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05 Jun 2017 18:44:36
blue jays get: Jay Bruce

mets get: Danny Barnes

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05 Jun 2017 23:45:47

07 Jun 2017 02:21:16
Jays need all the pitching helpvthey can right now with their injuries. They have a little more flexibility in the outfield. We will see what direction the Jays go from now until the all star break.

05 Jun 2017 08:06:38
Colorado Rockies. 2017's biggest surprise is off to a sizzling start, and it wouldn't be a surprise if they gave up quality prospects to improve their big league roster. I see them with two needs - rotation and bullpen.

For any pitchers that they acquire, a high Ground Ball Percentage is essential, so that the long ball can be limited.

Rotation candidates
Sonny Gray (53.8 GB% since 2015)
Marcus Stroman (60.7 GB% since 2015)
Garrett Richards (54.1 GB% since 2015)

Bullpen candidates
Dan Jennings (59 GB%)
Mark Rzepczynski (67.9 GB%)
Brad Ziegler (67.9 GB%)

Realistically, I see them going after Gray and Ziegler. Jays and Halos are unlikely to trade away their stars.

Rockies acquire: Sonny Gray
Athletics acquire: Riley Pint, David Dahl, Ben Bowden

Rockies acquire: Brad Ziegler
Marlins get: Peter Lambert, Forrest Wall, Sam Moll

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05 Jun 2017 12:54:00
Gray may be dealt, but I cannot see Colorado giving up that much for him.

05 Jun 2017 16:55:48
Ziegler for 3 of the Rockies top 30 prospects? I don't think so. Not every reliever will bring in big returns. Plus the Marlins aren't smart enough to ask for something like that.

05 Jun 2017 20:04:23
Replace Dahl with Tapia and/ or Pint with Castellani and it's a little more realistic.

07 Jun 2017 02:26:08
If any jays starter gets traded from the Jays, it won't be Stroman or Sanchez. Estrada and Happ might be up for grabs though if Jays fall farther back.

09 Jun 2017 17:27:41
Colorado isn't trading Dahl he is their future in the OF. Cargo and Blackman aren't getting any younger. I could see them looking to move Story who just hasn't been the same since his injury and give someone like Brendan Rodgers a shot at the everyday shortstop role. But they have a really good young core. I think they wait one more year before actually going into full win now mode. Let guys like Dahl and Gray and Ottavino get healthy and then this offseason look for an upgrade at 1st (doubt Reynolds can keep his pace up) and possibly at SS (but I personally say give Rodgers a shot at the end of the year when the rosters expand. So I say wait one more year and then focus on winning now and pick up a bullpen arm or two possibly a rotation arm and then an upgrade at 1st and possibly at SS and C too. But their time is definitely coming and pretty soon they will become a postseason regular again like they use to be.

04 Jun 2017 23:51:47
After trading Cueto, San Francisco let's Matt Cain walk. The two moves save the Giants some $42 million for next season.

San Fran then sends INF/OF Eduardo Nunez to Boston. He helps shore up 3B for the Sox.

Boston sends the Giants 3B prospect Bobby Dalbec and LHP Jhonathan Diaz.

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09 Jun 2017 17:02:29
I'm not moving Dalbec for Nunez. Nunez is an ok player, but a lot of scouts are saying that they don't think Devers will be sticking at 3rd, and will likely move to 1st. I'd like to keep Dalbec around for that. I'd put Chavis into the deal instead.

04 Jun 2017 23:44:13
San Francisco punts on the season soon and will look to the future.

Giants trade Johnny Cueto to Houston, which needs reinforcements for its playoff run. Cueto joins a rotaton led by Keuchel and McCullars, a nice playoff trifecta.

Astros send OF Derek Fisher, RHP Forrest Whitley and OF Daz Cameron, three of its top 10 prospects, to San Fran.

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03 Jun 2017 21:07:15
The Brewers are unexpectedly contending this year, but have some obvious needs to continue to do so.

Milwaukee deals OF Lewis Brinson, 3B Lucas Erceg, and OF Brett Phillips to Tampa Bay for SP Jake Odorizzi. He moves to the top of the rotation for the Brew Crew, while Tampa gets some young, controllable offensive talent.

The Brewers then send RHPs Lewis Ortiz and Phil Bickford, along with SP Wily Peralta, to KC for closer Kelvin Herrera.

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04 Jun 2017 03:42:59
The Brewers spent a lot of energy acquiring top prospects. I can't imagine they give them all away just for a shot at contending in 2017.

If they make the playoffs with the roster they have, great. If not, well, they didn't expect too. I actually expect them to shop guys like Braun still.

04 Jun 2017 17:44:54
I mostly agree, book. This doesn't get into a couple of their top prospects, Corey Ray and Josh Hader, not their young OFs, Broxton and Santana.

I think they try to deal Braun over the next year or so for more young guys. I am somewhat surprised the Dodgers didn't bite already.

05 Jun 2017 06:15:25
Brinson is by far their most valuable prospect, in my opinion, as well as many scouts I've read. I can't see them being short-sighted and giving him up.

03 Jun 2017 14:26:11
Yankees Trade Deadline Moves

A couple of their top prospects should be just about ready by then.

Soooo..... to make room for them,

Trade #1

Mariners get Brett Gardner

Yankees get Andrew Moore and Dillon Overton

Trade #2

Braves get Chase Headley

Yankees get Luke Jackson

Trade #3

Pirates get Jorge Mateo, Chance Adams, Dustin Fowler, Tyler Wade, and Jordan Montgomery

Yankees get Gerrit Cole

Release Chris Carter

Call up Gleyber Torres, Clint Frazier, and Tyler Austin



CF Ellsbury
C Sanchez
DH Holiday
RF Judge
2B Castro
SS Gregorius
1B Bird
3B Torres
LF Frazier


C Romine
1B Austin
IF Torreyes
OF Hicks




Mitchell (Swingman)
Warren (Swingman)
Layne (Lefty Specialist)
Shreve (Lefty Specialist)
Clippard (7th Inning Setup Man)
Betances (8th Inning Setup Man)
Chapman (Closer)

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03 Jun 2017 17:50:47
No bwight
A, the Pirates wouldn't accept that
B, Why would u trade two contributors for players that haven't proved themselves yet when u r in jt, what do u think each of them r going to come up and magically hit .350 with 30 HR's, No that doesn't happen
C, Why do the Braves do that.

03 Jun 2017 18:15:55
Get use to this. Bwright will be back every week with pretty much the same post or what he calls improvements. He did this last year when the trade deadline was coming, then again when the waiver trade deadline came, and in the offseason.

04 Jun 2017 13:57:54
So you have them buying AND selling?

If thu trade for Cole, it will cost them Clint Frazier, Jorge Mateo and then two more prospects, let's say Miguel Andujar and Domingo Acevedo.

05 Jun 2017 20:44:10
Seattle doesn't need outfield. They have plenty of young options in their farm system. They have three under 30 outfielder capable of hitting .300 currently on their major league roster. If they are able to overcome injuries and be buyers at the deadline, they are going to trade for pitching not a 33 year old outfielder for arguably their best pitching prospect (organization pitcher of the year last season) if they sell they won't be selling prospects. No from seattle.

05 Jun 2017 23:55:18
Cullen-still haven't a clue. JMontgomery has 4 games started with 3 hits or less. Only 2 other pitchers have done that. Their names Kershaw and ESantana. POTENTIAL! Have you seen Chance Adams numbers? He's 23-3 in AA and AAA. POTENTIAL:UNTOUCHABLE! Throw in Mateo TOP 50 MLB prospect and Fowler (check his numbers-.343 BA and .898 OPS. ) you are on drugs. Gerrit Cole is having so-so year. Definitely not worth it.

31 May 2017 18:53:46
I think the Rockies might go after a big time starter. I could see them dealing for Chris Archer. Here it is:

Rockies get Chris Archer
Rays get Ryan McMahon, Ramiel Tapia and Riley Pint.

Tampa gets some young offensive prospects and a potential future ace in Pint.

The Rockies get an ace who can push them into the playoffs and possibly beyond. He will eat a lot of innings to keep the bullpen fresh and will take pressure off of Sentezala, Hoffman, Freeman's and company.

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31 May 2017 21:21:42
I think you're right that the Rockies should go after a starter and I think they need to sweeten the pot if they want Archer.

While I love Pint as a prospect, he's only 19. Not quite sure I'd label him a future ace quite yet.

31 May 2017 21:35:02
For Archer, the Rockies will have to give up premium, young MLB talent. We're talking the likes of David Dahl, Hoffman + 2 of their top 3 prospects in their organization.

31 May 2017 22:26:07
Not bad, but I think it takes more to get Archer.

01 Jun 2017 00:56:06
Maybe switch out Pint for Hoffman, switch Dahl for Tapia and add Dom Nunez.

01 Jun 2017 02:55:23
@ Scottness89, I think that value is there but do you think Rox are willing to part with Dahl/ Hoffman right now? I don't pay attention to them enough to understand how much they currently contribute but my guess is enough to not part ways with.

I think putting a package around Rogers would be the way to go. It might hurt parting with your top prospect but it allows you to keep your team in tact this year and likely retain depth in your system.

01 Jun 2017 05:37:31
The Rockies won't part with those guys. But the Rays aren't going to just hand Archer over. They will get premium, young MLB talent for him.

01 Jun 2017 13:01:54
I think Dahl becomes somewhat expendable given that they have Cargo, Parra and Blackmon who are all left handed hitting OFs, not to mention Tapia on the cusp. And after giving it more thought, I think they'd trade Hoffman before Pint. Hoffman just reminds me of an AL guy. I think his repertoire could be shaky in Coors.

As for Rogers, I don't see Colorado moving him at all. He will be the shortstop soon enough. He's going to be more consistent than Story.

29 May 2017 15:23:11
Heard this on a Chicago radio station:

Royals Get: Albert Almora, Jeimer Candelario, Dylan Cease

Cubs Get: Danny Duffy, Lorenzo Cain

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29 May 2017 16:48:21
Danny Duffy is going to cost teams a lot more.

30 May 2017 01:14:52
Duffy isn't going anywhere except to the trainer's room; he just landed on the DL.

30 May 2017 18:42:04
Yeah this trade is irrelevant now with him on the DL but just thought it would've been interesting as his talent/ contract is exactly what the cubs need along with a leadoff/ cf type in Cain. KC getting back a potential starting CF and 1b in preparation for Hosmer to leave, and a nice young arm in Cease.

30 May 2017 23:27:09
I like the basics of the trade. Duffy's injury ends this one. But, Cain could still be dealt; the two sides have made a few deals, including the Wade Davis-Jorge Soler trade.

26 May 2017 15:28:53
White Sox

CWS- Clint Frazier, Jorge Mateo, Chance Adams
NYY- Jose Quintana

Deadline move. Yankees are in good position to make a run in a weak AL. They have the offensive fire power, but lack an ideal 1-2 for the playoffs. Quintana and Tanaka will give them two very good pitchers to compete in the playoffs. The White Sox should continue to add young talent and focus on competing in 2018.

CWS- Jesus Luzardo, Drew Ward
WSH- David Robertson

Deadline move. This trade was agreed upon in the offseason, but money was the reason it didn't go down. The Nationals need a RP bad and the White Sox get two more young guys to add to their farm.

3B Mike Moustakas 4 years $52 million

DH Mitch Moreland 2 years $15 million

C- Zach Collins
1B- Jose Abreu
2B- Yoan Moncada
3B- Mike Moustakas
SS- Tim Anderson
LF- Clint Frazier
CF- Jorge Mateo
RF- Avasil Garcia
DH- Mitch Moreland

SP- Lucas Giolito
SP- Carlos Rodon
SP- Michael Kopech
SP- Reynaldo Lopez
SP- Dane Dunning

LR- Chance Adams
MR- Chris Beck
MR- Michael Ynoa
MR- Nate Jones
MR- Zach Burdi
SU- Tommy Kahnle
CL- Carson Fulmer

By the middle of 2018 this should be their Roster. They have young talent at every position and would be in good position to make some real noise in 2019.

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26 May 2017 21:33:54
Plausible, for sure.

27 May 2017 00:38:43
I can tell you're a Mets fan. Weak AL? Check the records. NL has more teams with losing records than winning records. AL East has best combined division record in baseball. Why would Yankees give up Frazier AND Chase Adams (check his numbers) PLUS top 50 minor leaguer Mateo for SP w/ ERA 4.82. Rather have G Cole. Much better talent.

27 May 2017 13:38:37
Mitch, either way, the Yankees will give up a lot for a premium arm such as Quintana or Cole. Quintana's contract is more team friendly than Cole, which means he may be harder to acquire.

27 May 2017 15:08:46
LBF, Cole is not signed to any long term contract and is only making 3.75 million this year. He is arbitration eligible until 2020. Quintana has the long term contract and is making 7 million this year, also a free agent after 2020. So who is on a more team friendly contract?

27 May 2017 19:19:55
Quintana is likely to have the more team friendly deal. Cole will make a good chunk of change through arbitration. By Arb 3, it could be as high as $15M.

28 May 2017 16:11:38
Both trades certainly possible from a value standpoint but I really think the yankees are going to hold onto their assets and go after pitching via free agency.

However, unless Kenny takes control again I don't think ChiSox are going after big FA this year like Hosmer, also they're absolutely not going to rush any of their prospects. Moncada and Lopez could be up next year but nearly everyone else is still very raw. And I think Burdi is your closer over fulmer.

28 May 2017 17:04:59
Yes he is more likely in the long run to have a more friendly contract, but at this current time he doesn't, making the reason invalid.

29 May 2017 13:52:04
Batman, we aren't just limiting the conversation to "the current time". Gerrit Cole will make a lot of money via arbitration.

Quintana is guaranteed as little at 9.85M over the next 2 seasons (if his team buys out his contract) . Gerrit Cole could easily make that in 2018 and/ or 2019 alone.

Gerrit Cole's contract may "look" cheaper now. But it certainly won't be.

29 May 2017 14:20:49
I know, that is why I clearly stated "he, being QUintana, is more likely in the long run to have a more friendly contract"

29 May 2017 15:06:02
No, Batman, because Quintana's pay is set for years to come - while Cole is about to enter arbitration phase - Quintana's contract is much more team friendly.

29 May 2017 15:59:16
Thats what I just said.

29 May 2017 22:32:27
If that's what you said, why were you arguing with us?

30 May 2017 18:12:26
First of all I was point out at this current time Cole had the more team friendly contract or the lack of one, then I agreed in the future Quintana would have the more friendly contract.

30 May 2017 18:40:04
I know you are, but what am I?

30 May 2017 20:22:06
Let's get a replay:

I said: "Quintana is likely to have the more team friendly deal. Cole will make a good chunk of change through arbitration. By Arb 3, it could be as high as $15M. "

You fired back with: "Yes he is more likely in the long run to have a more friendly contract, but at this current time he doesn't, making the reason invalid. "

If you were saying the same thing as us (you weren't), there's no sense in arguing. If you weren't, you already disproved yourself (meaning your statement I quoted was wrong) .

You make debating 3 times harder than it needs to be.

30 May 2017 22:29:39
This argument was rather unnecessary. When this was first posted i asked who was really under the more team friendly deal. Check it out again, I did post who was making what. I agree in the long run that Cole will be signed to a longer, more lucrative deal. I'm not trying to be difficult, just trying to prove a point. Arbitration will be very kind, moneywise, for Cole. I just don't feel you can call that a long term contract, I could be wrong on that. So let's end this nonsense of an argument.

31 May 2017 04:01:43
I have no qualms with your posting of stats/ salary figures. It's when you say, "that's what I am saying" when it's clear it wasn't.

I'm just confused, because at one point, after I made a statement that Cole's was more friendly, you argued. Then all of a sudden, it's what you were saying? Again, it's confusing, which is why it's nonsense.

25 May 2017 21:35:10
KC is spiraling downward, while Washington has World Series plans.

Royals send CF Lorenzo Cain, a free agent-to-be, and closer Kelvin Herrera to D.C. Cain fills in for the injured Adam Eaton this summer and fall, while Herrera settles the Nats' bullpen.

KC receives a jolt to the farm system in RHP Erick Fedde, OF Andrew Stevenson, and 3B Drew Ward, three of the Nationals' top 12 prospects.

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26 May 2017 02:29:21
I like!

26 May 2017 13:42:39
I think Washington could send a little more to KC, but overall, I like it.


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