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29 Jul 2021 05:19:41
Brewers get: Jesus Aguilar
Marlins get: Keston Hiura, Jefferson Quero (MIL #9)

Big upgrade at first for the Brewers over Hiura and Vogelbach, and the Marlins add catching depth, which they lack, to their farm system in Jefferson Quero.

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29 Jul 2021 14:52:46
I can't imagine David Stearns giving up on Hiura quite yet, at least not for a guy like Aguilar.

29 Jul 2021 04:54:44
Cubs Trades:

Yankees get: Anthony Rizzo
Cubs get: Luke Voit, Austin Wells (NYY #6), Estevan Florial (NYY #11)

Giants get: Kris Bryant, Craig Kimbrel
Cubs get: Joey Bart (SF #2), Hunter Bishop (SF #4), Gregory Santos (SF #13), Logan Webb

Mets get: Javier Baez
Cubs get: Pete Crow-Armstrong (NYM #5), JT Ginn (NYM #6), Jordan Yamamoto

What do y'all think ⁉️

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29 Jul 2021 14:57:03
Unless Kris Bryant agrees to a 10-year, five million dollar extension, Zaidi would rightly deserve to be fired if he even *asked* if he should do this deal.

That price tag is way, way, way too high.

30 Jul 2021 17:53:53
Even if the Cubs trade all 4 players. These packages are just fleecing the other teams of top 10 prospects. Every other team would laugh at the Yankees, Giants and Mets.

28 Jul 2021 17:29:09

Athletics: Starling Marte

Marlins: Jesus Luzardo


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28 Jul 2021 17:51:57
The Athletics are getting Starling Marte for nothing more than the league minimum, as they are Andrew Chafin.

They've made two trades for players and got the other team to cover almost all of the cost. That's going to add a hefty price.

Also, Luzardo looks awful. Really, really bad. Even in AAA. I'm not sure this is the "overpay" people think it is.

28 Jul 2021 18:12:03
They traded a 23 year old former top prospect with team control until 2027 for 2 months of Starling Marte.

28 Jul 2021 21:49:50
Yes. Once again, context matters.

1. Marte is literally free for them. They don't have to pay him more than a pro-rated minimum (legally) . For a team in as much dire straits as the A's, this is optimal. Marte has been worth over 3 wins to date, and the A's get a top-of-the-order bat and solid defender, for literally nothing.

That's going to cost them.

2. Luzardo literally has an ERA over 6 in both the majors and AAA. Even his 2020 numbers fail to live up to the 60-grade he was *briefly* given. Many scouts never bought the hype.

It's quite evident that the Athletics, who knew everything about Jesus Luzardo as a ballplayer, did not believe Luzardo was going to the 60 FV Luzardo, and had no qualms trading him away for Marte.

3. Zero teams care about some randomly selected outlet's prospect rankings. They don't. They don't care that Luzardo was once a top prospect. He has done very little for them except be injured and serve up runs galore.

Luzardo is, in my honest opinion, completely toast. We've seen the best we'll ever see out of him.

28 Jul 2021 22:18:00
"Zero teams care about some randomly selected outlet's prospect rankings. "

Ahhh how the turn tables.

28 Jul 2021 22:29:58
alright yeah this dude is smokin the loud pack. Goodluck ChiTown lol.

28 Jul 2021 22:38:56
LOL. Just so we're clear, it's not as if an outlet like, say, Fangraphs, aren't somewhat reflective of how a team feels about players. Obviously, every team and rankings outlet is going to rate someone like, say, Wander Franco about the same.

But the Athletics and Marlins likely don't care, at all, that in 2020, Fangraphs had Luzardo as a top prospect.

Teams trading with the Phillies, for example, don't care that Mickey Moniak, who is very bad at professional baseball, was the #1 overall pick.

They aren't looking at Fangraphs lists when making trades. They aren't giving consideration to Eric Longenhagen or Kiley McDaniel's "future value grades". It's a litmus for our evaluations.

But criticizing the Athletics, who know Luzardo quite well, for giving him up for a rental is like criticizing a home owner who is ditching his mold-infested house because it has good curb appeal.

Luzardo's prospect ranking made for great curb appeal, but he's not a very good pitcher in reality. Like, at all.

29 Jul 2021 00:22:49
I'm uniting delusional White Sox fans AND delusional Cubs fans.

If nothing, I've accomplished more on this site than either of you have in your entire life. You're welcome.

27 Jul 2021 16:43:12
Pirates/ Phillies

Phillies: Richard Rodriguez

Pirates: Rafael Marchan C (45FV), Yhoswar Garcia OF (40+FV)

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27 Jul 2021 17:36:10
This is a pretty fair deal.

27 Jul 2021 18:04:02
Reports have said there is some traction there. Not sure I’d want to target Rich Rod since they cracked down on the sticky stuff but if he can turn it around he would be a good option for Philly.

27 Jul 2021 18:10:05
Now, explain this:

Rodriguez, who is controlled through 2023, and is currently making less than 2M, he doesn't a 50 FV prospect, but Craig Kimbrel, who is a rental, at the best, or a 16M reliever in 2022 at worst, HE'S too good for a 45 FV prospect?

You understand that Rodriguez is likely to net a significantly greater return than Kimbrel, right?

If this is what you think Rodriguez gets (I agree with you), then it's highly unlikely Kimbrel even nets a fringy 45-FV prospect at all.

Can you at least try to be consistent?

27 Jul 2021 22:25:49
Kimbrel is also significantly better and a proven closer. I am consistent and we will see what unfolds in these next couple days but I doubt Rich Rod nets a greater return.

27 Jul 2021 22:28:52
Also, what’s up with you? Do you try to be condescending on every message you send for fun?

No wonder you and that ChiTown dude have beef lol I couldn’t imagine you having a civilized conversation with someone.

I’ve been back on this site for a week and all I’ve seen is your negativity and condescending attitude. No wonder this site is dead.

28 Jul 2021 01:00:51
Kimbrel's xFIP is 2.75 runs better that Rodriguez. As long as he's pitching like this, $16 million for next year as as much of a burden as you think.

28 Jul 2021 02:26:47
The question is: will he? The two seasons prior he was putrid, and there are multiple bits on his stat line that point to some pretty obvious regression.

I'm not saying Craig Kimbrel isn't valuable. But at 16M next year, he HAS to be every bit as good, and that's certainly not a sure bet.

Rodriguez's contract situation makes the dude pretty valuable.

28 Jul 2021 02:59:08
If the $16 million is that detrimental, then just buy him out. For a team going all in to win a championship this year, Kimbrel is leaps and bounds better that Rich Rod, and I actually really like the latter. Kimbrel is a top- five reliever in baseball.

22 Sep 2021 20:35:57
"Top 5 reliever in baseball"


27 Jul 2021 16:36:37
Mariners/ Nationals

Mariners: Trea Turner

Nationals: Noelvi Marte SS (50FV), George Kirby P (50FV), Juan Then P (45FV), Milkar Perez 3B (40FV)

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27 Jul 2021 15:02:19
NY Mets Trades for post season push:

Trade for Max Scherzer
Mets send to Nationals
1. Mark Vientos
2. David Peterson

Trade for J. Baez and C. Kimbrel
Mets send to Cubs
1. Ronny Mauricio
2. Frank Kilome

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27 Jul 2021 15:27:07
If Nats could land Vientos that would be an incredibly solid get for Scherzer.

Love Mauricio as the headliner here, but there would have to be some other supplementary pieces like Alexander Ramirez or Jordan Palmer instead of Kilome with the direction the cubs have gone in most trades.

Not bad all around, feel like both these moves would put the Mets as serious contenders.

27 Jul 2021 17:31:56

Nats trade
Agreed that Vientos and Peterson would be a goo hall for Nats especially since Scherzer is a rental. They would get a young position player and a decent MLB pitcher under control. It's costly but the Mets would go into the playoffs with arguably the best 1 - 2 punch in a rotation.

Cubs trade
I agree the secondary pieces would change. The only thing is that I don't think the mets will want to trade Palmer while trading Mauricio in this trade and Vientos in the Nats trade. After Mauricio the Mets don't have much SS prospect depth.
Mets would get Baez who could play SS until Lindor comes back then shift around to 2b, 3b when Lindor in healthy. Plus getting Kimbrel for this year and next year ---- he's been lock down.

27 Jul 2021 17:33:34
I highly doubt Nats would trade Turner.
Turner and Soto are the 2 players they will build around.

27 Jul 2021 17:37:35
There's a better chance that Chi Sox says something bad about Jose Abreu than the Cubs getting Ronny Mauricio for Baez + Kimbrel.

27 Jul 2021 18:05:13

There have been multiple legitimate sources that have stated the Nats are taking offers on Turner and Seattle is very interested.

27 Jul 2021 07:44:19
Here's what the White Sox should do this week:

Trade #1

White Sox get: RHP Ryan Tepera
Cubs Get: RHP Andrew Dalquist, INF Yolbert Sanchez

Trade #2

White Sox get: 3B/2B Eduardo Escobar
Diamondbacks get: 1B/OF Gavin Sheets

Trade #3

White Sox get: Ian Kennedy RHP
Rangers get: DH Yermin Mercedes, RHP Kade McClure

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27 Jul 2021 11:15:10
Tepera trade isn’t bad at all. Would be a solid return for a rental and Sox would get a consistent bullpen arm. I like it.

27 Jul 2021 04:39:52

Athletics: Andrew Chafin

Cubs: Greg Diechmann OF (FV40+), Daniel Palencia P (FV40+)

FV according to Fangraphs. com.

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27 Jul 2021 13:38:50
It's an interesting return for Chafin. Very low floor, medium ceiling type players.

The real prize for the Cubs could be Palencia. If they can work on his stuff, he's got late-inning upside, in my opinion.

Deichmann will be one of those guys who runs out of options and gets DFA'd in a few years.

27 Jul 2021 13:57:23
What…? Lol was a 2nd round pick in 2017 and likely would have been up early this year if they didn’t lose 2020 to c.v.. He has also improved his walk rate a ton and cut his strikeout %.

I agree he doesn’t have a high ceiling, but to make that statement you made in your last sentence is just incorrect. Especially when you hype up Dubon who is older and performing worse at the same level.

27 Jul 2021 14:20:08
Dubon is MLB-bench depth who can be played all over the field, something guys like Jed Hoyer have targeted in the past (see: Zobrist, Ben) .

Also, how is Dubon performing worse at the "same level"?

2021 AAA stats:
Dubon- 143 wRC+. .419 wOBA
Deichmann- 128 wRC+, .395 wOBA

They are performing at pretty similar rates. They are both low-ceiling, low-floor guys. Also, both have hilariously unsustainable BABIPs in AAA. Deichmann isn't going to have a .400 BABIP for the Cubs. A BABIP of even .350 pulls his wRC+ down to around league average (100).

I can see why the Cubs are intrigued by Deichmann. If he works out, it's brilliant. They got a great OF for the price of Andrew Chafin (who is also having a hilariously unsustainable year) . If he doesn't, well, they got a 26-year-old OF prospect who likely wasn't going to be much more than a 4th OF anyway.

It's a good trade. But I would lower your expectations for Deichmann by a significant amount.

27 Jul 2021 14:23:55
Also, my statement of "Deichmann will be one of those guys who runs out of options and gets DFA'd in a few years. " cannot be incorrect yet.

It's a prediction. One that neither you nor I have any indication whether it's right or wrong.

If you think Deichmann will be some stud in Chicago, by all means, predict away. I'm of the belief that he's not much of an improvement over someone like Michael Hermosillo, who the Cubs won't even roster.

I'm okay with being wrong, but Deichmann's types have been around for over a decade, and rarely do they stick around.

I'm not incorrect. You're not incorrect. It's called a "prediction". We'll deem what's correct in about 3-5 years.

27 Jul 2021 14:40:56
Ben Zobrist was a key piece in a World Series winning team and a 2 time all star BEFORE the Cubs acquired him. Just because Dubon can play multiple positions doesn’t put him in any relation with Zobrist.

When did I have expectations about GD? I just didn’t agree with what you said. I agreed his ceiling isn’t high, but to say he will be one of those guys to be DFA is just silly given the fact he has shown improvement and has potential to hit well.

27 Jul 2021 17:46:35
My point to Dubon was that positional flexibility is something that Hoyer is ON THE RECORD saying he values. If he can have a bench piece who plays infield and outfield, he can put more relievers on the roster.

Deichmann is a 26-year-old OF prospect, who doesn't hit lefties, at all, who is relying on a .401 BABIP to produce in AAA. He's not going to carry a .401 BABIP in Chicago, or anything close to it.

He'll likely be a 65-80 wRC+ guy, which isn't a starter, by any means, and likely shouldn't come off the bench, unless he becomes someone who can tee off on RHP. Unless something drastically changes, Deichmann is a platoon-guy, likely at the highest possible projection. And those guys get optioned and DFA'd literally every day in baseball.

He's an intriguing option, but saying he's likely to waste his option years and be DFA'd isn't that silly.


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