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30 Jul 2016 23:38:45
Padres trade
OF Matt Kemp while eating salary
OF Travis Jankowski

Braves trade
P Touki Tousainnt
OF Ronald Acuna
Non top 30 prospect.

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30 Jul 2016 22:08:58
Seattle and LAD trade

Seattle acquires

Yasiel Puig + 7.5 million dollars
Chase De Jong

Los Angeles Dodgers acquire


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31 Jul 2016 00:09:00
Ridiculous. Lee is a good player who the Dodgers could get if they want but Puig is worth so much more than him even with all his baggage.

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31 Jul 2016 00:09:02
Worst trade I've seen ever.

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31 Jul 2016 01:03:47
The Dodgers wouldn't do this they got Ardiran Gonzalez.

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30 Jul 2016 21:45:18
Angels send
P Joe Smith
OF Jaimai Jones
C Taylor Ward
P Jose Alvarez
3B Kaleb Cowart

Dodgers send
OF Yaisel Puig
OF Starling Heredia
P Josh Sborz
SS Ronny Brito.

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30 Jul 2016 22:27:42
And the Dodgers and Angels do this because?

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30 Jul 2016 23:20:36
Please. Scioscia wouldn't put up with Puig.

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31 Jul 2016 00:09:53
The Dodgers need to acquire outfielders not trade them.

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30 Jul 2016 21:35:08
Padres trade
C: Derek Norris
P: Enyel De Los Santos

1B Ronald Guzman
IF Hanser Alberto.

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31 Jul 2016 00:11:17
Good trade.

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30 Jul 2016 20:52:53
Nationals acquire: Mark Melancon
Pirates acquire; Reynaldo Lopez, Andrew Stevenson, Pedro Severino.

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30 Jul 2016 21:53:13
Sorry, didn't see he got traded, but I think the Pirates would've been better off getting what I proposed than what they got.

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30 Jul 2016 20:22:42
Orioles acquire: Ervin Santana
Twins acquire: Chris Lee, Oliver Drake
Santana isn't great but can at least eat up innings so the O's can pitch their bullpen in 7-8-9 and has pitched well lately. Twins get good prospects for 2 months of Santana.

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30 Jul 2016 21:34:55
I don't think Santana is a free agent; thus, the Orioles would have him and his salary moving forward.

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30 Jul 2016 23:11:03
Really, really bad fore Minnesota. Trading a good, but not great starter for a teams 13th ranked prospect and a not top 30 prospect from one of the worst farm systems in baseball.

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31 Jul 2016 00:46:26
Santana could draw a bigger return.

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30 Jul 2016 20:11:22
Indians acquire: Jonathan Lucroy
Brewers acquire: Trevor Bauer, Bradley Zimmer, Rob Kaminsky, Yandy Diaz.

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30 Jul 2016 20:00:17
Red Sox acquire: Tyler Thornburg,
Brewers acquire: Mauricio Dubon, Chandler Shepherd, Bryce Brentz
Dubon might be most underrated prospect Red Sox have and Shepherd and Brentz both have potential.
Sox get a nice reliever.

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30 Jul 2016 19:28:54

1. Martin CF
2. Seager 3rd
3. Cano 2nd
4. Cruz RF
5. Vogalbatch DH/ 1st
6. Lee 1st/ DH
7. Aoki LF
8. Cozart SS
9. Ianetta C

1. Sardius/ Marte SS
2. Smith OF
3. Zanino C
4. Gutierrez OF

1. Hernandez
2. Iwakuma
3. Walker
4. Paxton
5. Miley

1. Karns
2. Whiliamson
3. Diaz
4. Nuno
5. Vincent
6. Storen
7. Ceshick

Trade Lind, O'Mally and Kivlehan to the Reds for Cozart and Diaz.

Call up Vogalbatch.

Obviously there are injures so there will be fill in peices until everyone is healthy but once everyone is this team should be a top contender in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

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30 Jul 2016 19:58:30
Yeah Sull, I would defiantly want Drew Storen as my setup man.

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30 Jul 2016 21:36:09
Why would the Reds want Adam Lind?

They have a guy named Votto at 1B. Maybe you have heard of him?

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30 Jul 2016 21:37:24
You can reorder the bullpen arms I just chose this order but it doesn't have to be I just think that it should be composed of these 7 men.

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30 Jul 2016 19:04:06
Pirates are in a predicament on to sell or buy. They should sell a little but keep in a position to compete next year.
Nationals get: Mark Melancon and Allen Hanson
Pirates get: Lucas Giolito.

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30 Jul 2016 19:27:33
pretty good idea. has the potential to happen if both teams are willing to give those prices up.

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30 Jul 2016 19:58:57
I could see Melancon for Roarke/ Lopez.

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30 Jul 2016 20:49:42
And I think the Pirates over-valued Melancon just a weeeee bit.

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30 Jul 2016 21:36:48
Giolito will not be traded unless it's for a huge talent.

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30 Jul 2016 18:53:08
Tampa Bay: Alex Colome and Jake Odorizzi

Texas: Joey Gallo, Yohander Mendez, Nick Martinez, Ryan Rua and Michael Matuella.

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30 Jul 2016 19:07:32
Not enough going to the Rays.

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30 Jul 2016 18:46:30
Texas: Derek Norris

San Diego: Connor Sadzeck and Ryan Cordell.

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30 Jul 2016 18:40:44
Kansas City: Andrew Faulkner and Ariel Jurado

Texas: Edison Volquez.

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30 Jul 2016 17:58:16
Mets Get: Joe Smith

Angels Get: LHP Anthony Kay.

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30 Jul 2016 18:29:50
not enough for the Angels.

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30 Jul 2016 19:25:53
Angels need more.

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30 Jul 2016 16:01:58
Rangers Get: Jonathan Lucroy and Will Smith

Brewers Get: Robinson Chirinos, Joey Gallo, Lewis Brinson, and Luis Ortiz.

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30 Jul 2016 15:13:09
Indians get: Boone Logan and Ryan Raburn

Rockies get: Bobby Bradley

Indians get a much needed lefty reliever and Raburn returns to Cleveland.

Rockies get a future firstbase man in Bradley.

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30 Jul 2016 16:56:53
No way the Indians give up Bradley for two rentals. I understand Logan is having a great year, but it's not likely the Indians do that.

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30 Jul 2016 17:08:41
^^But did you see what Chapman got?

Or are you now saying that's not relevant?

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30 Jul 2016 17:47:52
Haha let it go, jerk.

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30 Jul 2016 15:09:14
Indians get: Carlos Ruiz and Jeremy Hellickson

Phillies get: Justus Sheffield and Rob Kaminsky

Hellickson fills in for an injured Carrasco and Ruiz is another option at catcher

The Phillies get two left handed pitching prospects of which they don't have many.

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30 Jul 2016 22:09:14
Carrasco is not injured. This is just ridiculous.

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30 Jul 2016 14:17:55
3 way trade:

Braves get: Puig
Dodgers get: Jay Bruce, mid level prospect from ATL.
Reds get: kevin Maitan.

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30 Jul 2016 15:14:23
This is awful. Its been said that the Braves aren't the 3rd team. Plus why would the rebuilding braves want Puig? Secondly the Reds aren't getting enough for Bruce and Maitan was just signed in international signing period and I don't think he can be traded just yet.

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30 Jul 2016 16:13:47
Wow. Reds get screwed.

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30 Jul 2016 08:46:26
Cincinnati trade: Zack Cozart

Seattle trade: Christopher Torres, Dan Altavilla, Jio Orozco.

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30 Jul 2016 14:24:22
Zack Littell instead of Christopher Torres and I like this trade.

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30 Jul 2016 06:12:04
Out of the box thinking: LAA/ WSH

Angels Get: Giolito

Why? It would be extremely tough to trade Bedrosian with what he has shown this year. However the Angels need TOR arms badly. I think instead of trading Street for pennies on the dollar and keeping Bedrosian, do the opposite. Trade Bedrosian while his value is sky high and keep Street and hope he bounces back and trade him either in the offseason or next year.

Nats Get: Bedrosian

Why? The Nats get a lights out reliever/ closer with tons of team control left. Seems like the Miller/ Davis dreams might be unrealistic and Melancon becomes a FA this offseason.

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30 Jul 2016 06:21:32
This is funny.

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30 Jul 2016 08:07:05
I hope your trolling. Top 5 prospect in mlb for a Set up man who has had 3 good mnths?

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30 Jul 2016 08:21:25
I can't wait for someone to reference the Chapman trade as a reason for overpaying.

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30 Jul 2016 13:50:24
Angles fan much.

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30 Jul 2016 14:47:06
Just because its rumored that the Nats would give up Giolito for Miller straight up, doesn't mean that every reliever out there will have the same return in the Nationals case.

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30 Jul 2016 16:14:42
This is among the worst ideas I have ever seen here.

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