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08 Dec 2017 08:33:15
Baltimore trades Zach Britton to
Colorado fo INF Ryan Mcmahon,
SS Garrett Hampson, OF Sam Hilliard

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08 Dec 2017 08:25:47
PHI and TB

TB gets OF Aaron Altherr and C Andrew Knapp

PHI gets SP Jake Odorizzi and SP Jose De Leon

Phillie gets an immediate upgrade to the rotation, a solid mid rotation starter to pitch behind Nola, and a top pitching prospect that's major league ready. Rays get an above average bat to plug into LF with upside and remaining team control. They also get a catcher to add depth at AAA.

Rays have the starting depth to absorb this loss and the Phillies have young outfielders like Cozens and Quinn ready to step in as well as the financial resources to sign a bounce back candidate like Carlos Gonzalez.

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08 Dec 2017 16:12:52
I think the Rays could do better for Odorizzi.

08 Dec 2017 17:24:13
I think it might cost more for Odorizzi alone, including De Leon as well makes this have no chance of happening.

09 Dec 2017 01:57:55
The thing to keep in mind is years of control. Altherr has 4 years left of control, Odorizzi only 2.

09 Dec 2017 05:16:37
Also consider: you can find controllable outfielders anywhere. You can’t find controllable pitchers everywhere.

12 Dec 2017 01:36:36
No way are the Rays trading 2 for 2. They expect to get 2-3 players for Odorizzi alone. Also they never ever trade good young controllable pitchers like De Leon. They really like him.

08 Dec 2017 08:21:46
White Sox trades Jose Abreu, to
Red Sox for 3B Michael Chavis,RHP Alex Scherff,LHP Jalen Beeks, OFLorenzo Cedrola

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09 Dec 2017 01:26:43
This doesn't get it done. While I like Chavis, the White Sox already have a power hitting 3B in Jake Burger with around the same timeframe. I don't think Chavis is good enough to headline an Abreu trade.

The only way I see Abreu playing in Boston is if they offer up Benintendi or Devers and I don't think there is any chance of that. Hahn will only trade him if it's a home run.

09 Dec 2017 05:17:15
The Red Sox aren’t offering Benintendi or Devers for Abreu.

09 Dec 2017 05:49:46
Right, but those are the only headliners that would get him in a Red Sox uniform.

09 Dec 2017 15:13:46
Doubtful. No one is giving up talent of that magnitude when they can just as easily sign Carlos Santana or Eric Hosmer.

09 Dec 2017 15:53:25
I'm talking about from the standpoint of the White Sox, not saying Boston would do it.

09 Dec 2017 17:16:09
I don't think anyone would give up that kind of talent for a 1B right now (with a few obvious exceptions) . The market is so poor for 1B, the White Sox are better off keeping him and trading him to a contender in July.

08 Dec 2017 08:15:02
Pirates trades SP,Gerrit Cole to
Phillies for SP,drew Anderson,2B Daniel Brito,3B,Cole stobbe

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08 Dec 2017 08:09:09
Phillies tardes freddy Gálvis, to
San Diego padres for SP Logan Allen, Jacob Nix

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08 Dec 2017 03:11:16
Angels Get: 2B Josh Harrison, 1.35m International Pool Money

Pirates Get: OF Jahmai Jones, RHP Jaime Barria, 2B David Fletcher

Angels get a solid second baseman and more money to offer to Ohtani, and Pirates get a high upside OF prospect in Jones, a close to majors #3/ 4 in Barria, and a utilityman in Fletcher.

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08 Dec 2017 03:46:13
Pirates aren't interested in dealing Josh Harrison, unless they get a major leaguer.

08 Dec 2017 17:25:10
The Pirates are also chock full of 3-4 starting types in the upper minors.

08 Dec 2017 03:08:04
IMO the jays need to add in several spots, rotation, outfield, backup catcher. They can go one stop shopping in LA if they’re willing to pay the high price.
To jays: grandal, Pederson

To LA: Osuna, case.
Back up catcher and outfielder for bullpen help and bullpen prospect. I know this needs work, give me some ideas? Thanks.

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08 Dec 2017 16:27:54
Pederson is one of those guys that was a great prospect, so we give him more time and value him higher.

The reality is, he's a guy with literally no room for regression.

Let's look at the BABIP:

A+: .350
AA: .327
AAA: .385 (! )
MLB Debut: .235
Y1: .262
Y2: .296
Y3: .241

Just when it seemed like Pederson was figuring out major-league hitters, he regressed, and regressed hard. Fangraphs has some interesting articles on Pederson, specifically, and why he struggles with getting valuable hits, but all in all, I'm not seeing much to believe Pederson is ever going to match his hype. One more season and we can file him in the "bust" cabinet.

Moral of the story: the Blue Jays can do better than a rental catcher and a bust for Osuna.

08 Dec 2017 03:06:39
So, I'll be the first one to admit that this is not very good... but I would like to get back into this so I was curious what you guys would do different so I can get a better grasp on what works and doesn't.

Pirates Off-Season

Seung-Hwan Oh 1 year 3 million
Jaime Garcia 2 year 16 million
Yunel Escobar 1 year 4 million

Pirates get Jake Odorizzi
Ray's get Tyler Glasnow & Kevin Kramer

Pirates get Jurickson Profar
Rangers get David Freeze

Pirates get Nate Jones
White Sox get Ivan Nova

1 - Gerrit Cole
2 - Jameson Taillon
3 - Jake Odorizzi
4 - Jaime Garcia
5 - Trevor Williams

CL - Felipe Rivers
SU - George Kontos
SU - Nate Jones
MR - Daniel Hudson
MR - Seung-Hwan Oh
MR - Chad Kuhl
MR - Steven Brault

C - Francisco Cervelli
1B - Josh Bell
2B - Josh Harrison
3B - Yunel Escobar
SS - Jordy Mercer
LF - Starling Marte
CF - Andrew McCutchen
RF - Gregory Polanco

Jurickson Profar
Elias Diaz
Sean Rodriguez
Jose Osuna
Adam Frazier

I realize that the trades are pretty bad, although I think the Odorizzi one is decent. What should change?

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08 Dec 2017 16:30:03
I think the Odorizzi trade is the worst of all of these. The Pirates should not give up so quickly on Glasnow.

08 Dec 2017 17:29:29
Really? I thought that was by far the best trade. I think Glasnow could be good but not in Pittsburgh, I think he needs a change in scenery. Glasnow had no path to the rotation and is on the outside looking in to even make the bullpen. Has value because of his prospect history but has been horrendous in the majors.

09 Dec 2017 01:34:16
If Nate Jones can stay healthy, he has the upside of being a lockdown 8th inning guy that consistently hits triple digits with a wipeout slider. Not a chance the Sox give up on him for a guy like Ivan Nova, who is only controlled through 2019 and hasn't even been that great, especially with what solid relievers get at the deadline these days.

07 Dec 2017 21:13:32
Baltimore trades Manny Machado to phillies for 3BFranco, SPMedina,INF Jose gomez

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07 Dec 2017 22:49:24
Phillies would have add, maybe Dylan Cozens.

08 Dec 2017 14:34:35
The Orioles would have be completely blown away to move Machado.

This won’t do it. And nor is it close.

09 Dec 2017 01:34:54
Not even close.

07 Dec 2017 17:11:19
White Sox get Estevan Florial, Miguel Andujar, Tyler Wade, Tyler Austin, and Jake Cave

Yankees get Jose Abreu

White Sox add some quality prospects to an already loaded system for Abreu who doesn't fit in with their timeline.

The Yankees get their everyday DH and middle of the order bat who also provides insurance at 1B with Bird being injury prone who is on a very reasonable contract for his production.

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07 Dec 2017 18:01:19
Maybe, I guess.

I think the White Sox can get a better quality over quantity trade. Also, moving 5 players from the 40-man roster in a trade is almost completely unlikely.

07 Dec 2017 18:38:21
thestatbook, that is a fair point but Florial isn’t on the 40 man roster. Even four is still a lot though.

07 Dec 2017 22:04:22
I will say, I think it's a better trade than what you've come up with lately. I just don't know if the White Sox would want a bunch of lottery tickets, or more of a sure thing for Abreu.

Personally, I'd take multiple guys, but that's just my opinion.

07 Dec 2017 23:10:06
Okay then going along with what you said, what about adding someone like Acevedo or Abreu and taking out Austin and Cave. That’s a little bit more quality and a little less quantity. They’d be getting two top 100 prospects in Florial and Andujar plus Wade who is extremely versatile which is very valuable in today’s game and he just won the batting title in triple A. Plus a high upside arm in Acevedo and Abreu who aren’t far from being Major League ready.

08 Dec 2017 14:35:24
By auality, I mean a better player headlining.

Think Chance Adams.

09 Dec 2017 01:49:59
I agree with statbook, the White Sox are looking for quality over quantity at this point. They wouldn't be interested in Austin bc they have Matt Davidson and they have guys like Leury Garcia and Alen Hansen to play the utility role that probably best suits Wade.

I think Chance would have to be included (Adams, Andujar and Guzman? ), but a deal that has Florial, Sheffield?, Andujar, and a flamethrower like Acevedo or Guzman would be intriguing too just because the organization loves guys that near 100mph with the FB.

But if Chance is not included, are the Yankees going to trade 3 or 4 of their top 10 prospects for a guy who's only controlled for 2 years?


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