose Abreu
Yonder Alonso
Paul Goldschmidt
Justin Smoak
Starlin Castro-if his option is not picked up
Jonathan Schoop
Xander Boegarts
Didi Gregorious
Nolan Arenado
Matt Carpenter-if his option is not picked up
Josh Donaldson
Todd Frazier
Anthony Rendon
JD Martinez-if he opts out
Marcel Ozuna
Aaron Hicks
Nick Castellanos
Adam Eaton-if his option is not picked up
Yasiel Puig
Kris Davis
Edwin Encarnacion- if his option is not picked up
Chris Archer-if his option is not picked up
Jake Arrieta- if he opts out
Madison Bumgarner
Garret Cole
Cole Hamels
Corey Kluber- if his option is not picked up
Rick Porcello
Chris Sale
Stephen Strausburg- if he opts out
Julio Teheran
Justin Verlander
Zack Wheeler
Jose Quintana- if his option is not picked up
Jake Odorizzi
Dellin Betances
Kenley Jansen-if he opts out
Jeremey Jeffress
Will Smith
These are just some of the free agents, ones that are probably at the top or middle of the class.




25 Sep 2016 14:17:23
R. I. P. Jose Fernandez.


1.) 25 Sep 2016 14:31:50
OMG that's terrible! So young-So good!



05 Aug 2016 17:17:06
Since we are talking farm systems lately I figured I'd post bleacher Reports currently rankings. With the top 10 also representing mlb. com's rankings.

1. Yankees (2 on MLB. com)
2. Brewers ( 1 on MLB. com)
3. Astros (same on MLB. com)
4. Braves (9)
5. Red Sox (7)
6. Dodgers (5)
7. Phillies (8)
8. Pirates (4)
9. Rockies (10)
10. Nationals (6)
11. Reds
12. Padres
13. A's
14. Twins
15. Rays
16. Cubs
17. Rangers
18. Cardinals
19. Blue Jays
20. Indians
21. Mariners
22. Mets
23. White Sox
24. D-backs
25. Royals
26. Giants
27. Tigers
28. Marlins
29. Orioles
30. Angels.


1.) 05 Aug 2016 22:21:13
I'd be curious to know what led to those rankings.

Giants have 3 guys in Baseball America's midseason top 100. They also have tremendous depth near the MLB level.

Also, the Indians are still a top system after all they gave up. Still a lot in that farm.

2.) 06 Aug 2016 02:48:30
Jerk most people do not respect the Giants fan system they say that the giants number 1 guy would be another teams 5th prospect. Yet time and time again Giants prospects almost always play better than most of the other prospects.

3.) 06 Aug 2016 02:49:57
I'm not really sure who on bleacher report does these. but every time the put out their rankings the Giants are usually not high up there. It confuses me because they always have someone that comes in and contributes. I do see the Baseball America rankings. And actually Jerk the only top 100 guy the Giants have on mlb. com is Arroyo. I think the Giants have a better system than people give them credit.

4.) 06 Aug 2016 04:36:40
Baseball America has Arroyo, Beede, and Shaw. Also had Bickford and Mejia, who are now traded to other teams.

5.) 06 Aug 2016 13:11:53
Apparently the difference between the baseball america and mlb. com midseason rankings is that mlb. com did there's almost a month later. They also included recently drafted and international signings. So it is likely they got pushed off mlb's list.

6.) 07 Aug 2016 04:46:03
Either way i think all three of us can agree the giants have one of the most underrated systems in all of baseball, they're so deep almost everywhere not just prospect wise but 25 man roster wise as well.

7.) 07 Aug 2016 14:27:38
and for what is worth. I do believe the Giants system is underrated. They may not have the elite/ premium prospects or that many that most teams look for. But they do produce under the radar guys.



12 Dec 2015 17:11:12
I know this is years away and we usually blast anyone who posts something that will happen years from now, but this is predictions.
The Free Agent Class after the 2018 season is huge. Barring any extensions that is.
Josh Donaldson
Bryce Harper
Clayton Kershaw if he opts out
Dallas Kuechel
Matt Harvey
Jose Fernandez
David Price if he opts out
Jason Heyward if he opts out
Andrew McCutchen
Adam Jones
Manny Machado
Michael Brantly
Craig Kimbrel
Zach Britton
Trevor Rosenthal
AJ Ramos
Andrew Miller
David Robertson
Glen Perkins
Kelvin Herrera
Adam Wainwright
Garrett Richards
Patrick Corbin
Shelby Miller
Nelson Cruz
Hunter Pence
Adrian Gonzalez
AJ Pollock
Charlie Blackmon
Brian Dozier
Yasmani Grandal
Derek Norris
Adieny Hechavarria
Jean Segura
Joe Mauer.


1.) 12 Dec 2015 18:32:23
hands down greatest free agent class ever!

2.) 12 Dec 2015 18:58:58
Wow even only some of those players sign extensions.




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12 May 2020 02:12:53
ignore the poster, he will just keep posting this same thing over and over again, he's been doing it for years.




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22 Jan 2020 12:53:37
Blockbuster? More like lackluster. NO trade ever involves that many players.




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20 Jan 2020 21:30:18
So after this season with all that combined with Cole, Britton, Chapman, Happ, and Hicks they payroll will be 226 million, actually with Stanton 248 million and that is not including Gardner and others. They could be pushing 300 million.




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12 Dec 2019 16:35:58
One they resigned Gardner, don't know why you don't want them to keep him. You need to stop playing to rumors tying them to players like Lindor, etc, they don't have infinite money. As I told you, you can probably find articles/ stories linking them to any player. I think Higashioka is out of options and can't be optioned.




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08 Dec 2019 13:45:40
NO one watches ESPN for baseball related things anymore.





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