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Boxing Legends Part 4: Willie Pep

19 Jun 2019 13:45:34
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28 May 2019 23:49:48
What if...

The following is a re-draft of the top 10 picks from each draft from 2005-2013. Obviously some of these picks were/would have been traded as prospects, so the possibilities are endless. These drafts feature the top 10 players from each draft, and the team they would have gone to. Assuming these players would have gone on to stardom with a different team than the one they went to, how would the big leagues look today? Where would certain teams be?


1. Andrew McCutchen to the D-Backs
2. Ryan Braun to the Royals
3. Michael Brantley to the Mariners
4. Jay Bruce to the Nationals
5. Troy Tulowitzki to the Brewers
6. Justin Upton to the Blue Jays
7. Alex Gordon to the Rockies
8. Brett Gardner to the Rays
9. Jacoby Ellsbury to the Mets
10. Jed Lowrie to the Tigers


1. Clayton Kershaw to the Royals
2. Max Scherzer to the Rockies
3. Tim Lincecum to the Rays
4. Justin Turner to the Pirates
5. Evan Longoria to the Mariners
6. Andrew Miller to the Tigers
7. Zach Britton to the Dodgers
8. Chris Davis to the Reds
9. Dellin Betances to the Orioles
10. Jeff Samardzija to the Giants


1. Madison Bumgarner to the Rays
2. Giancarlo Stanton to the Royals
3. Corey Kluber to the Cubs
4. Anthony Rizzo to the Pirates
5. Freddie Freeman to the Orioles
6. David Price to the Nationals
7. Josh Donaldson to the Brewers
8. Jake Arrieta to the Rockies
9. Zack Cozart to the Diamondbacks
10. Jordan Zimmermann to the Giants


1. Craig Kimbrel to the Rays
2. Buster Posey to the Pirates
3. Eric Hosmer to the Royals
4. Charlie Blackmon to the Orioles
5. Dee Gordon to the Giants
6. Lance Lynn to the Marlins
7. Justin Smoak to the Reds
8. Pedro Alvarez to the White Sox
9. Brandon Crawford to the Nationals
10. Wade Miley to the Astros


1. Mike Trout to the Nationals
2. Nolan Arenado to the Mariners
3. Paul Goldschmidt to the Padres
4. JD Martinez to the Pirates
5. Stephen Strasburg to the Orioles
6. Matt Carpenter to the Giants
7. Dallas Keuchel to the Braves
8. Patrick Corbin to the Reds
9. DJ Lemahieu to the Tigers
10. AJ Pollock to the Nationals


1. Christian Yelich to the Nationals
2. Bryce Harper to the Pirates
3. Chris Sale to the Orioles
4. Manny Machado to the Royals
5. Jacob deGrom to the Indians
6. Noah Syndergaard to the Diamondbacks
7. JT Realmuto to the Mets
8. Matt Harvey to the Astros
9. Yasmani Grandal to the Padres
10. James Paxton to the A's


1. Mookie Betts to the Pirates
2. Javier Baez to the Mariners
3. Francisco Lindor to the Diamondbacks
4. Gerrit Cole to the Orioles
5. Blake Snell to the Royals
6. George Springer to the Nationals
7. Jose Fernandez to the Diamondbacks
8. Sonny Gray to the Indians
9. Jackie Bradley Jr to the Cubs
10. Michael Fulmer to the Padres


1. Carlos Correa to the Astros
2. Corey Seager to the Twins
3. Josh Hader to the Mariners
4. Addison Russell to the Orioles
5. Chris Taylor to the Royals
6. Edwin Diaz to the Cubs
7. Michael Wacha to the Padres
8. Jose Berrios to the Pirates
9. Lance McCullers to the Marlins
10. Max Muncy to the Rockies


1. Kris Bryant to the Astros
2. Cody Bellinger to the Cubs
3. Aaron Judge to the Rockies
4. Corey Knebel to the Twins
5. Luke Voit to the Indians
6. Clint Frazier to the Marlins
7. Hunter Renfroe to the Red Sox
8. Sean Manaea to the Royals
9. Tim Anderson to the Pirates
10. Jon Gray to the Blue Jays

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10 Jul 2019 19:24:58
How did you determine the top 10? Based on WAR alone, in 2008, Posey was the best player drafted, and it hasn't even been close. (41.7 WAR compared to 19.8 for Kimbrel) .

And Finally... Multi-Sport Athletes

04 May 2019 17:54:30
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Sporting Icons 1: Ben Hogan - Golf

27 Apr 2019 23:49:36
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Torture And Concrete Footballs, How Not To Motivate The Iraq Team By Uday Hussein

29 Mar 2019 10:53:54
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18 Mar 2019 19:31:19

Red Sox 98-64
Yankees 97-65
Rays 81-81
Blue Jays 66-96
Orioles 62-100

Indians 89-73
Twins 86-76
White Sox 72-90
Tigers 70-92
Royals 60-102

Astros 101-61
Angels 86-76
Athletics 84-78
Rangers 76-86
Mariners 72-90

Phillies 95-67
Mets 88-74
Nationals 86-76
Braves 85-77
Marlins 55-107

Cubs 101-61
Cardinals 85-77
Brewers 84-78
Reds 79-83
Pirates 77-85

Dodgers 92-70
Rockies 83-79
Padres 76-86
Diamondbacks 73-89
Giants 69-93


Wild Card
4 Yankees vs 5 Twins

1 Astros vs 4 Yankees
2 Red Sox vs 3 Indians

4 Yankees vs 2 Red Sox

4 Yankees


Wild Card
4 Mets vs 5 Nationals

1 Cubs vs 4 Mets
2 Phillies vs 3 Dodgers

1 Cubs vs 2 Phillies

1 Cubs

1 Cubs vs 4 Yankees

WS Champion
1 Cubs

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18 Mar 2019 23:58:07
we found the Cubs fan, everyone.

19 Mar 2019 01:55:32
The Cubs winning the division by 16 games is the most ridiculous thing I've seen on this site, perhaps ever.

20 Mar 2019 15:10:38
1, not a Cubs fan.
2, in the past six seasons, at least one team has won their division by 12 games or more.
3, the Cubs now have Hamels and Darvish (combined for 20 starts for CHC last season) replacing Chatwood and Montgomery (4.75 ERA combined last season) .
4, They get Bryant back (missed 60 games last season) .
5, They're one of the deepest teams in the league to offset injuries.

They may not win by 16, but they will win 100 games and easily win the division.

20 Mar 2019 15:31:57
The NL Central is probably the best division in baseball. The Cardinals got better. The Reds got better. The Brewers are really damn good. To suggest the Cubs, who didn't even win the division last year suddenly take an improved division by 16 games is completely laughable.

You also have the Brewers losing 12 more games from 2018. Did you think last season was a total fluke?

As far as "deepest team". I'm confused by that suggestion. They have literally zero farm system. Their bullpen is atrocious. Their bench depth isn't what it was praised to be. And several of their "stars" aren't that good (Zobrist, Schwarber, Heyward, Happ) .

They might win the division. It will, by no means be "easily".

21 Mar 2019 16:23:44
Flawed logic, you completely ignore the Brewers won the division last year and yes it was because of the one game playoff. But they have improved from last year, the Cardinals have gotten better, and the Reds have gotten better, and the Pirates are the Pirates, so winning the division by 16 games and winning 100 games in that division won't happen.

01 Oct 2019 18:14:00
That Cubs prediction. Yikes.

GREAT TEAMS PART 3: The 1927 New York Yankees Baseball Team

18 Feb 2019 09:23:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, GREAT TEAMS PART 3: The 1927 New York Yankees Baseball Team

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29 Jan 2019 16:00:33
I think Machado and/or Harper should sign a contract with an opt-out after 1 year. The market just isn't there this year. I don't see them chancing it and signing a 1 year deal, but i think they will require an opt-out after year one to give them a chance to enter next year (age 27) to see if the market is better.

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31 Jan 2019 00:29:20
Both Arrieta and Hosmer signed very generous deals late into the winter. Arrieta didn't even sign until March 12th last year.

There is zero reason for either of those guys to panic yet. They'll get paid.

31 Jan 2019 15:00:21
Although i agree they shouldn't panic, my comment was more towards what i think would be best for them. Outside of Philly and Chicago (AL) there doesn't seem to be anyone willing to give Machado anywhere near what he is wanting. As for Harper, i think the only teams in are Philly and Washington. Unless another team comes from nowhere (which is very possible) and offers a crazy deal, then i could easily see them pushing for an opt-out after year one to at least give them an option.

20 Mar 2019 15:33:43
23 years, $630 million combined.

The market seemed to work out just fine for them.


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