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03 Feb 2021 12:31:41
NY METS last 2 moves

1. Trade w/ Reds
Mets get -
Castillo and Eugenio Suarez

Reds get -
JD Davis, Familia ($5mil), Vientos, Szapucki and Junior Santos

2. Sign defensive CF -

LF - Nimmo
SS - Lindor
2b - McNeil
DH - Alonso
RF - Conforto
3b - Suarez
1b - D. Smith
C - McCann
CF - Almora

Guillorme (ss, 2b, 3b)
Nido (C)
Jose Martinez (LF, RF, 1b)
Heredia (OF)

Peterson / Lucchesi

Lucchesi / Drew Smith

This is a deep team.
Good lineup
Much improved defense
Great rotation
Improved pen

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03 Feb 2021 13:36:29
Guys, you aren't getting Luis Castillo for anything short of an elite, controllable player and probably a top 50 prospect as well.

Adding in Suarez as well? Yeah, Mets would need to include Francisco Alvarez AND Ronny Mauricio, just to begin the conversation.

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03 Feb 2021 14:11:01
At the beginning of the offseason I'd agree with you.
But so far the major trade didn't get packages like you are saying.
Lindor, Darvish, Snell, Arenado didn't get back top prospects
Teams who need to dump salary are taking lesser players.

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03 Feb 2021 16:50:23
Lindor is a rental.
Darvish is old and expensive.
Snell is on a 3-year deal that is moderately expensive.
Arenado is crazy expensive.

Castillo is still under team control for three seasons and the Reds have zero reason to move him.

And for what it’s worth, the Rays got a really good return on Snell.

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03 Feb 2021 17:28:14
Castillo isn't a salary dump, either.

Trading Castillo would represent an opportunity for the Reds to get more youth in their system and try to rebuild a core.

If they want to dump salary, they'll likely start with Sonny Gray, Suarez, or even Moustakas.

But trading Castillo for a lesser return doesn't make any sense.

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29 Jan 2021 13:32:04
Rest of Yankees Offseason (Time to go All In)


Reds get Deivi Garcia, Kyle Higashioka, Luis Gil, Oswaldo Perez, and Alexander Vizciano

Yankees get Luis Castillo

Brewers get Miguel Andujar, Estevan Florial, Anthony Volpe, and Luis Medina

Yankees get Josh Hader

Free Agency

Sign Yadier Molina for 1 year and $5 million



2B LeMahieu
RF Judge
SS Torres
DH Stanton
1B Voit
C Sanchez
LF Frazier
3B Urshela
CF Hicks


C Molina
1B Ford
IF Wade
OF Tauchman

Rotation (6 Man to keep fragile arms healthy especially after small workload in 2020)



German (Swingman)
Loaisiga (Swingman)
Green (Opener/Middle Reliever)
O'Day (Middle Reliever)
Hader (7th Inning Setup Man/Fire Man)
Britton (8th Inning Setup Man)
Chapman (Closer)

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29 Jan 2021 15:27:52
The Castillo portion of this posting is Dead in the water. Start with BOTH Jasson AND Gleyber. Higashi is redundant. Deivi is a tiny little guy. Gil is nothing special. Perez and Vizcaino are too far away to matter. This is just a bad deal. A Reds' star for Yankee garbage. won't make it.

The Hader deal is pretty good.

Yadi will probably retire before moving to another team. READ: He'll resign with the Red Birds.

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29 Jan 2021 18:05:07
That Luis Castillo trade is a joke, right?

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11 Jan 2021 22:12:48
To Red Sox: Randal Grichuk, Jordan Groshans, Simeon Woods-Richardson, Trent Thornton
To Blue Jays: Rafael Devers, Andrew Benintendi

Jays Sign Trevor Bauer 4 yr/ 130mil
Brad Hand 3 yr/ 22.5mil
Eddie Rosario 2 yr/ 14mil

1) SS Bo Bichette
2) 2B Cavan Bigio
3) 3B Rafael Devers
4) RF Teoscar Hernandez
5) LF Lourdes Gurriel Jr
6) 1B Vladimir Guerrero Jr
7) DH Rowdy Tellez/ Alejandro Kirk
8) CF Andrew Benintendi
9) C Jansen

Santiago Espinal
Jonathon Davis
Eddie Rosario
Rowdy Tellez/ Alejandro Kirk

1) Trevor Bauer
2) Hyun-Jin Ryu
3) Nate Pearson
4) Robbie Ray
5) Tanner Roark

Jordan Romano
Brad Hand
Rafael Dolis
Anthony Bass
Ryan Borucki
Ross Stripling
Sean Reid-Foley
Julian Merryweather

Have Hatch, Kay and Zeuch as Rotation depth in the minors.


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12 Jan 2021 03:46:56
I don't think Boston makes that trade within their division, and I don't think you need to give Rosario a 2-year deal. He's nothing more than a DH.

I could see Kris Bryant making sense for the Jays, however.

But I could also see them getting in on Bauer.

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12 Jan 2021 14:59:09
Why would the Blue Jays, or any team, give Brad Hand 22M and a three-year commitment when they could have had him for less than 10 on a 1-year deal?

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12 Jan 2021 16:02:01
@natedog less money per, especially when you look at hendricks deal, the next best reliever will want more than a 1yr contract.

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12 Jan 2021 16:23:15
1 year deals at higher AAVs are always more preferential to teams than long-term deals at slightly less AAV.

I guess you could argue that it was too early to make that type of commitment with Brad Hand, and that things changed now. But I think there was something teams saw in Hand that probably made them not want to drop that kind of money.

Until I see that contract, I won't believe he's getting it.

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25 Jan 2021 03:33:47
Oh look, a 1-year deal for Brad Hand.

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08 Jan 2021 15:49:14

NYM- Kris Bryant & Kyle Hendricks
CHC- JD Davis, Ronny Mauricio, Matthew Allen & Mark Vientos

This gives the Mets the best lineup in baseball while also upgrading their defense. The Cubs shed more payroll, but restock the farm with multiple top prospects and an immediate replacement for Bryant.

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30 Dec 2020 18:01:47
Here fair trade

Braves get
3B Kris Bryant
RP Craig Kimbrel

Cubs get

3B/Ss Johan Camargo
CF Ender Inciate
RP Freddy Tarnok top 20
LP Phil pfister braves 22
Of Greyson jenista braves 23

The braves get Bryant who play 3b and they can play Riley who can play Lf for now , and insurance just in case lose Bryant next year , and and give Kimbrel back home where he belongs and give chance be place where he and family feel Comfortable . And the Cubs get young 3b to replace for Bryant , they get Enders who could use fresh start and off set some of the money and they get 3 young prospect for the their rebuild , that fare trade

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04 Jan 2021 14:26:10
Ahhh yes, a totally fair trade that give you a legitimately talented 3B for literally every player the Braves don't want/ need.

Totally fair. Wink.

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30 Dec 2020 18:00:30
Ok since the Cubs got very little of major player in the Darvish trade with the Padres here's an idea for a trip from the Braves and the Cubs . When tried to be fair to the Cubs

Braves get
3b Kris Bryant
Rp Craig Kimbtrel

Cubs get
SS/3b Johann camargo
Cf Ender Incaite
Rp Freddy Tarnok brave 20 prospect
LP Phil Pliater Braves 22 prospect
Of Greyson Jenista brave 23 prospect

I'm think Thai still very fair trade for both teams. Brave get off set some of the contracts plus get Bryant. To play 3b for the year of can't sign them and can play Austin Riley In Left field for the year , keep for insurance next year play 3b just case Bryant walls . And Kimbrel l is still beloved in Braves country who know get back home where he belong might get back to old ways and he could maybe close next year for them

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30 Dec 2020 03:01:52
White Sox/Cubs

White Sox get:

Kyle Hendricks RHP
Kris Bryant 3B/OF

Cubs Get:
Michael Kopech RHP
Jose Rodriguez SS/2B
Bryce Bush 3B/OF

The Cubs are clearly in DEEP financial troubles given the Darvish deal. The C.V. hit them at the worst possible time with their expenditures outside of baseball. They would be best suited to tear it down with Hoyer as the new head honcho, This deal clears an additional $32.6 million in 2020 and potential $76 million total.

Do they make this deal with their crosstown rival that already fleeced them in the recent 2017 blockbuster? Probably not - we're talking about the once face of the franchise (and they thought face of baseball) bat and now clearly their best pitcher. But beyond that, this makes sense for both teams.

Bryant can play both OF & INF corners, but mainly slot into LF and allow Eloy Jimenez to DH more often than not for one year. He doesn't have a lot of trade value at all. Adding Hendricks gives the Sox the best rotation in the AL.

Hendricks could very well remain even if Bryant, Contreras and/or Baez is dealt given his control. However, if they are intent on a full tear down, Hendricks' value probably isn't going to appreciate much more.

The Cubs still get a top-25 prospect and a couple of intriguing lottery tickets.

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30 Dec 2020 17:13:57
Would they sell that low on both players, especially after getting "hosed" on the Darvish deal? (FWIW, I don't think the Darvish deal was *that* bad. ) He'll be 35 in April and is owed ~60M still. The Cubs getting Davies and 4 45 FV prospects for him is a decent haul.

I also don't understand how Cubs ownership can claim poverty. They just made billions on the sale of TD Ameritrade to Charles Schwab (and screwed over 10,000+ people in Omaha in the process) .

I do wonder how overplayed the financial crisis is in Chicago. Are they out of money? Or do they just not want to pay a 35-year-old pitcher all that money right now? Can they keep Hendricks and Bryant (and extend Bryant) now that they've freed up some money elsewhere?

I think there's a lot of overblown media hype surrounding this move. It could be that Hoyer thinks really highly of the youngsters he's getting back.

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30 Dec 2020 17:21:12
As far as this deal is concerned: the question would remain as I've asked: how valuable is Kopech, really? Do you honestly think the White Sox can get not just one, but TWO legitimately talented players with just him?

Remember: he hasn't played in 2 years. He skipped the season over something that is rather concerning (a divorce, which, unfortunately is common enough that it's not a reason to opt out), and his mental health issues–regardless of how you feel about the issue–are going to be a topic of conversation in front offices.

The Cubs have, over the past several years, focused on guys who come in with very few questions about attitude, behavior, and character. That's not to say their players are perfect humans, but it's obvious that avoiding potential head-cases (of which Kopech is 100%) is a goal of theirs.

Frankly, I don't see the Cubs taking Kopech as the centerpiece for the best remaining starting pitcher and their most popular player in their franchise.

I see them working out a long-term deal with Bryant.

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29 Dec 2020 21:21:38
Crazy idea for a crazy team

Padres trade Gore, Abrams, Myers, Lucchessi, Baez, Ornellas, Lawson

Angels trade Trout

C: Nola, Campusano, caratini
1b: Hosmer
2b: Kim, Cronenworth
3b: machado
Ss: tatis
Lf: pham
Cf: trout
Rf: Grisham

Morejon/ weathers
2022: clevinger added.

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30 Dec 2020 17:22:02
Crazy is the right word to describe it.

Any deal for Trout has to, I repeat HAS TO, involve Tatis. No exaggeration.

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